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a stroll down old compton st

23 Jun

london 1.57pm 21.3C cloudy thursday 2016

i was wandering around old compton st the other day and saw workmen taking out mfi furniture. a tall clothes cupboard and a set of drawers and putting them on the pavement.  an old lady was looking at it, and the workman asks her whether she wants it. saying that it would save them the cost of paying to have it carted away. he asked her to give him her address and he will take it to her. i wasn’t really listening, but i think she did not. i think because she did not understand him. either that or she is reluctant to give strangers her address…  i wasn’t really paying much attention otherwise i would have helped her translate even though i dont speak chinese myself. though come to think of it, i dont speak chinese so i dont know why i think i could be of much help…

i was looking at a pair of boots in a shoe case that was lying on the ground nearby and she came up and i just made a comment, nice shoes i said. she picked them up and then also started rummaging at a package nearby and pulled out a decorated shopping bag and then she opened it and indicated that i help her put the shoes in their box inside while she held the shopping bag open. so i did.

 then she asked me in chinese , i guess that she ask me to help her move the cupboards… she indicated that it was only for a few blocks but i did not quite know what she really was saying. and can only tell her in english that i dont understand her. anyway, i wanted to  cross the street and she did too, and she walked on up the street whilst i veered left and walked down old compton st. two people at cross purposes due to lack of communication… to this day i dont really know what was going on. haha.

well, i was reminded that there are still old people living in soho, and old chinese people too… and also reminded that even after all these years living here they are still unable to speak english , they must be doubly isolated… first from old age (and i myself do know the frustration of not having the strength to carry things that i find on the street and could do with some help… ) but also language barrier as well. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

we gay guys really like underwear. because there are lots of chances in gay clubs to wear them, what with underwear nights so popular. also pride is coming, and guys can wear their underwear to go on the march. at least during my younger days we did it, but i think the guys now dont… maybe the organisers are strict about showing skin… certainly i dont see a lot of skin shown in the marches in recent years. but i saw these underwear on sale in a sex shop in old compton st and they look really nice. with that tilted leg grip and bulging pouch. haha. but guess how much they cost… £40!!! each.

added. 7.18pm. it has been raining but it is cloudy now. and it seems last night it has rained a lot flooding parts of london. one chap has toilet overflowed and flooded his flat in vauxhall.