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will we all resume our lives after lockdown, and this is just a temporary hitch.

12 Jun

london 9.06pm 18C cloudy friday 2020

is it only 18C outside? so late too, i suppose it is mild. and looking out of my window now, i see the sky is still quite bright, and the plants are not moving, so there is hardly any wind. it will be a pleasant night out , if lockdown is not confining us to stay at home.

normally the cafes will be busy with people enjoying the cafe culture. i have been looking in on a webcam showing a cafe in italy, and i can see people sitting in groups enjoying, chatting and laughing and socialising. not much food on the table, just drinks, so it looks like cafe culture there is a drinking culture, rather than a eating culture. it must be about 10pm there now, as they are one hour ahead of uk time. so perhaps it is a drinking culture, the nature of it  depands on what time of the day you catch it. they must have either finished their dinner and this is a afterdinner drinking, or pre dinner drinking . haha. 

i am beginning to realise that the whole world has this eating out culture, meeting friends in an outside eating place, rather than at their own homes. the lockdown has put a real dent into that culture, but things are slowly opening out, as i can see in that webcam.

the uk is still not there yet, but i wonder if we have that eating out culture in cafes in uk, or do we all do it in bars and pubs instead… something that is particularly british then, our pubs. we drink without the need to eat something with it.

in thailand and malaysia, the culture is eating out in hawker stalls and beside the street. at least that was how it was when i was growing up, and might still be so now. though they might do it in food halls now, and car parks that have been converted at night to eating places. i can see the lockdown must seriously affect these places and people must be wondering if it will get back to normal afterwards, with everyone sitting close to each other…or will people avoid these places and so herald the death knell to those eating places.   

what i suspect is that people get used to it, and take it as just like flu, and carry on with their lives as before once the lockdown is over.

no worries

15 Dec

london 9.19pm 5.3C friday 2017

my life is very uneventful, which i like. but it does mean my blogging is rather dull. haha. so skip this if u dont have time, and want to read a meaningful post. i am just rambling here.

i went this morning to the shoreditch to get the free food and hangover drink, it is supposed to be treatment for people suffering from a hangover. haha. some kind of drink with tabasco sauce, and 3 companies giving away free food, one a pizza place, another a pie place, and another with scotch eggs . both the pie and eggs have tabasco sauce in it, and they give small containers of tabasco to sprinkle the pizza with  it. the scotch eggs were all finished by the time i got there about 9.30am. i did not try the tabasco drink. but i ate two of the pies, and a slice of pizza. quite nice and it got me out of the flat for a little journey on the tubes during rush hour. haha. oh, i forgot there was a lady using a blowtorch to char marshmallow on a stick. haha. it certainly reminds me how nice marshmallow is if u do it over an open fire. 

it serves to remind me how glad i am not to have to do the daily commute by workers. and on the tube coming back, it was just as busy. so it looks like the rush hour can extend right beyond 9am, and into midday…oh yes, at liverpool st at the exit, there were people giving away free samples of cheese. it is promoting castello cheese. with a leaflet with 50p off . i have never heard of this brand, so they certainly would have achieved their aim in this promotion in bringing it to people’s notice. i daresay people coming out of liverpool st station must be used to these free promotions. the cheeses will be nice to have with pasta. or even with apple. 


i normally  travel by bus and so dont notice this crowded tube services. so never realise what i missed. till now. the tube is quick though. and most of them got off at holborn, so it was less crowded, at least enough for me to grab a seat the rest of the way back to victoria. where i got the bus to the library and spent the rest of the time there. i like this life, where i can just potter around, sampling free food, and people watching and being constantly reminded how lovely that i am not rushing to work like everyone else.

i wonder if that is the life for other retired people. being contented and enjoying their easy life. but maybe not, i notice i dont have the same way of thinking as other people… so it is possible  many retired people are just worried, and anxious and suffering ill health, or bored with nothing to do. whereas i just love having nothing to do and i have nothing to worry about. thank goodness.

talking of hangover, i am watching a tv program now…hangover 3. its a silly film, but very light and easy watching. so does not exercise the mind too much. haha. i think they were correct when they say retired old people watch a lot of tv. haha. and maybe some of us go online a lot too. and they say old people are lonely . but if u go online you can find a lot of websites where u can join and some of them even show events that u can join in. so really unless you are suffering health issues that limit your mobility, i would say if u are alone, u chose it. or else you are such a bastard and have such bad manners that no one wants to be with you. haha. all those so named lonely old people might like to look closely at themselves and ask if they are just horrible people to be with… and are so nasty that everyone avoids them. old people can be horrible people too. though when u read what those charities say about old people, you would think they are all angels. ha.

added. 17.12.17 saturday 3.8C there is lots of talk about loneliness, even saying it is as bad as smoking. i dont agree and here is liz jones saying what i would like to say too.