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what is the story?

2 Jun

london 2.27pm 24.5C cloudy friday 2017

i just realise it is june now, and so it is summer time. i was waiting for the 24 bus at the bus stop near the library, in pimlico, and saw a chinese guy , he looked in his late 20s, walking along with his wheeled luggage and a bag, he looked like a one of those tourists, off to catch his train or something, but he stopped by the recycling bins and i saw him empty his bag and take the clothes there and stuffed it into the recycling bins for clothes. then when he emptied his bag, he opened his wheeled luggage, and began to empty that out, and took out bundles of clothing to put in the bin. when he was done, he crossed the road with the now empty bags and entered the pimlico housing estate.

i was wondering what his story is… is this someone clearing his winter wardrobe, i wonder? or finally making a clean sweep of all his old clothes to declutter. or is there something more exotic to tell. well, we shall never know what his story is.

well, real life is like this…isn’t it? a lot of stories that have no beginning and no ending. i suppose this is what a potential writer will take advantage of ¬†and run with it, using his imagination to build up a wonderful story. who knows right?