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today i got my new chromebook

21 Jun

london 11.14am 19.2C bright clouds longest day tuesday 2016

its been a week since i have been without my chromebook.

i got a call at about 4pm yesterday from john lewis, saying they cannot repair my old chromebook so they are giving me a replacement up to a value of £199.95 or refund. so i went immediately to the store in oxford st to get it. unfortunately they did not have a chromebook in store, and their refund mechanism got a glitch, so i asked if their other branch in sloane square got one. and he called them and reserved one and i went there to get it.

i thought i got a 11inch one when i checked it on the bus back, and that is why i did not use it that night intending to replace it the next day , because it looks so small and fitted so loosely inside my backpack. the old one strained the seams of the pack.

so i took it back to the store this morning but to my embarrassment, it was 13inches. and measured it diagonally with a ruler to convince me of it. they have given me a new model which is much smaller in size but the screen is 13inch. 

so now i got a brand new model toshiba chromebook 13inch. even though it was listed as £229.95, but i did not have to pay the extra. hope they dont come back to me asking me to pay that extra, but i was told they wont.

so i have to say all praise to john lewis for their customer service and guarantee… that 2yr guarantee is a huge plus. most manufacturers give a 1yr guarantee and u have to pay the  postage and pack it yourself to send it to them, whilst u can just hand it to the john lewis store and they take care of it all.

later, i got from the repair desk shop assistant that the report of the repair was that the parts to repair my old chromebook cost more than to replace it new. i wonder how common this problem with overheating of the chromebook. it is not meant to generate so much heat , that is why it has no fan. well i am hoping this new one is better built and so i wont get this problem 2yrs from now. i was told the new guarantee is for one year, the manufacturer’s guarantee. after two years of use, i am a strong fan of the chromebook and would use chromebooks from now on. even the new adaptor is smaller and more powerful , charging seems  to take a shorter time. and all my favourites and bookmarks were intact inside google chrome, all the saved passwords too… so it was a dream to get set up and ready to go. 

yesterday i asked simon to use his windows laptop, and it reminded me how awful it was. so slow. i lost patience with it. he said when he bought it new it was very fast then with each new what is that word, where microsoft insists on adding new stuff automatically, the laptop got slower and slower. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

a statue in chinatown. i did not notice the mice until i see that photo now. it makes me laugh and remember all those tourists who jump out and click furiously taking pictures of the grand canyon, and then all  hurry off to their next port of call, as if to say dont bother to see it now , we can see it all later with the pictures.

today is the longest day, summer solstice. or is it tomorrow?

Jun. 21, 2016 Rise Set
Actual Time 4:43 AM BST 9:21 PM BST
Length of Day
16h 38m
Tomorrow will be 0m6s shorter.

and very sunny it is too. i was missing getting online everyday during the first part of the week when i was without , but as the week wore on, i seem to have adjusted. so if u have asked me at the beginning, i would have really missed not being online, but ask me now i would have given a different answer. it is funny how the mind adjusts to circumstances and find other things to occupy itself when one avenue is gone.

but it is nice to get online again, to read other blogs and find out what is going on with other people’s lives. 

added. 9.45am wednesday 22.6.16 i have looked up the model on google. it can support the google android apps. the old one wont let me get on skype, this one might be able to let me get that as well as onto whatsapp. right now i am not bothered, but who knows, one do not know what one has missed until one gets it , then one cannot have enough of it.

added 30.6.16 unfortunately i found out from the google chrome help in curry’s the electronic shop, that my chrome dont support the apps. so that is that. haha. 


21 Oct

unable to post this via wordpress and have to send it instead. this library connection wont allow me access to post in wordpress.

added. interesting, it wont post the attachment. ah well, i can now edit it so below is the post i wanted to post.

London Sunday 20.10.13
Yesterday, 19.10.13 Saturday, my wifi box did not work. Not sure if it is the box that has gone wrong, or the adaptor. I know adaptors can go wrong, as witness the laptop adaptor I had which suddenly stopped working about 1yr ago. So I am waiting for simon to come back and see if he has a spare at his mother’s house in Essex that we can use. Either a spare wifi broadband box or a adaptor.

There should be a lead that I can use to connect directly with the phone line, which carries the broadband signal, but I have mislaid it.

So I am writing all this off line. That is the good thing about laptops that are the old fashioned kind, not the new ones which don’t have vast memory or big hard drive. I can still write on it when I am offline.

I can still go to the library to download this into the blog as it is free to get online at the library using my laptop.

I was wandering around Camden this morning. When I am offline, I seem to get the incentive to go out. In the past, I would be online and staying indoors. One of the new things that I find I am doing now that I am offline is that I go out more often. So I chosed to go to Camden today.

But I realise it is not really that much fun going to Camden again. When I went there for the first time in a long while, I was rather interested as it was new to me. But now I have been before, going again was not so exciting. I wrote the above, and then realised that I actually had an interesting time. Watching the narrow boats negotiate the locks. I realise why the boats are built narrow. They are just wide enough to get through one door width, so it is only necessary to move one of the doors that control the water flow. Also two of these narrow boats can get through the locks at the same time.
I was sitting with my back to the wall enjoying the sun and also eating my pack lunch; and looking at the canal boats going through the locks, opening and closing the gates and letting the water flow out or in, which cause the raising or lowering of the water level in the locks so that the boats can go upstream or downstream. Its restful, and sitting in the sun is always a nice thing to do when the sun is so weak like now.

As usual, it struck me that the whole of Camden is geared to sell things. That part of it does not interest me. Not even the food, as I pack my own lunch. Though if u can afford it, or are too lazy to pack your own lunch do patronise the food stalls and shops as they need to make money.
The price is not that bad, I see doc martins(it is a shoe brand) on sale for £30 which is rather a good price really, when u consider the first doc martins I had was like 25 yrs ago, and it cost about that price then. Of course the ones I got was made of leather uppers, unlike now when they look plastic and most probably is. The plus point is that the colours are now brighter and more variety. I don’t have a doc martin now. I tend to wear trainers, currently I am wearing the reeboks that I found.

I noticed everything in London is geared to sell you things. That is the reason for their existence. If u walk down the street, u can see everywhere there is the siren call to buy.

I suppose going to the museums or art galleries is the only things in London which is free. Even then if u want to see the special exhibitions u have to pay. Still, it must be an advantage to the tourists to be able to get to the museums free. Another thing, u can use the toilets in the museums free.

As usual I ended up in the library. The charing cross branch and the Pimlico branch.

I wanted to get online using the library computers at Pimlico branch, but half of the computers were not working, and the rest were booked. So I decided to go to the swimming pool instead.

And had a nice swimming session. Showered and then came back in time to watch the cartoon film … ‘cloudy with chance of meatballs‘, first time it is being shown on tv; a rather silly film, don’t know why it was so successful … the sequel is coming out oct 25th, which is why they are showing the first film on tv now.

With all this free time seeing I am unable to get online, I have plenty of time to read. So I finally finished salman rushdie’s midnight children. It is really very good, and it is a very thick and complexly written novel. There is a story in it, but to me it is the way he tells it that makes the book so enjoyable. I have been taking it easy reading it, as I don’t really want to finish it too quickly that is why it has taken me 3 months to finish.

Rushdie has a verbose style of writing which he utilises to great advantage in this novel. It works well here. I hear they have made it into a film. Will be interesting to see how they capture the essence of this book in a film … if they can do it. The style of writing makes it interesting, and I cannot see how they can show that in a film.

Oh, I also went to the Italian festival on Friday 19.10.13 I had printed out tickets for sat and Sunday too, but I am afraid I did not go. It was good to go for one day, and enjoyed that day. I doubt it would be worthwhile going everyday of the weekend.

Sampled this cake in a box, something that I see being sold at Christmas time, a cake with raisins and dried fruits in it, which u would think would be rather hard and stale, as it is sold in a box, but the sample bits I tried was very light … though very sweet to me. Glad I got to taste it because I have seen these cake in a box being offered for sale and often wondered what they taste of. Cant say I want to buy it. Too sweet.

Then I tasted olives and sweet chutney spread on bread, and olive oils dipped with bread. I suppose people who know their olive oils will be able to appreciate the various types but not me.

I got a taste of coffee too, specially brewed then and there by one of the people manning the stalls in there, but to me it did not taste any different , didn’t even have the coffee smell which long ago instant Nescafe used to have. Not any more nowadays, though u can sometimes smell it when u pass by a coffee shop which brews its coffee, or when simon makes the coffee at home. I always tell him the smell of coffee is the best bit of his brewing…

By the way, a friend who happened to come to town to visit the tate Britain, and who came to visit me afterwards, as it is so near to where I live, told me that he makes cappuccino using instant coffee inside those metal coffee makers and using hot milk. U know those metal coffee makers , which comes in two parts, a bottom half where u add the water, and the top bit when the water is forced through the filtered coffee and from which u pour the brewed coffee. He said instead of putting roasted ground coffee in the filter, u put instant coffee, and the whole thing gets frothed and is just like cappuccino.