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just shopping for bargains

8 Feb

london 1pm 7C overcast thursday 2018

i see it is snowing in paris, it seems quite unusual, that it snows , and coming after the highest water level in the seine, parisiens are having an interesting life as the chinese would put it haha.  (it is 4C now in paris, with lows of -6C forecast for tomorrow morning,)

 i have a suspicion that france (even truer of northern france) is not that warm in winter, even though their summers are really warm.

those trying to escape our british winter cold might be better off going to live in london, (as the queen is doing, i read a report that she has come down to london recently from her winter stay up north where she had been there since christmas; or go and live in the  south coast of england instead of the continent.

used to be that people winter in the south of france. i wonder does Nice still have nice winter weather, or is it just that the english winter has become milder nowadays. i see it is 11C in Nice now, 2pm their time.

they have better weather than paris, Nice’s forecast weather is 12C/5C for the next few days, unlike paris where they will get 5C/-2C the next few days. with london forecast of 4C/1C i suppose u could say london is not doing any better, but it is nothing extreme. at least it is not freezing. haha. so Nice still have nice winter temperatures. i wonder whether there are any brits still doing the winter run to the south of france, or have they all gone to s.e.asia, india, or to spain. 

anyway life here in london is very pleasant. i was at the circuit training yesterday, 6 people , and new people too; so the attendance figure is holding up. and now when i come out , even after spending time in there afterwards enjoying a long hot shower, the sky is still bright, sunset being at 5pm now.

this morning i went to the asda in clapham junction to buy their egg noodles, it has gone down to 59p, when before i bought it for 65p a 250mg pack. so useful for a quick meal as it is made up of 4 bricks of noodles; each brick is about 50mg. 

 i found a reduced price 3kg pork shoulder joint  from £10.50 to £6. it expires today, that is why it is reduced. it is quite a good price. came to £2/kg, where the normal price is £3.50/kg. it has very little fat over it, which is the case when u buy a more expensive cut. (the cheaper cuts sell for £2.75/kg, but with it u get a lot of fat).so it is now chopped up and in my freezer, i filled 6 plastic takeaway containers with it. i find pork is such a versatile meat, it can be used in a lot of dishes and the variety of cooking it is enormous. 

Digital StillCamera

the stir fried noodle dish i made. those greens are really delicious. in the past i did not like them, because i stir fried them from the beginning. now i steam them first and cooked them before i add them to my stir fry. and with oyster sauce they are heaven. 

added. 4.27pm 7.8C dry cloudy. this article came up in my wordpress reader and i realised it had fooled me too. it says the winter olympics hosted by south korea is in a town called pyeongchang, and people have been fooled to think it is pyongyang, which is in north korea. i had put it in my diary as pyongyang too, as in ‘pyongyang winter olympics start today’ and thought north korea had got it…like russia, which is communist and so i figured if russia can host the olympics it is not inconceivable that north korea could too. its only reading that article that it dawned on me that it is south korea that is hosting it. i think this hosting of the olympics is a bit of nonsense really. just a big waste of money by the host country who are wasting their people’s cash.

If PyeongChang wins, South Korea will become the second Asian country to play host to the Winter Games; Japan held them in 1972 and 1998. That would help South Korea market itself as an affordable winter sports destination for a potentially huge market in Asia, attracting Chinese, Singaporeans, Malaysians and others from hotter climates who have never seen snow, let alone skied. link

they want more tourists, but i am malaysian and i am not that interested in skiing, because we can never get to learn how to do it seeing our country has no snow. we like to see fresh snow, and play in it. but that is all. maybe put us in a sleigh ride over snow, that would be nice. but ski down a steep mountain side, with the danger of being buried in snow… no thanks. that is a bit of reality too far. 

18 Aug

london virgin lounge haymarket 2.27pm 19C rain friday 2017

i asked when i arrived at the lounge, if i can bring a guest and yes, if they come with me. so as i have told ian to meet here on tuesday, i ask him that we arrange to meet outside the lounge and i can bring him in with me. originally i had thought to go to the lounge and wait for him inside. but this change is easy to accommodate, as i can go to chinatown if i am early, or we just come here at the time of our meetup. it would be a chance for him to see what is inside the lounge and for us to have a quiet place to chat. its a very pleasant place to meet. 

earlier on i was in chinatown, to buy more of that instant noodle soup for 10p each. i have run out and at that price, it is a sin not to buy any more. haha. 



yesterday i was treated to a noodle meal.

27 Apr

london monday 2015

my friend gave me a treat yesterday. it was a sunday and the london marathon was on, and i met john in leicester square, which was not busy thank goodness. even then he managed to sit somewhere else and if not for the mobile phone i would not have known.

the mobile phone is really useful like the other day when he arrived at waterloo. he was late, but did not text me so i thought he had come and gone. all my phone calls were unanswered, the first one going to his answering machine.  and so i text him after waiting 30mins to let him know i am going home.

on the way outside the station i thought i shall ring him one more time, and to by pass his answering machine i stopped my phone after 4rings. for a wonder, he rang back, and told me he had not heard my other calls as his phone was in his rucksack which he had put on the top luggage rack. he should have called or text me to inform me his train was late, but still, i am glad we did meet in the end. 

well this treat was to a noodle shop nearby leicester square station, on the road going towards covent gdn. it is a tiny shop, and when we approached, we saw oh no, a group of 4adults with a baby in pram , trying to get in the narrow doorway.

fortunately, we got two seats on one of the two benches on the ground floor. the group with the pram went downstairs leaving the pram on top of the stairs.

i read reviews of this place praising the pho, and saying they make their own noodles. but i saw how big the bowl was by looking at the other customers, and decided it will be too hot to have the noodles, so i ordered the fried beef stew noodles instead, and john followed me. it cost £6.90, as opposed to the £6.50 of the soup version.

it came with a huge amount of noodles, some veg, and lots of beef, very tender and are like shank beef. at first glance you would think it is a lot, how to finish it!

there was a pot of chili on the bench, and it was really nice hot chilli. u have to be sparing with it, i got into a coughing fit from it at one stage.

there is a lot of food, and quite nice to have these thick noodles cooked al dente, something u dont get with chinese noodles usually. it is because these are hand made on the spot, and it is something new to me.  i managed to eat them all at record time. haha. 

as did the guy who came later with his girl friend. he ordered the same dish but with flat noodles, and he finished it before me, even though he came much later than us and ordered much later. i thought i was a fast eater, but he is king. i had thought of getting the flat noodles but am glad i did not as i think they are not hand made. the round noodles (called la mien is hand made).

there were two other women eating the soup noodles, during the course of our stay there. both did not finish their meal and left with uneaten portions in the bowl,.

what a waste!. oneof them even ordered two dishes, one soup noodle and another dried noodles dish of glass noddles and sausage -like. they were sliced and look like  paste in sausage skin. she ate all the soup noodles but left a substantial part of the dried noodle dish.

we had cups of chinese tea, nothing special, just tea bags with hot water. later we asked for hot water refills and got them, not sure if they charge extra for that, as john paid and i did not ask how much. thanks to him for the treat.

i was undecided whether to chose to eat duck rice or this, when john said he will treat me to lunch, but i see later that another customer was eating duck rice , so they have that too, though i did not see it in the menu.

the person who recommended the cafe said the noodles are the ones to go for as it is made on the premises. and indeed, on the way out i saw this man next to the till, making the noodles by hand. i am always wondering how u can make them, and this video i googled when i got back shows me how. it seems very easy. hand pulled noodles he shows how to pull the noodles by hand around the 4.44min mark

though i confess it is really much easier to just buy the dried noodles. if u want to make fresh noodles by hand,  the dough takes some time to prepare. i guess u can always make a lot before hand and freeze it , but it still means unfreezing it…

anyway i enjoyed my treat. next time someone gives me a treat i shall go for the duck rice but not at this noodle place.

so far i could not find any duck rice place that is recommended for me. in the past i go to a place in chinatown which just serves duck rice and nothing else but that place has shut down ages ago. or maybe i shall just buy half a duck for £8 and eat it at home. added.25.5.15 the price has gone up to £10.50 for half duck. 

we went for a stroll in covent gdn, and see the performance artists there. john said he was there earlier whilst waiting for our appointment time to come, and  he was quite tempted to sit at the tables under the covent gdn building drinking wine and watching the quartet playing their string instruments and hawking their cd for £10, or accepting cash donations .

it was a bit cold so i am not so tempted, but if i were to be, i would prefer to have something hot, and there was a couple having tea, with pots and cake stands on one of the tables, and that is more what i fancy. haha.

the buses were disrupted, and the roads were jammed, because of the london marathon, even though it was about 4pm, u would think the marathon would be finished by now, but not so.

so i said lets walk across the river over the millenium bridge. and we saw runners still straggling under the bridge to parliament square.

yet plenty of people must have finished the race because when we were walking towards trafalgar square,  we saw loads of runners having finished and wearing their medal round their neck walking towards us and we saw a huge crowd under admiralty arch, all coming from the finish at greenpark; the medal  looks like a pewter medal. or something that looks like tin. and we could see some of the people have this reflective wrap round them and some were wearing shorts … some of them looking really ill…strange why they dont put on warm clothes after their run.

i think it a silly thing to do , i mean not putting on warm clothes after the run, but also running itself; if u want to give to charity why not just give, and not have to put yourself through all this hardship?? but then what do i know??? i am sure there is something i dont know, that knowing it will explain this behaviour. haha.

on the millenium bridge, there were two large groups of people surrounding these guys playing the hide the object gamble. he shifts it under three pots and u are supposed to chose the pot with the object under it.

one guy got so carried away we saw him hand over £50, and lost it. these guys doing the game were holding £20 notes. i thought wow is it so lucrative that these people are able to hold bundles of £20 notes just like that. i thought people would gamble  £1 stakes or so… but the fact they were holding fistfull of £20 notes suggest the stakes are high.

and you would think how can anyone be so gullible to fall for it, but we saw with our own eyes this young guy falling for it. £50!!!he had his friend with him. and they both walked off quickly after losing the £50. john told me that the con man was urging him to bet £60.

john  tells me they have a stooge who would win and get handed a lot of money. that fools the gullible guys to play.

i said the strategy may be to change your choice if the guy is so eager. pick another pot. haha.but u still have  two other pots to chose and u might pick the wrong one… of course the best strategy is not to play at all. period.

we saw some really nice shorts in the window in floral street, and they look so nice,with water scenes of the mediterranean printed on them.

 i guessed they will be £150, so john went in to ask and they turned out to be £225. well, we were wrong on the price. but the shop lady was real nice and friendly ( she even complimented john on his pants, and asked if he bought it at their shop. haha. she is real nice, as i said, heehee and knows how to flatter. haha. john told me he told her he bought them for a pittance at a charity shop.) i am sure she knows we are not buyers but still willing to chat with us. 

and we were able to see the shorts up close and feel it and she told us more about it. its made of polyester, and double as swim shorts. if u got lots of money and want to spend it, because after all, what is the point of having lots of money if u cannot find frivolous things to spend it on, right? ( i hear that south korea rich people dont liek living there because there is nothing to spend their money on haha) these shorts will be just up your street. haha.

you wait ages for a free lunch and then two comes along

11 Sep


Yesterday i got an email from a newsletter saying there is a free lunch given by pho the company in their new branch in one new exchange, near st paul’s cathedral. it is a vietnamese eating place. i have not tasted pho at all, even though there are lots of vietnamese restaurants serving them. So i decided to go there today to get the free lunch.

pho is pronounced like ‘fur’. click on that to hear it.

the place opens at 11.30am and i thought i shall not try to get there too early as i dont want to be the only one there. haha. how naive. when i got there at about 10mins to 12pm, the queue was long stretching outside the door.

it was on the first floor and it was so new, the name of the restaurant was not even listed in the entrance of the building.

i just saw 4 women who were obviously office workers going up the escalators and thought i shall just follow them.

if u were two people u can jump the queue, and then they were calling for one person, so i got to jump the queue. if u are a large group you have to wait.

it was very nice, no hassle to order anything else that is not free.

we can only get the pho, no starters or desserts, but that is fine by me. i know what i wanted and said i want the house special, because it has tiger prawns in it.

it came in a large bowl soon after i set down in a bench filled with other diners. and there was a side dish of herbs and bean sprouts, all of which i added to the bowl. i only kept the fresh chili apart. there were chili sauce, and chili oil, vinegar as condiments on the table.

I enjoyed it and chatted with a group of 3 guys who came to sit  later. one of them said the two guys at the end of the bench were their colleagues at the same office, but they came earlier.

he said he had not eaten pho either. I said it is very similar to malaysian style soup noodle dishes. that is a surprise to me as i thought vietnamese is a distinctly different dish to malaysian.

except malaysia dont have mint herb. but the coriander and bean sprouts are the same though in malaysia it will be added to the dish before it is  brought to the table. malaysia dont have this custom of having extra veg/herb at the table for u to add more of.

 i know the thais also allow you to add extra herbs and veg at least in those hawker road side stalls i see in thailand. so maybe vietnam also do the same. Though in this case there were no veg allready in the bowl, so the side dish is just for show, because all of it really is needed to be added to the bowl. though doing it this way the bean sprouts are real crunchy.

the house special is very nice, with enough tiger prawns and thin slices of beef and tofu. from the menu it costs £10 or so. glad i dont have to pay it. haha. but here is a real free lunch. no catch there. and it is on all day till they close at 10.30pm. what is to prevent people from going there again today? nothing, but i think no one will.

so finally i can say i have tasted pho.