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teh tarik time

24 Jan


my heading is a warning that what follows is inane and pointless. just talking of nothing at all really.

i was at the lidls in stockwell this morning, after i read in the daily mail paper at the library that they are having a half price oranges this weekend. 74p for 1.5kg. which is real good bargain. so i went there and bought 3packs.

i think it rather luxurious to eat oranges out of season in winter. and better still at a bargain price too. i dont know about others, but sometimes i get this real craving for oranges, maybe it is my body telling me i need more vitamin C. i have bought 2packs about 2-3wks ago when they had the same offer. 

and whilst i was waiting for the 88 bus back, i was standing in front of the entrance of a building, and i saw that entrance has a vertical row of letter boxes. and there were lots of buttons for the flats above the shops.

i have noticed workmen coming and going in the past. today ,there was a chinese boy came out with another dressed in builder clothes, those builder clothes looking very butch, actually. haha.

anyway i asked him ‘the whole block is taken with flats isn’t it’? (at first i thought just the floors above the entrance were used, and i thought they were bedsits, with the rooms all renovated as single use bedsits with communal showers). his answer was to ask me where i am from. so i said malaysia, and he asked where in malaysia, and i said kl, and i asked him where he was from , he said penang. so i asked how long he has been in uk, and he said he was born here. haha. one of the british born.

my bus came so i did not get to ask anymore. on parting, he said there are 10, 2bedrooms, and 4 , one bedroom flats.

well, i am glad to meet a chinese british born whose parents are from malaysia, and not china.  they are not common, as living here for so long, this is the first one i met.

but flats are being built all over the place, small buildings like these, old school buildings like the one near the tesco in vauxhall with only 9flats.

i find it amazing that such a small number of flats can be enough to make a profit for the developer. i think it is because the original building is kept intact, and so no need to build foundation. it is just gutting the insides and reconfiguring to fit as many flats in as possible. so the interior of the flats will be having strange shapes, and nooks and crannies.

it is providing work for a lot of people. not to mention furnishing it will  also provide jobs for all those fridges and sofa sellers. hhaahah.some people here in uk are lamenting that all these flats are too expensive for local british people to buy. and that foreigners are the ones buying them and then renting them out to the locals and so all this money is being siphoned off overseas. there was a report that a block of flats, not built yet are being sold to the chinese and these flats are in peckham. a very poor area in the past, but now seems to have been uplifted. ( the effect of a planned extension of the bakerloo line to lewisham). it is not too good if u are the locals, as all these flats are expensive. but the economy of london can only improve from all these activity.

i think working people will have to pool together and rent. even have 2 share a room and  maybe unfurnished, because it is cheaper to rent, and it seems to me furnished flats have so many restrictions with landlords using the smallest excuse to withhold your deposit. even normal wear and tear can be used against u. u are supposed to return it in the same condition as u first got it, and that is really quite difficult. 

if u furnish it yourself u are not governed by strict fire and safety furniture and you can get recycled furniture free or cheap. 

one person in her frugal blog even advise renters to take down the curtains and install your own, and put them back when u leave so that the curtains are not frayed so no excuse for the landlord to charge u for them. not to mention the landlords curtains may not be so thick to provide insulation. i thought that was a good tip.

a lot of people dont realise that the old medieval practise of hanging carpets on the walls is done for a good reason. to stop draughts and insulate the walls. nowadays u can use blankets , hang them on the walls for winter, and take them down during the summer months. 

oh yes, earlier on i went to a small retail outlet called mac colls, to get a free book given away by a telegraph paper promotion. i have never heard of this outlet and it was near me, and i thought it was a book shop, but it turned out to be a convenience shop. well it certainly made me aware of such a shop , but it does not sellbooks. it seems a major film is going to be shown, it is called ‘trash’. i have not heard of the film, or who acted in it. so this promotion has done its purpose in letting us the public know of it. 

Digital StillCamera

it is a book for children, i have not heard of it till now.

well as usual , google it. haha. and here is the wiki entry

this link tells me it is released in uk on 30jan, but it also have links in there that gives film released date by dates. rather interesting,  such a lot of films being released all the time.

lots of excitement in the papers about the £ = euro rate. it is 1.34 to 1euro. same as in 2008, it was £1.10 in 2009. with them forecasting it will be even better in future, 1.55 not seen since 2002. 

added 18.11.17  =£1= 1.12euro now. we voted to leave the EU in june2016.