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ordering things online

26 Nov

london wednesday

simon told me a few days ago that he is expecting a load of stuff that he had ordered online. he said he placed the order on saturday and they said it will take 2-5 working days .

monday i was out all morning, but i guessed it wont come that day.

tuesday would be the better bet. but i did what i wanted to do that day as i dont want to stay in just on the off chance as i figured if i am not there then they will have to come again or simon have to go to the collecting point if it is the post office, to get it. he will have to go personally as they want identification. if it is a courier service, than i dont know what will happen if they cannot deliver. well, i was wondering if his soul or mine will let him miss that delivery. anyway today wednesday i was at the library as usual, and planned to go swimming afterwards, but on a hunch i decided to get the bus back to the flat and not go swimming.

well, there was a door knock came at about 10mins ago, it was the postman with letters and two parcels for simon. then a short time later my door bell rang. i usually dont bother to answer it, and thought since i allready got delivery of simon’s stuff it is not likely to be important.

anyway i look out of the window hoping to catch a glimpse of whoever rang the bell, and saw a guy carry lots of parcels start to walk off. fortunately he walked towards my window rather than away. if it had been away i would not be able to get his attention.

i shouted out is that for number ### ?(giving the number of my flat) and he said it is. so i went down and opened the door of the block and signed for a big parcel.

he said he was about to walk off, so i was glad to get him.

i think simon and my soul wants us to get the parcels.  it could very easily have missed the delivery and then he will have to go to all the trouble to arranging another delivery and having to stay in for it, or whatever.

but all this makes me wonder why people want to order online. most people have to work and cannot stay in all day for it so it defeats the whole concept of these online buying, supposedly saving time.

my kitchen neon light that i had for years and years have finally given up the ghost. it wont work anymore, but flickers on and off. i had thought it was the starter, but it still did not work even after i replace it with a new one. fortunately it is not costly, only costs 95p.

so now we have to find a new neon bulb. hope it is not too difficult to find nor too much. pity my soul dont want me to fix that and make it easier for me by making the starter that is the problem. that neon bulb must be more than 25yrs old. it was there when i first bought the flat.

Added.23.12.14. i bought the neon bulb from a diy electrical shop in pimlico. it is £5.04 which is quite reasonable. the diameter is smaller than the old one i got. but it works so that is fine. it was some time ago actually. i like the neon light in the kitchen. it is bright. i have been using a table lamp during the time when it was not working, and it was rather dim light.