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my friend’s overweight

28 Aug

My friend is visiting me. He came on Sunday 25.8.13. And is leaving today. He is the one who bought the £9 one way fare by national express. 
I did not realise he has obsessive compulsive disorder (ocd). I think he may have told me but I forgot. But yesterday he said there was a surprise for me in my fridge and when I went to open it , I did not notice anything different until he pointed out to me that he cleaned it and arranged all the objects neatly in line.

Well, I am glad he did it, because he said the fridge smelled, and the fan filter at the back was so blocked up that ice was forming behind it and when it melted it caused streaking all down the back of the fridge.

added 28.8.13 well that was what he told me, and i take his word for it. but today i smelt the inside of the fridge and smelt cheese. and i wonder if that was what he smelt and it was not the fridge . simon has cheese lying around in the fridge. i would put them inside a plastic container but am reluctant to do it now, as he might not see the cheese if i put it in a container, and then it will lie there forever. 

The fridge could do with a clean. So I thought maybe that OCD may have its uses haha . People with it make good cleaners. just joking, though people who suffer it may not see the joke.

it might be good if they can see the joke. it is easy to get into this obsessive state. if u let your mind run away with you. u have to rein in the mind and tell it to be sensible and stop it. i remember once i started stepping on every line in the pavement,(or was it not stepping on every line, i forgot)  until i realise it is getting obsessive. and there was some bit of superstition involved too… so i told off my mind and deliberately did not step on the line. so there. 

In this occasion, there was a cross over of communication. He told me there was an old carton of milk and I saw a carton of milk there and thought why didn’t he throw it away, and I took it and poured it down the sink. I was expecting rancid curdled milk to come out but It did not look rancid. All the time he was saying the sour milk can be used to make scones.

It is only now, 1pm the next day that I realised I had thrown away his milk that he bought … oh dear how awful, he should have stopped me straight away and told me he had thrown away the old milk and this is not it.

So what I mean to say is don’t assume the other person is spiteful when he does something bad to you. I can see how it would look , my actions. That is why I always put up excuses when I hear others talk of another person’s unreasonable behaviour. I always think there might have been some break down in communication and that there was a misunderstanding.

I think my friend is forgiving… he is very easy going that way. But he had been suffering pain lately. Firstly he had found out he has very high blood pressure , it fluctuates between 140 to 200. It is strange for such wide ranges of readings, but he said he gets so anxious when the reading is taken , that is why. 
And he is overweight. 100kg. He is so fat that he said he split his shorts when he fell, (at about 5am on snow in Bournemouth!! What is snow doing in august???)when he was going to catch the bus to london and had to go back to get another, as he did not pack another in his luggage. to find that he only had a pair of old trousers at his place that fits him. And that made him miss the bus, luckily national express allowed him to catch the next one.

Yesterday he said he got swollen glands under his jaw, and then migraine developed on his left temple. And he said he got the runs, which he thinks is his irritable bowel syndrome acting up.

Such a lot of things happening to him. He is only 54yrs old.

A friend of his came to visit him, bringing along some old clothes of his, ones that he could not wear anymore. He was at fat as my friend, but now when I see him, he is very slim. He said he exercised and ate fruits only. 
I have heard of this diet, and followed a blog of a guy who did it and was very successful at losing weight. He lives in the usa, and travels all over the usa and used the car battery to liquidise his vegetables and lived on that. He also exercises.

So he had 2 suits, that he is giving to my friend. The jackets fit well, but the trousers did not fit. Too small. Just goes to show how fat my friend is.

One of the trousers he says has been attacked by moths and have small holes in them. I thought that means they must be thrown away, but he said they can be repaired; it will cost £100, but he said the suit costs £1000 when new. I think if it fits my friend it might be worth it to repair the trousers, but the trousers did not fit. So that saves my friend spending the money.

Anyway, I think my friend should just haunt the charity shops to see if they have trousers his size, maybe track trousers because they are elastic. Or better still lose weight. 
I think I have noticed that if u have one thing , that one thing can cause hell of a lot of problems. 
His is the weight. 
It is like having a car, that one thing you possess, you get along with it all kinds of problems. 
Get rid of the car, and in his case, his over weight and u get rid of a lot of problems. At a stroke.

I got rid of my car, just like that. 
To me it should be just as easy to get rid of the weight… but that is not the case for a lot of people.

I doubt I shall make a good weight loss trainer. I have the discipline but I don’t know how to motivate another to get that discipline. 
Short of being a dictator and hold my friend as a captive and force him to undergo the kind of exercise and diet routine that I would enforce on myself if I were that fat, I don’t quite see how he can get thinner.

I was reading  ivan’sblog who says he used to be thinner when he was younger, but eating unhealthily, but now he is heavier, even though he is eating healthy. 
Makes me realise that just eating healthy is not enough to compensate for the slower metabolism as you grow older. You have to eat less too; and do endurance exercises. 

added 29.8.13 what a coincidence, here is a blog showing patterns that will make an OCD person climb up the wall.