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lamb sandwich free in covent gdn.

10 Sep

london 10.06pm 16C dry tuesday 2019

it was last minute i was notified by steve who sent me an email this morning telling me of the free sandwich given out by monty, a sandwich shop in the newly opened food market in 7 dials, covent gdn today. it is quite the in- thing nowadays to have food markets selling street food. and this one is the latest addition to the many that has opened recently. though this one in covent gdn is quite upmarket. but i think they all are upmarket come to think of it. 

monty do hot sandwiches , but this free offer is for cold sandwich, and they only got two choices.  lamb or egg sandwich, though the bread is some kind of challah, google showed pictures of it, but the one we got did not look like that at all. its still taste quite nice bread.  

i chosed the lamb and it was lovely. very delicious, there were bits of fried  onion strips in it, which gives it a nice crunchy taste.  this sandwich costs about £8.50. but £6 to take away, and there is not much difference between eating in or out, as it just means u bring your own container and  dont sit near where they are, but take it and sit elsewhere. haha. so i would say you can take it as £6 really. 

as the time went by, the place got very crowded with lots of people eating. so even though the prices were high, it did not deter people. it has opened only recently. on monday i think. this place used to be a eating place downstairs and surrounding it above on the mezzanine floor were shops, selling things. they have now changed it so that all the place is food stalls, around a central skylight, which brought in lots of light into the space. its quite a nice space.

one of those in our group was a lady from malaysia and we were having nostalgic talk about what we know of food courts, in malaysia, nothing like this because in those food courts the prices were affordable so much so that practically every malaysian could afford to go there to eat. and it reminded us that growing up, we all eat out in these food courts eating hawker foods. we could all afford to do so even the poorest of us. it was the norm. whereas when i came to london, i started cooking at home, almost right from the start, and have carried on the habit ever since. in the early days, we would treat ourselves to a group meal in chinatown once a week, because one of us organises it. we did it for many years, until one day i realise we stopped, when our group with this chinese friend of ours who organises these things went our separate ways and the group broke up. i think it might be also it got more expensive too where we could not get a full meal for less than £10, a head. and this was triggered because our regular place where we go to in chinatown had a change of owner and stopped being so affordable.  but i think mainly it was the result of each of us going our own way and that lead to the group just disappearing.

cucumber salad

4 Jul

london 5.28pm 27C sunny thursday 2019

i went to upton park fresh market on tuesday to buy these cucumbers. also garlic , ginger and chilli. they are a much better bargain than at brixton, which i went to on monday and returned empty handed because the prices were so high for old garlic and small amounts of ginger, and chilli. 

so now i got a lot of veg to make salads. i still have lots of iceberg lettuce which i bought from the tesco that was closing down. it is really lovely to have salads, esp with the french dressing, which is very easy to make, or the mayonnaise , even the basic cheap mayonnaise is quite nice. 

Digital StillCamera

huge cucumbers being sold 3 for £1 at the upton park market.

 today my friend from slough came to london to bring me to the malaysia hall canteen. i had good memories of the cheap and delicious foods, esp the beef rendang that i had there years ago, but this time, it is rather a disappointment. no beef rendang, and quite pricey too. i had a beef portion and a small piece of mackerel and rice and it came to £6.00, plus £1.50 for my malaysian kopi. whcih when i got it was luke warm so that i had to return it and ask them to put it in a microwave to warm it up. but i think they made me a fresh coffee. dont know why the first one was luke warm. the only explanation was that it was not freshly brewed kopi. but it is a shadow of its former self, this canteen. i doubt i will go back again.

we dont know we miss something until it is gone. make me wish i had gone more often to it in the past. 


2 Nov

london 3.58pm 12.8C sunny friday 2018

its very pleasant here in london. blue sky and sunny days and with just enough people on the street and in the shops to give it a sense of bustle and hustle of a big city busy doing its thing.

i have been out earlier this morning for grocery shopping in the asda and lidl in clapham junction. i wanted to buy lidl coffee, 200mg for £1.49. i bought one about 2months ago, and it is running out. and i like it that is why i am repeating the buy. and whilst there i went into asda next door and bought the shoulder pork, it is a good price, £1.65/kg so i bought one that cost £4.58. about 1.7kg. this would divide into 3 portions which i shall freeze, and eat over the month. it should last me a month. i use a small amount with veg just to flavour the veg. it is really amazing how it can improve a veg dish. and there is very little fat to that meat i bought. sometimes when it is so cheap they put in more fat. most of the other supermarkets sell their pork for £3.50/kg, if not more. 

i have just got back from a meet up of old members of a chinese -white gay club. we are the remnants of a once thriving club for white gay guys who are attracted to chinese guys and vice versa. it used to be a pick up place but i think nowadays it is a social club concentrating on playing badminton. or rather it is a badminton club mainly. 

i suppose if it still exist now in the old format it will be considered  not a politically correct club to say it is a club for whites to meet chinese guys for sex. haha. it might even be forced to shut down or change its structure and allow everyone to join.  in the old days no one turn a hair that such racially defined clubs can exist… i was rather glad to have such a club exist and am glad that i lived through that period. i think now it is not so much fun to be gay. but then, dont we all say it, we old timers… we always say the old days are much better. 

anyway, we meet about once a month  to reminisce over the olden days. it can get a bit sad sometimes because we know we are slowly dying off… 




friends…the tv series, no comeback

25 Jan

london 4.32pm 13.9C monday 2016 cloudy

saw this article in the dailymail about the picture showing the cast of friends and the big bang theory at a gala dinner held as a tribute to the director james burrows. it was reporting on the event and showing the photo where both the cast of those two shows were posing together. only matthew perry was not there. he is in london for his play. here is a link that is better for that event. it gives more info on the shows that james burrows has directed.

they will come together along with many of the original casts of the other shows he directed to do a tribute tv show later it seems.

there was talk of the friends players coming together for a film remake of the friend sitcom.  but it wont happen i think. the main reason would be they are too old. even some of them said so. it just wont be the same. i agree with them, it would be painful to watch all these aged actors pretending to be young people leaving home, after college and living together in a big city to work. we, as well as them, have grown up and the coming young generations wont have the same nostalgia for that show.

so who are the target audience if there is a reunion?  i myself dont recall too much of the series. but then i m a foreigner  and in malaysia,we dont get these series as they come out. but come to think of it, i lived in london a long time, but i dont recall seeing this series when it was going on… i see it now and then on one of the free channels that show the repeats. i dont follow slavishly though. it seems this side of a common experience has passed me by. 

even now, i dont see many of the tv series which get awards and such that are showing in america… it takes some time for them to come to the british terrestial tv, if ever.

right now, if u were to ask me what tv series  is making waves in america, i wont be able to tell you. i can make a guess, it is some kind of crime series. isn’t it? haha.

the americans are rather good at situation comedy. i think. 

i personally dont think remakes with the original cast are very useful. it was painful to watch sex in the city2 . i saw it recently on tv and i could not continue, switched channels when they went to dubai or was it abu dhabi. it was just too much talk of babies, and marriage and couples… when the original tv series was about carefree and footloose young women living the single life in new york. and it was too obvious that the actresses were getting too old for the part.

james burrows seem to be a really good director, to be involved in so many popular tv series. i am surprised he did cheers. i have seen old re runs of that series. on and off… the ones with shelley long were much more funny i think.

  at first i thought james burrows had died. this kind of tribute  usually happen when someone died. but it seems it is to celebrate. it is to mark something. thank goodness it is not for a dead person. a nice change when recently we have too much news about old pop stars dying. 

The TV special marks a huge milestone for Burrows: he has directed 1,000 episodes of television with NBC’s new comedy “Crowded.”

needless to say we in uk have not seen this ‘crowded’ series. 



letting go

17 Jan


so much of the news is so saddening, isn’t it? i dont like to add to the sad mood by writing about loss, in fact i think i shall change my title into something else. i shall call it letting go instead. i went to a gay travel exhibition held at heaven, the night club in charing cross.

right from the start there was the loss of that old venue. it has been a long time since i went there, but i saw the main dance hall, now made into the exhibition space, and it looks so small.

i know its floor had been raised so that the vast big space that i used to know and had such many happy memories of dancing in, with the revolving ceiling lights that made it so enchanting then; has now become a small space, but in the bright lights there it brought back again to me how small that space was.

the gay travel exhibition is trying to get us interested in organised travel. so there was a gay cruise company showing there.

and a vienna competition to go there during the next eurosong contest. u have to pin a beard onto last year’s winner , conchitta, whilst being blindfolded. haha.

my effort was not too bad and i was entered into the draw. not that i am that keen on going to vienna. travel to me nowadays just means a lot of hassle. i know, i have lost the sense of wonder that travelling abroad used to fill me.

i shall consider it not as a loss, but as letting go of it. though it might not exactly console anyone if they love to travel and cannot do so now;  but to me it is easy to let that go, as i dont want to travel anymore.

on the way back on the bus, i switched on my mobile to find that it cannot find a signal, saying my sim registration cannot be found. oh dear, it looks like i have lost my mobile number, and it is such a good number too. it seems by not topping up, it must have run out of money and now it is gone, i cannot get back on again to top up. sigh, such a bother that i have lost that number, but i guess i shall have to let it go.

it is easy to buy another sim card, but the number may not be so easy to remember, not that people bother to remember their mobile numbers as it is easy to save the number when u call or text someone for them to save it on their phone.

it is my fault really, for not topping up when it ran low, just to keep that number. ah well, lesson learned haha. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

after the heaven visit, i went to chinatown, didnt find any bargains so was going to the bus stop in trafalgar square and passed this big hole in the ground surrounded by the shell facade of  portland stone, preserved as a front for what they will be building inside it.

the other side of this construction fronts leicester square. i suppose the city fathers must be aware that these old buildings dont suit modern requirements so gave planning permission to gut them whilst keeping the facade intact. it is a good compromise i suppose. there is the danger of preserving old buildings irregardless of how unsuitable they are for modern uses.

on another subject…something that is not lost. one thing that might cheer you up if u like nostalgia. it is this. i was looking at an advert for sofas, and was struck at how old fashioned it looked. ever thought about this strange anomaly? have a look at the website john lewis furniture.

john lewis is a modern store and yet those armchairs and sofas look so granny like. i suppose they must be comfortable and nothing for a 100 yrs have made modernity design more comfortable sofas.  that might explain why the design has been frozen in time.

there has been nothing  lost there, but maybe we could do with something more futuristic and cutting edge whilst still being comfortable.

maybe it is a lost wish, as our bodies have not changed at all so it is very unlikely we shall find a radical change of design… something else that will be more comfortable.

i think we can bet on it that this design for sofas and armchairs may still be around another 100 or 200 yrs away.

but perhaps i can find it in my heart to be a bit happier that this thing dont change. but somehow it does not really make me happier. here is one thing that i would like a more modern look, just so i can believe i am living in the 21st century.

somethings can still look familiar to someone from the past who time- travels to the future. 

places i have visited in my life

6 Dec


i saw this blog with a link to a website to build your own map of places you have visited. it seems i have visited 26countries, and i built a map of it. but when i tried to copy it and show it here i could not do it. i wonder how it is done. you can tell i am not a computer savvy guy. ah well, it did make me realise that i have visited quite a lot of the world. maybe that is why i dont fancy globe trotting anymore. 

I know how to copy and paste the link. so here it is my world map of places i visited in my life. some places i have been again and again, thailand being one of them, others i only visited a small portion of it once and briefly at that. haha. i have not included airline stopovers where i did not get out of the airport… like dubai airport … as i think that does not count.

in my young days i want to see things, and go there and fly there. and i was fortunate to be able to have done all those things and seen those places at a time when visitor numbers are way smaller than they are now.

there is no gainsaying it, more visitors means the place is not as nice to visit. you know that old cliche that we hear from old people all the time that the olden days are better.

it is true. the olden days are better. i look back and see that so many things are adulterated, and lessened and travel is one of the experiences that have changed and become less enjoyable now.  

so many being able to  travel which by itself is no bad thing but it means inevitable  leading to  the reduced seat width and space to accommodate them; (just to name one of the many compromises) and the heightened security measures so that there is so much more delays, just to name a few new things that have happened nowadays makes it less enjoyable.

i am just glad i did all my travelling before all these things happen.

to those who are just starting on their travel adventures i am sure they wont notice the difference. and they will look back years from now and tell their children when they did it , it was so much better. haha.

Local food guide to London – The Best in Local Cuisine – HouseTrip

29 May

Local food guide to London – The Best in Local Cuisine – HouseTrip.

this lists what makes english cuisine.

roast dinner meat and 2/3 veg and yorkshire pudding

cornish pasty,

cream tea with scones

english breakfast

fish and chips

pie and mash

sausage and mash (could be included in the above and  i would add eel and mash)

chicken tikka masala


 I shall miss them if ever i am exiled from uk and have to live elsewhere. And i am not even born here. can any expat say they wont miss these when they go away from uk to live abroad? What about pork pies? can we include them too?