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quiet day

3 Mar

london 9.21pm 10.6C been raining practically the whole day. dry now. sunday 2019

supposed to be a storm freya on now. but outside my flat it is quite a calm night. i was out earlier today and it was windless, though rainy. so it looks like that storm they are making a song and dance about has missed london.

my gmail is down all day and is still down. but no mention of this in the online newspapers. so i wonder if it is only my gmail which is down. this is the first time it ever went down for my gmail. 

oh, i tried again just now, 9.31pm, and it is working . so it could be just be my server. 

drama in books are prefect because u can take it or leave it whenever u like.

3 Nov

london 7.28pm 10.6C dry night thursday 2016

10.10pm 9.4C dry

i wonder how is other people’s day today. perhaps nothing happened, like mine today. i daresay most people’s days nothing happens really.

for most people the routine of work takes hold, and then home to veg out over the tv and then to bed. as for  meals they might cook it at home or from the takeaway, or some might go out to eat. rinse and repeat the next day. 

and life for a retired person must be even more uneventful. time seems to go by quite quickly for me these days. by the time i am ready to go out it is around lunch time. since i have oats for breakfast every day, it fills me up and i dont feel hungry at all come lunch time.

so i go out to the library and spent time there reading the papers and looking to see if there are any interesting books to borrow.

i saw philip roth’s latest book, american pastoral, about a man about my age talking of another man who is 7yrs older than him, someone who he looks up to and revere, until he was asked by that person to write about his father , as a memory of his father’s life, and … this is as far as i have reached in my reading up to date.

a lot of it resonates with me as this guy is about my age, and looking back on his life. though so much of it is about sports. and american sports at that. but the nostalgia is similar to mine. i daresay there will be lots of skeletons in the cupboard of both characters, that will come out in due course i am sure. the characters lead colourful and busy lives, which is different from mine.  

 generally i come to realise that my life actually is quite even and thankfully not full of drama. i dislike drama, so maybe that is why my life is so lacking in it. i wont have much to write about if i were to write an autobiography of myself.

unlike this guy , zayn something, who is with one direction, the band, and who left the band to strike out on his own and he wrote an autobiography , and he is only in his 20s, but it seems he suffers from anxiety and some disorder of the mind. so young and have so much happen to him. i think so many of these people who perform in front of the public seem to have a lot of mental problems, depression, anxiety, bipolar, and lots more. i wonder if it is something that comes with the territory, performing seems to require that they have these mental traits come along as baggage, and almost seems to me that u have to have one of those mental things if u want to be a performer.

i think i would not like that kind of life, having to perform to the public and be in the public eye all the time. i like being anonymous. i like having no plans, nor ambitions, nor goals. that to me is an ideal life not one that is governed by appointments and being busy, busy and having to deal with people. i think i have a hermit’s disposition.

i like reading about other people’s lives, either in real life, as an autobiography, or in fiction, as a adventure fantasy novel. books are marvelous that way, in that i can pick it up, read it and put it down and do another book, or get back to my own life, without all the excitement in the book that those characters in the book have to live through.

it’s nice to drop the drama and get back to my own uneventful life and still be able to pick up the drama where i left it when i next read the book again. sometimes the drama gets too much for me, so much happening to the hero, that i get tired of it and have to put down the book and read another, or simply get back to my own life , just for a bit of rest from the relentless drama in the book.