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hi tech but at a cost

2 Apr

london thursday 2015

it is chitchat time over a morning coffee. haha. good morning all.

yesterday, i was at the bus stop and saw a sign saying ‘text ….(a number) to get the bus arrival times. so i did, and found out my next bus is 17mins away.

i just missed the previous bus, as i could see its backside disappearing far down the road. i have checked the bus times earlier at home, on their website, using my wifi and saw two buses were supposed to be coming 5mins apart and after that it is 17mins for the next.

 i was not sure whether the bus i just missed was the one that came after the 5mins. so should i wait in case the next one comes after 5mins or go home? 

 well the text shows me i have missed the 5mins apart buses and the next one is a long time away. so i went back home. haha. but i realised it is an expensive way of finding out.

i could have just opened my chrome book and see the time there when the next bus is expected and check the time in my mobile phone to work it all out which bus i just missed .

but i just got tempted to use my phone. haha. funny how having it makes me want to make calls even though i cannot think of anyone to call. haha. should i wait in case the next one is 5mins away, or what? i checked how much it costs me to send that text, and from the balance on my phone i calculate that text costs me 24p.

technology has a cost. haha. or shall i say, wanting to know it right now has a cost. if u dont mind waiting it costs nothing. or curb that urge to call people on the phone, it is so addictive. right?