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the new wordpress reader

13 Jul

london 9.16pm monday 2015

i have a wordpress reader where i get to read blogs i subscribe to. i like the reader because i dont have to be sent notification by email which will clog up my email no end.

but today i was thoroughly confused when the whole format by which i get the reader changed and i thought i had accidentally hit a button that changed the format. i was a bit miffed and after confusedly trying to navigate it and make sense of it, i shut it down and hoped that maybe it will revert to the default setting.

well, it was a hope, but i was going to be disappointed.

it did not go away so i started to explore it and as usual when things are new, it takes a bit of trying and erroring. haha. then i read an entry in wordpress in the reader blowing their trumpet about this new wordpress… ah so that is what it is all about. the buggers are tinkering again, i thought.

at first u do get a bit miffed, but i am rather more willing to try it out and give them the benefit of the doubt … so i played with it, and  i can see it is much better really.

there are some bits that are left out, notably a side bar where u can see blogs that others u liked have liked, so it acts as a recommendation… and at first it is difficult to find that button to bring u to the original blog. you can read it  in the reader, but it makes for a stark read… it  is devoid of all embellishments so that it is stark black and white words on a white background and sometimes it does not reproduce images . and sometimes the words fade and you have to go to the original blog. it took me sometime to figure out how to get to it without going via a very roundabout route… but i found how to go to the original blog, (just click on the heading, and keep clicking until it brings u to the original blog.)