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i renew my passport

5 Dec

london 12.46pm 13C cloudy wednesday 2018

i went today to the malaysian high commission to renew my passport. it is in belgrave square.

recently they have to move out temporarily, to get it renovated. but they are back now and i can see the place looks very nice, all new plaster and new paint, and the basement passport/visa area has been cleaned out and redesigned.

it is all very efficient now. you get a number from a small ticket machine in the outer waiting room, and when your number is called u go the booth and there everything is done without u needing to move.

in the past you have to go to a copying machine and get your own copy of the Identity card, (ID), and sometimes people forget to take the plastic cover off and have to re take the photostat copy wasting another 20p. not to mention if u dont have 20p coins you have to go round asking people to exchange .

now it is all done for you. there is no need even to fill in a form. i remember that form used to be in malay, and it was a bit of a panic trying to figure it all out, because my malay is non existent really.

even the photo is done by a camera at the side of the booth. you just swivel the chair u are sitting on to the right side and face the camera , take off your glasses and wait for the camera to blink a red light and it is done. however, if u want to look your best you might be out of luck. there are no mirrors or toilet for you to freshen up . i imagine it must be a bit off for the females, who might want to adjust their makeup and hair.

even the thumb print is done digitally, though they still require us to have a paper print of our right thumb, using black ink. so that messy bit  still have to be done.

and it all costs only £21.in the past we have to pay £5 for the photo, and all those 20p coins for the photostat of the ID, front and back sides. now we dont have to move elsewhere to get those done. i was asked if i have married or single. when i told her that i have got married to a man, she said it does not count, malaysia does not recognise it. well, i shrugged and said it does not matter, so she put me down as single. haha. i dont mind really. and it might have saved me having to come back with simon and all his documents and it will be a lot of bother. 

even the nasi lemak man who used to sit by a small room under the road have gone. when i asked about him, she said they are not allowing anyone to sell food now and told me of a roti place nearby.

the leaflet on the notice board tells me it is near victoria station. i have seen the entrance before, when i was at victoria…  but did not connect it to a eating centre inside that building. they dont advertise it at all, so that even me, who goes to victoria often did not know this place is opened. so when i got to victoria and the bus i was on stopped  there, i had mistaken the bus for the 36, when it is really the 38… i saw the entrance and went in to look.

the roti place is upstairs. it is all very pleasant like a food hall, with stalls lining the sides and eating and sitting places for all to share. 

added 7.12.18 friday. i found a article about it here

the food is pricey, the roti place’s cheapest food is about £7 for 2 roti chanai and curry . laksa is about £9. the other stalls cost about the same. there is a bao place, a kebab place, a udon place, taco place. i had hoped it would be about £5, but maybe nowadays £7 is the going rate for these street food. when u consider roti chanai is a cheap street food in malaysia, it takes a bit of getting used to it being like high end food here.

but wait why am i complaining of the cost. there is malaysia hall canteen where we malaysians can have all this for a fraction of the cost. all we have to show is our malaysian ID, to get in and eat allthose foods.

so really i was at first thinking that those who go to get their passport renewed will have to eat at this roti place, but hey for just one bus ride. in fact bus 36 will take them to porchester road, which is the nearest i think to malaysia hall, near queensway. there they can have allthe malaysian food they can eat for a fraction of the cost. it is a strange thing really but i dont go there often enough. even though it is the cheapest way for us to get malaysian foods. i must seriously question myself why i dont go more often..

added 5.20pm. i went back at about 3.30pm to collect the new passport and it was very quick to get it. no waiting for me. they only open 3-4pm for the passports issued today to be collected.

i got a receipt for Rm100, which was the £21 i paid. so the exchange rate was Rm4.76=£1. google says £1=Rm5.29 today. but of course the buying and selling rate are always either worse or better than that. so it seems if i were to go to malaysia , my £ would only get me Rm4.76.it is quite poor really. just as well i am not visiting malaysia. haha. 

added .6.41pm, i tried to go back my blog to see if i wrote anything when i renewed last time dec 2013, but strangely nothing came up. it is very strange, because i know i would have written something about it. i have to go back to 2008 , in a old website that i used before i used wordpress. and there i got reminded that i paid  £31 (Rm150) (Rm4.84=£1) and that was because it is a pensioner rate, if u are not over 60yrs old you will pay £62, and also it is for 32page passport. this one i got is 50pages. 

armchair travelling

29 Nov

london 1.38pm 13C dry cloudy thursday 2018

its very quiet around where i am. i have been to the victoria library and it strikes me that there are not many people about. perhaps it is the doldrums before christmas when people are just poor, and want to save their money and energy before the christmas rush.

yesterday was similar to today, dull, cloudy, raining on and off. i went to tooting broadway to get a haircut. £7. he got a pensioner rate of £5, but i did not make use of it. instead i thought of paying the normal price of £6, to be told when i gave it to him that it is £7 because i got such long hair. personally i dont believe that it is harder to cut long hair as opposed to cut short one. after all it is a number 1 electric clipper cut, but i guess he needs to maximise his income. his prices are allready quite low… most of the other barbers near where i live are charging at least £10 . and it was quite an easy travel by tube to there. with a lift service in vauxhall, so that i dont have to climb up the stairs,what with my surgical boot and all. and there is an elevator service in tooting broadway station. i had thought of going there all the way by buses, but it would take a long time. 

i have to get a haircut as my passport is about to expire and needs to be renewed where i get a new one for another 5yrs. and they will be needing to take a new picture of me to go in it.

i hardly ever use my passport nowadays,since i dont travel abroad anymore.  and so for the last 2 or 3 passports the  pages are all blank and this would cover  10yrs or 15yrs.  that is how long i have not gone abroad. and i foresee this new one i will be getting will also  have blank pages for all its 5yrs.

i dont miss foreign travel. i think i had more than my fill in my young days and now feel i have seen it all really. or rather not interested in seeing those things i have missed. nowadays  i do  all my sightseeing watching travel programs on tv. haha. yesterday i saw a program about a hidden river in south america called the essequibo. its on the yesterday channel.  that is how i like to travel, watching all of them being very uncomfortable in their journey up the river to find its source whilst i can see all the troubles and discomfort they have to contend with in the comfort of my home. that is how i like to travel nowadays. they dont mention the mosquitos, and being bitten voraciously by them. and i bet there are leeches too. 

discipline your mind

6 Dec

The talk talk wifi box was delivered very early yesterday, 5.12.13 at about 8.40am. Rather glad of it otherwise it wont be able to be delivered as I was going to my passport office to renew my passport. It is done every 5yrs.

I had a really pleasant experience doing it. In and out of the place and back within the hour and half.

The photos were done in house, too, which saves having to get my photos from the photo booths in the railway station.
In fact, I will go there if ever I need id photos done. It costs £5 for a set of 4.

The wifi box works for simon’s laptop but not for mine. For some reason, I could link to the wifi but it wont link to the internet.

Luckily the old net gear wifi I got still works for me.
I tried to call talk talk on their help line, but even at 7am today, it was very busy so I put the phone down as I was only told it is very busy and there was no time given as to how long I will wait. I don’t need to use the new talk talk wifi as I can get online already using my old net gear box.

The new one is only good for simon, as he can get a signal in the kitchen. With the net gear wifi he has to come into the living room to catch a signal but once he got it, he can go back to the kitchen.

So really there is not much advantage to this new talk talk. Even less as it does not seem to connect me to the internet.

Well, as you can see, my life is quite easy… not much excitement, thank goodness.

You might say winning the year membership to the tate is quite exciting… I am happy to get it, but then again, it wont devastate me not to get it.

There are plenty of things in this life which is nice to have but not necessary to my happiness. I am happy with or without them.

I have been reading I am a cat, by soseki natsume,
‘If some mountain range blocks our free passage to a neighboring country, we do not seek to flatten the mountain, to restructure the natural order. Instead we work out some arrangement under which the need to visit that neighbouring country no longer arises’.

‘Nobody however mighty , can do as he likes with the world… but any man is able to do as he likes with his own mind.

I think that might explain why there is so much depression nowadays. Few are ‘prepared to undergo the disciplines that lead to control of the mind, you would never even hear the racket kicked up by those graceless imps at the Hall…

The writer has been getting angrier and angrier with kids from a nearby school making lots of noise and invading his garden to retrieve their balls.

You can train the mind not to heed those things that irritates, in fact, if u are very good at it, u don’t even notice it at all to get irritated by it.

I think that is how I deal with things… and I have on hindsight realise I am quite good at it. Haha.