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last day of 2018

31 Dec

london 11.36pm 8C dry new year eve 2018

not long before the old year goes out.

i was out at about 6pm to the tesco, to buy any bargains. and in fact, got a mince beef 500mg reduced to 62p. coming back the buses were allready being disrupted with their route being curtailed, esp the bus i get to get back to my flat because it  runs through the centre of london which is where the fireworks are set up.

it is all very quiet in my flat. simon has gone to sleep quite early and i have just seen a old murder program called death in paradise. an episode i have seen before but have forgotten who the murderer was. it is quite a easy viewing, and because it is all over in one hour, it does not drag it out and the pace is fast. which is unlike the agatha christie series, where they try to stretch it out to 3hrs and it makes for a lot of padding and overacting. i am not specially staying up to see the fireworks on tv. i could i suppose walk out to the river and see the fireworks for real, and it is a very mild night for it; but i am not really that bothered. dont like the crowds. 

for me, there is not much difference this year from any other, or rather i dont care to remember any differences if there are any. i tend to look ahead rather than backward to see what a year had been.