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27 Jul

london 20C rain saturday 2019

our sink sprung a leak. i found out about it a few days ago, and have just put a pitcher underneath the leak to collect the water and periodically emptied it. i told simon about it, and he decided to change the u bend, but discovered that it is much more complicated than that. for one thing he could not unscrew the u bend, so he had to call a plumber who sawed through the whole thing to detach it. and that means replacing the whole drain from the sink and putting in a new u bend.

added. it is all done now,and the leak is corrected. 

well, i decided to get away from all that noise and go to the library. haha. thank goodness i have someone else to take care of it. makes me realise as i get older, i want other people to take care of these household problems.

which makes me realise growing old is not all that fun. it reminds me of my friend who is now in hospital, losing his mind, and his speech, and being unable to go home, because there is no one to look after him… it does make me rather depressed to be reminded of his dilemma. 

another friend emailed me to ask if i would like to join him as he arranged for the ex club members of our whites and asians club to meet next month. but i am a bit tired of meeting old people , which is what the club exmembers are now, so i told him no , i would like to give next month’s meetup a miss.

i know, i should not feel that way but i want to get away from old people for a bit. i know, i am an old fart myself, but i dont want to mix with my kind. now you can understand why old folks club dont really attract old people. we dont want to mix with other old people… it reminds us too much that we are getting old too and who needs reminding of that… right?

 i notice old people now much more than i used to… and see them struggling to do ordinary things, and feel a bit of despair, because i can see myself in them in the future. it is either that or death… both of which is not pleasant to contemplate or to be reminded of. i am trying to be cheerful and forget about getting old. but it is not easy when i see reminders of old age everywhere i go.