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i seem to find free calendars

7 Jan

london 2.29pm 11.1C cloudy saturday 2016

i thought i shall drop by chinatown to see if there are any bargains. i was in the ‘new loon moon’ supermarket and saw this 2017 desk calendar.  it features the late thai king. there was no price tag on it, and i just asked the assistant how much are they and he said it is free. well, i was hoping they will be free. haha. maybe i looked thai…he did ask if i was thai. but i am sure foreigners too will appreciate it. perhaps they are only giving it to thais… it’s a very well constructed desk calendar. very strong and stable and look very good quality.

i did not know that the new loon moon supermarket have a facebook presence. it was mentioned along with their email and phone number and website on the calendar. that is interesting because i did not know they have this internet presence. in fact, it is only now that i realise they have changed their name. isn’t it strange that i have been going there for ages but never really take note of the name on the sign above the shop. it was loon moon before. i wonder when they changed ownership to the new loon moon.  well, this calendar certainly has done its job, if it is to remind people of this supermarket. i would rate it a successful advertising really. 

found this interesting link about loon moon.

this giving out free calendars to advertise your business reminds me of all those free calendars that shops give out in malaysia. showing the horse racing days… i wonder if they still do it now. those calendars have such big numbers that fill up the whole box each day leaving no room to write anything. 

and they have this pack of 24 instant noodles on sale for £2. 

Digital StillCamera

i just now cooked 2packs of it, and found it is very satisfying. one pack is not enough really. even though at 60mg they are larger than the average size. they are reduced because of their sell by date which is soon. normally each costs 30p.

 and later simon woke up and i saw he too has cooked 2packs, and i saw him tucking into it.  and we both agree it is very nice to have these in the cupboard, in case we get hungry and just cannot wait . they are instant as it says on the pack. haha. they are eaten dried, rather than in a soup. it is made in phillipines. it is easy to throw in other ingredients, like cooked meats, veg, etc… and can make for a very satisfying meal.