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i got a call from np asking for my electricity reading.

30 Dec

london 7.42pm 12C wednesday 2015

actually this is the second time they called about it. they called yesterday and i explained that i want to delay sending them the reading until 1jan2016, when it will be 3months since the last reading.

i did not tell them that it was because i like to compare my usage and it is easier to compare when the days are the same. or rather it is more… how to say it?, what is the word i want to use. it is more a sense of consistency? a roundedness in the statistics? a order in the universe? haha.

anyway the lady yesterday said that is ok.

but today, just now,  i got another call at about the same time, asking me for the readings. so i again told her i want to wait and she said ok. i suppose she will call me again tomorrow haha. or not… seeing it is the new year eve and i dont think they will want to disturb people on that day.

ah well, ever since np (the company which provide me my electricity) had been fined £26million for not keeping the bills up to date, i guess they are trying to correct it or i read somewhere that if they dont their license will be taken away from them or something. but really, if people have problems with their bill, and wrongly billed or whatever, it is their fault… for not informing the company. there are plenty of ways to let them know what your meter reading is, and to sit back and not do anything when u know the meter reading should be read, and not send it to them, and then complain when the bill is wrongly estimated is your own fault. so there!!

and to take it out on the company when it is you who have been using up so much power and electricity that u are unable to pay it just because you dont want to save electricity… is your own fault too.

i know, i am not in a charitable mood haha. i am siding with the company which is not the done thing. everyone blames the company. i want to be fair to the company , some of it is not its fault at all.

but then nowadays everyone is blaming everyone else rather than themselves. where is the stoic attitude and the mindset which says life happens and shit happens and it is no one’s fault really, it is just life.

so when the rains are very heavy and the river bursts its banks, and you are flooded out, a bit of stoicism would go a long way for everyone to take. no point accusing everyone else of allowing it to happen. just ask that the authorities learn from it and get to put in place flooding action, but accept that no flood prevention is ever perfect, unless u want your river views to be blocked by a 6ft high wall running all along the bank… really if it happens it happens.

there is an article saying households should do their part too, rather than just scream at everyone else to do something. and then accept that sometimes these measures are not enough and just endure the flood and then clean up and get ready for the next one.

if u live in a flood prone area, it is to be expected. it cracks me up (and i know it is not being very sympathetic) when i read some family lamenting this is their 3rd flood in so many years, and i was thinking well, someone is holding a gun to their heads to make them stay in that place, then? why if this thing floods so regularly, i would soon establish a routine that takes account of it and just take it in my stride. so that i just incorporate it into my life and consider it quite a normal occurrence and what is the fuss about? eh? though if it were me, after the first year of flooding, i shall hotfoot it out of there. 

of course people will say it is easy for u to say all this because u are not flooded out of house and home. but i think i shall most probably cope with it and then get the hell out of there, once i realise that it is prone to floods. and go live somewhere else. my soul just could not be bothered with these things, flood or fire, or whatever, which are yearly occurrences, or prone to it. once i find out, for sure i shall not bother to buy a house there, nevermind even consider living there .  there are lots of places in uk to live where u are not bothered with these things. or dont you know that?