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no heating club

13 Oct

It is 8.11am Sunday, and I look out of the window and I see a cloudy grey day drizzling with rain. I like it, a nice change but also it is warm in my flat. yet, I don’t have the heating on.
The outside temp according to the weather website is 10C, but inside my flat according to this NHS thermometer which is given free to warn old folks about low temperatures says 18C, ‘comfortable house temperature.

It makes me wonder why no one ever advise others who are facing huge heating bills to just switch it all off. Have no heating at all.

That would drastically reduce the bill to zero.

What not to like, right?
So why have no one suggested it?
Well, I am going to do just that, and be the first to suggest it and hope plenty more will give it a try.

Start small, as it were.
In my case I thought I shall start 5yrs ago by not switching heating on till January, as most of the time jan and feb are the most cold months.

Then jan, feb came and I kept putting it off switching on the gas heating, until winter was over.

That made me realise that it is possible to weather winter without heating.

It is this gradually dawning of what is possible, and shedding all the preconceived ideas that seem to be brainwashed into us;  that it is possible to have no heating and be quite comfortable…

Then you start finding ways that will keep you warm.
Like for eg, coming back from a walk outside… you find yourself really warm, so much so that u have to shed some clothing.

Then drinking or eating a very hot soup or meal does wonders … you literally sweat and have to shed clothing again. U get a bonus too, in that cooking a meal warms the place up.

These two may be sufficient to keep you warm all winter.
But then u also learn which clothing are more effective in keeping you warm. Fleece !! Is the short answer in my case.

And hoodies, and scarfs, and gloves and socks. And wear layers.

And draw the curtains to cover the windows at night.

Then I noticed my body beginning to adapt to low temperatures, so much so that I don’t notice it being cold anymore. I would open the windows a notch in the day time to keep the flat fresh and allow ventilation.

The temperature gauge can list 12C indoor temperature and I don’t notice it. It is not often it gets to 12C, even with no heating on, I guess the flat is well insulated and I think it gets heat from the neighbouring flats, esp downstairs flat.

So I suggest u give it a try. Switch off the heating. Or maybe u already are doing it. In which case I would love to hear your experience.

Is there anyone else who just don’t require heating on at all?

I have a feeling you have to be quite an independant person, willing to try new things, and very determined. either living alone, or owns your flat, and be quite strong minded so that even if u have someone else living there, you are the boss in it. It’s likely u dont have children. i think you will be in your 50s upwards. this may surprise others, as most people think old people are the ones least able to withstand the cold, but older people are sometimes the ones who are the most thrifty, having lived in an age when they know about scarcity and want, so plenty of older folks are determined individuals and frugal. well, i think that is the profile of those likely to be in the no heating club.added. i think u will be living in a flat rather than a house, and in the city and its suburb,  rather than in the countryside.

i have been googling, and found this link to how to cope with no heating.  i haven’t found anyone anywhere in the world living in cold countries who dont have heating at all out of choice. I am unique it seems. Looks like i am the only member of the no heat club. haha.

do without heating in the home

27 Feb


I practise this, and have not had the heating on for 4winters now. i am so used to it, that i dont notice the cold anymore when i am in the flat. i dont even bother to buy a thermometer to find out what the temperature is in my flat. 

but a year ago, friends have given me a nhs thermometer, a very simple one on a leaflet that shows the temperature using some mechanism that is not mercury. 

a digital thermometer. 

and i found out that even in the coldest night, the lowest it has gone is 12C. though since the thermometer is graded only to register 9C, and nothing below, i guess i wont know if it does go below 9C. haha.

We have been so brainwashed to believe that we will die if we dont have the house heated up.

As u can see in the leaflet , it warns that 12C is ‘too cold, increased risk of heart attack and strokes in vulnerable people’. It conveniently do not mention who are at risk. i think very few. but that warning will frighten everyone who are not strong minded enough to test it for themselves. The danger of these blanket warnings, is that it caters to the lowest denomination and for simplicity’s sake do not list who they are. 

now i know that you wont die from low temperatures if u are kept warm with appropriate clothing. as long as there is no wind u can survive even if the temperature is at 0C. the cold wind chill is a big factor in how cold u feel. 


anyway below is the link to someone who also practises the same thing as me and who asked this question in the guardian . 

This year I’ve gone without heating apart from the rare use of a wood-burning stove. I’ve managed well, but friends and family take a dim view of my low indoor temperatures. Meanwhile I find their homes intolerably overheated. Can you back up my assertion that my way is the ethical way?