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where is paradise?

13 Sep

london 1.45pm 18.9C sunny wednesday 2017

5.37pm 17C sunny

i cannot help comparing what a peaceful country the uk is , with no extremes of weather, or any nasties like earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.

what we have is storms, like the one yesterday, or so it seems. i would never have known of it, if i had not read it in the papers this morning. a 85mph storm eileen, the first one of the storms this year that is big enough to have its own name. and it takes september before any one such even appears. i mean what happened in january , february, months that are winter months and presumably associated with storms;?

 to the usa, this storm is a category 1. haha. a small fry when u consider they have just endured two category 5 storms so far. the usa can easily finance and deal with the costs of these storms. so it puzzles me when i see calls to donate to it… what they should be asking for donations is to the poor people caught up in the caribbean islands. and i dont mean the odd billionaires like branson who suffer from it. those ordinary folks in those islands are the real losers in all this. these islands are supposed to be paradise… but i think if u have not realised it by now, you are still very naive… that there is no such place as paradise. there is always a serpent in it. in this case, it is the hurricanes.

all those people who are in the uk, professing to be sick of the uk, and going abroad in search of paradise… little did they know that paradise is the uk, right in front of their noses and they never realise it. it takes being in the middle of a hurricane in their paradise island, to make them realise east west,  home’s best … 

i have just come back from my circuit training with our original trainer. the last 2 wks we have substitute trainers, which are a bit hit or miss, so it is nice to get him back again. he went to oregon for his two weeks holiday… intending to walk the trails, but it was hit by forest fires when he was there. he said he was deciding on florida as another alternate destination… and said it seems he missed the floods but got caught by the fire… haha. 

BBC iPlayer – Wanted in Paradise – 4. Phuket

28 Feb

BBC iPlayer – Wanted in Paradise – 4. Phuket.

i saw this tv program last night. it is a series, showing people in uk deciding to uproot and live in paradise. they are from scotland and so it is understandable why they want hot weather.

this couple wants to live in phuket, with their baby son. the husband is keen, because he is a commercial diver, and can find work anywhere in the world, so it makes sense to base himself in phuket. but the wife is not so sure. she will lose the support of family to look after her son, and also she will not be able to earn as much as her present job which brings in £30,000 a year. as a commercial manager for a bank; in phuket the only work for her is teaching english to kiddies. he brings in £40,000 but it is cold and dangerous working in the north sea. so is more fun working world wide.

interesting that they still dont have a lot of savings, when they bring in £70,000 a year between them. and it shows how poor the housing market is in scotland when the flats they owned can only bring in about £50,000 each.

his job takes him away for months. so it seems to me wherever they are the wife will be left alone; so not really that attractive for the wife to go to phuket. especially when she is not that interested in warm weather, and since he will be away for a lot of that time, she wont be seeing a lot of him.

she might as well be at home in scotland.

as usual, i can see what the underlying desires of the man are; to go free and roam the world with his job, and much as he likes his wife and kid, i personally can see he would be better off, leaving them in scotland and he go roaming off. haha.

times like this i can see his life would be easier if he had no wife and kid and just live for himself. or get a local woman, as wife who can run a restaurant or b&B or diving school or whatever… whilst he roams the world earning good money as a commercial diver. i know it is sexist… but maybe that is why so many like to marry a s.e.asian woman, as there are many such woman who are willing to go trade on that. 

i have often wondered why people move to islands in the tropics to live and this program gives me some idea. but what this series also show up is that paradise with all that hot weather can be rather dull if u have not enough money to live on.


the fun for foreigners living in these paradises is the eating out, enjoying the food and the drinks and the cruises and luxury living…. would they enjoy all that life in paradise if they cannot access those places?

or to put it another way, do they like to  live like a native, sail your own boat, do your own fishing, live off the sea, have a small hut which is cheap to maintain. dont eat out in foreign run restaurants, but eat in local shack cafes. forego airconditioning, british foods, cocktails.

you know that well known adage thay we look at things through our viewpoint. well, my views here are biased. taken from the viewpoint of a gay guy who dont like marriage or kids. haha. so no need to be offended at my views. i am really glad i dont have a wife and kids to worry about. everyday i am reminded of how fortunate that my soul did not want those. 

Digital StillCamera

but i am so glad there are others who like being married and have kids. where will we be as a human race if there are none of those.