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password and username

26 Oct


I was at the library this morning, the charing cross branch, as it is the only one that opens on sunday morning. i tried to get online but find i could not. and it was not the first time this happened. i thought it was the fault of the new provider that the library has changed to. 

but a young guy came and sat next to me, and i was able to see his screen and saw he got online. so i asked him how he did it. i repeated the procedure… you are given a 4 number password and then he pointed out to me my username, which was my email address which the system had added a suffix 3 without warning me. 

i did not see that before, and in the past, I merely entered my email address without the suffix. each attempt to get a new password generates a new suffix for the email address, it seems.

well, well, well. !! i thought i was quite savvy about the internet, but this one is a new one on me, that they can change the username without warning me. 

my online banking is blocked but it is ok now

30 Jan


28.1.13 Monday

I got a phone call from my bank, or the caller said she was from my bank.
But I forgot the password , because it is different from the online password, and she said she will transfer me to someone who will take me through it to remind me of what it is.

I said I wont bother, if it is anything to do with the bank. I thought they are calling because they sent me a debit card, and I was not in, and they told me to contact them to have it re-sent, but I did not bother because I thought it was another company who had mistakenly sent me another credit card after sending me one earlier.
( I know, it sounds very convoluted)’

I told the caller ’ let me contact the bank in its secure website, and we can sort it out in there.

Well, I log onto my bank online, and found that they have blocked me and refused me access into my account.
What a bother.
First time it happened to me. It is unusual. In the past, it is because I have forgotten the password, but this time I remembered it and typed in the correct password but they still refuse me entry.

There was a phone number to call them, but I decided to wait a day or two and maybe it will correct itself. You know the internet, leave it be for a time and it just reverts to normal again.

No need to get all worried about it. Or so I hope.

I am glad I don’t have much activity on that account. I don’t have much money there and keep all transactions to a minimum.

So I shall wait and see. Also, it is an 0845 number, and I don’t fancy paying for the call. Haha. Let them call me instead.

Though if I get another call from the bank, I shall go through all that password palaver as it might be a genuine call from my bank and not a scam. Perhaps they are calling me regarding this blocked access and why they did it.

29.1.13 Tuesday
Tonight I got a call from my bank , or rather the people who man the help line.
After going with me through my answers to questions to establish I am who I am, he told me that I can get access to my online account now.

(though I could be someone else who have found all these details written out by the real person and can answer them and so get access to the account. That could happen and there is no way they will find out. My friend said they should ask me to go to a branch and physically verify me with me bringing them proof of identity.)

Anyway I got back my account now. It seemed when I got a call from them the previous time, and was unable to answer the question, they immediately block my access on line.

I thought it rather drastic, and if I were not a calm person and not get worried about things, having my online access blocked would have sent any other person into a panic. I suggested to them not to do it so hastily…

He told me what my answer was to that question that I could not remember. It was so long ago, and I said I shall write it down and is that allowed. He said if I have to, than I have to. Technically I should not write anything down. Otherwise like I said, others can find it and impersonate me. But if I don’t write it down I wont remember. Haha. A real catch 22 situation.

It is a flaw in the system, but maybe it is not crucial and hardly anyone can take over another’s account in this way. Certainly, he asked if I had anyone who can overhear the conversation, and my friend was with me in the room, and he asked if I could send my friend away… which I did.

Well, as I figured out, that problem is soon solved. Without me having to call them. They are rather good to contact me and call me. Because if I had called them I would be asked for my password , in the form of asking me to say what the first and 3rd words are… never the full word. But I have forgotten what word I have used for the password. Haha.

So just as well they called me instead because if they call me, than they use questions to verify me.

Well, now u know what online banking involves. Haha.

It is still very good and quite secure and it is so convenient to move money about and manage, that I would still highly recommend it.

The think to remember is not to panic and get worried that u have been locked out of your account.

A thought occurred to me, if I die, how are they to know and how is my executor of my estate able to get into the account to inform them of my death?

I must ask them how to solve that. Haha.

On another note, i found out a cheap way of getting your fish and chips. by buying cod goujons and chips at half price. goujons are like fish fingers, smaller portions of cod in batter. here they are sold for £3.80 instead of £7.80 for the normal size cod and chips.