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drinks and tapas

26 Jan

london 10.35pm tuesday 2016 12.3C been raining on and off.its mild, though.

today ,this evening, the tube would be impossible, if the threatened tube strike has gone ahead. it would have started this evening.  but it has been called off and so the tubes are running. so it was rather fortunate as i wanted to go to a wine bar near farringdon station, as i got a place in a evening standard event by invitation. it starts 6.30pm.  its for a travel writer, simon calder, who writes a column for the independant. and to publicise a booklet, ‘spanish journeys’ which he wrote sponsored by the spanish tourist board.

we got tapas and lots of wine. or at least the other people there. i myself just settled for cava, because i heard so much about it and wanted to taste it. i dont know what the fuss is about, regarding the cava. haha. but then i just dont like wine, can’t appreciate it.

all i felt after drinking it was that i was really thirsty and would like some plain water. my thirst was not helped when it was aggravated by the salty tapas. the waiters handed it around, which means we dont get a lot to eat…

but they were refilling the wine very freely. so, great if u like to drink. there was white and red wine too. but i just had one glass of cava and that was enough for me. 

my journey by tube to farringdon shows me how crowded it was. i took the journey during the rush hour. how anyone can let themselves suffer like that everyday both going to and returning from work, is beyond me. trains delayed, and standing room only. and it is so hot inside the carriages esp as we are all wrapped up with warm clothing because they are needed when u leave the stations. i have forgotten how awful it all is.

it certainly makes me glad i dont have to make this kind of journey every day.

happiness is knowing i dont suffer such things at all in my life now.

come to think of it, it’s a bit like health. we are not aware of it until we get some thing wrong … pain i mean. then we notice it and wish we are better again and begin to appreciate good health and no pain.

this happened to me only two days ago. suddenly when i woke up, i noticed my left foot was very tender. it was centred on the ball of the foot, and i could not flex it, or stretch it, or even put my weight on it. it seems to get better as the day wears on, and get worse overnight. this happened for two nights. i thought i was getting gout… but i decided to massage it, and press on the painful bit, and stretch the foot back and forth… and it got better which suggested to me that it is cramp, and my flexing and stretching it helps it get better.

i read an article by a woman writer in the daily mail giving the same account of her foot suddenly giving pain. unfortunately she said it was  so painful that she simply did not touch it…and she said she began to be afraid of so many things, fear of falling, and doing things and began to limit herself. which is undesireable i think. she should be up and moving. or it will get worse. she did not mention whether she got diabetes or not, because it can affect the foot. peripheral neuropathy. but if there is no obvious medical condition, it might just be cramp. 

 i found out that  u have to breathe deeply and evenly ,  when u  manipulate the foot,stretching it and holding it in position; even though it is painful at first.

u must break that cycle of pain, making u want to  rest it and not touch it, and being inactive, which then makes the pain worse,and that makes u want to not touch it even more… i think my theory that  a lot of  pain is due to muscle cramp is a good one. the muscle goes into spasm.  sometimes the cold aggravate it, or triggers it that is why it comes on seemingly suddenly and without any cause. so the solution is to stretch it, that removes the cramp or spasm, and all is well again. that way no one need to be crippled and restrict their activity and independance. 

Stories About Circumcision: One Midwife’s Perspective | Wake Up, Mama!

21 Aug

Stories About Circumcision: One Midwife’s Perspective | Wake Up, Mama!.

this is a video showing circumcision.

i thought it is just a quick snip and that is that. a swift operation, a swift pain and it is over. isn’t that how it is done? and a small bit taken off the tip.

what the video shows is very horrific, but maybe it just looks horrific, but the actual experience is fine. i know that often when you see surgical operations, it can look very horrific. after all, many boys have gone through it, and no one i know of ever say it was so painful it was a terrible experience. so it must have been quite ok. unless memories of baby hood are not retained by people and they had forgotten it.

but this video, the tip is not taken off, just a cut through the length of the foreskin. and actually it is logical. a cut will be quicker to heal, and still loosen the foreskin, to be reabsorbed by the body. such a long prolonged process,with that forcep being pushed in deep into the foreskin, and not once but many times. and no anaesthetic too. geez, it is like torture.

i find it cringe worthy and just very difficult to continue to see it. i stopped seeing it at that point when he snipped right down the foreskin. just cannot see any more.

i dont know how anyone can subject the child to it, and the child must be locked in position and held down. you can hear it screaming .if  i were the baby i would be squirming and moving like crazy if it is done to me.

still want your child to have it done? that child must have nightmares forever afterwards.

hmm, i went to look at the video again in the link just now, 4.36pm, but the entire post has gone, been removed. that was quick. its only an hour since i posted this. added 9.03pm, the post is reinstated but with a more detailed account where previously only the videos were shown. it is a very considered account of one person who argues against circumcision. i think many must be like me, who have not seen the actual operation done to the boys but assumed the procedure is an swift one done anywhere, and not causing much discomfort… certainly i have heard of these things being done in a mass scale in a village setting, and the boys seem quite ok with it.

found a video of it , but this time with anaesthetics, even though we can still hear the child crying. i am afraid i could not see some parts of it, too painful to watch.

i haven’t slept all night

9 Jan


it is 6am now and i am surprised that i cannot sleep. i went to bed at about 5am and found i developed a sudden, to me, pain on the left side of my back near the shoulder. i had never had it before. i wonder what it is, quite frightening in a way, because it made it painful to take deep breaths. and lying on my back is painful. so i have decided to just sit up , since i cannot get to sleep with the pain on my back, and look at blogs on wordpress, and i am rather comforted to find garfieldhugs posting.

she is lovely, it is nice to spend time with her and just read her wanderings and amusing chatter. and to write comments and get into a conversation with her if i fancy. i wish there are more blogs like her where it is all light hearted and carefree and funny sometimes or sad, or just chatting about everything and nothing. i do admire her for being so uplifting even though she suffers from a debilitating disease. i am rather healthy but this pain i got now has made me realise how awful it is to have something happening that i could not explain.

i sometimes wonder what will happen if we get something that is really bad and have to go to the A&E. they are allready saying dont go if u can help it as it cannot cope with the demand. 

this article about muscle cramp , indicates that is what i got. that muscle involved felt very hard and painful. 

added. it is muscle cramp, fortunately after about an hour, and using the hotwater bottle on it, the pain eased and i was able to get to lie down and so went to sleep. though i woke up at 10am ,4hrs later, feeling rather rested, which surprised me. but now that i know this is muscle spasm, i know how to deal with it… with stretching exercises. because of this tight band of muscles just below the left shoulder blade, it constricts my chest as it expands on breathing in, that is why i could only take short breaths. but when i bring my shoulders fully back, it must have eased the tension in the muscles, and i can breathe deeply.

most people when they get these kinds of pain, avoid doing anything that will cause pain, but the secret is to stretch the muscle. 

another happy day

5 Nov


another happy day today. i was at the library and after reading the newspapers and getting online, i noticed a gadgets of simon’s dangling on the strap of my gymbag. i wonder how it got there. i have been carrying it precariously entangled on my strap all the way from my flat on the bus to here in this library and not even noticing it until now and only because it was hanging right in front of my face as if from nowhere. it certainly was not there when i was lifting my laptop out of the bag, yet here i see it right by the opening of the gymbag.

well, all i can say is i m glad my soul dont want me to lose it.

do u know what it is for? i have no idea. must ask simon. anyway i must tell him i have put it on the shelf instead of on the chair.

 Digital StillCamera

i wonder what it is used for. added. he said it is his charger for the electronic cigarette.

it is simon’s stuff. he leaves it lying on the chair where i normally dump my bag whenever i get home. it must have got entangled in the strap of my gymbag. it could easily have dropped off anytime between my flat and the library and i would not be the wiser, and simon would be wondering where it went to, and asking me if i have seen it, and of course i would say no, even though without my knowing i would be the one to lose it. but thank my soul it did not happen.

i have noticed this happening with others too. i can only say their soul and ours do not want them to go through it. there was this woman who came on the bus and , this is quite a common thing, start to fumble in her bag to find the oyster card… and dropping first one glove than the other and not realising it began to walk further into the bus. but a passenger alerted her to first the one glove than the other. and i was thinking well there is at least two souls who dont want that loss to happen.

 though i was thinking that woman’s soul may want her to lose those gloves one day… by letting her keep that oyster card in the depths of her bag instead of in one of the side pockets where it would be easy for her to find it…or even use the card without need to take it out, as the reader can access the oyster through the bag.  this time she might not have lost those gloves but one day if she continues like that she will lose them. 

today i have added happiness, not only from not losing simon’s stuff, but also found a book to borrow in the library. it is lindsey davis, enemies at home.

Digital StillCamera

i do enjoy her crime novels set in ancient rome.

and then to top it all, i went to the waitrose branch near me and got a latte. and the walk back was very nice, through streaming sunlight filtered by the leaves and falling leaves. all the ingredients to make a happy feeling. oh yes, there is another thing. i had been having some pain in my left feet, so that it was painful to walk, which i realise was due to muscle spasm. so i took to stretching that muscle. i was stretching it whenever i could, at home, whilst waiting for the bus, and today it was fine. no more pain. and i could walk normally. well, being out of pain can really stretch your happiness i can tell you. haha. and no need for a survey to confirm it.