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merdeka celebration in uk

23 Sep

london 5.28pm 18.3C sunny saturday 2017

i was coming back on the victoria line, from highbury and islington, and was really surprised at the crowded carriages. people were trying to squeeze themselves in;  what can be bringing all these people out at this time of day (it was about 3pm)? on a saturday too.

there were people with luggage as well, blocking the way; and i was hoping they would all get off at euston, and when they still did not do so , i was hoping king’s cross then. please let them get off there, but no, they all want to get their money’s worth by going to the furthest station on that line, victoria. the carriage practically emptied when we arrived at victoria. so that was where they are headed, and i could not help thinking what is with all these people wanting to travel. cant they just stay at home and enjoy their home lives…? haha. 

but of course, the mark of a city is that its people are always on the move. masses of people going one way, and masses of people going the other way… so much so that u wish they would go live there , exchange homes with each other, so that all this seemingly pointless moving about wont happen. haha.

ah well, that is modern life… aimlessly moving from one spot to another. in the old days you stay in your village your whole life and be happy about it. now you get restless, wanting to go off somewhere , anywhere… just as long as it is not home.

no wonder the trains operators can charge so much to move people around.

i went to the merdeka do sponsored by the malaysian high commission at the tun abdul razak (he was our 2nd prime minister)research centre in hertford north this morning… you could say i have been part of the mass moving of people too… joining all those who travel to attend this do.

most of them went by car, as the car park there was jammed… not many came by train even though they provided free transport in the form of a minibus and cars to take us to and from the two stations , hertford east is the other, that service the area. it seems this festival have been done every year, but this is the first time i heard about it. well, it will be the only time of the year when u can see so many malaysians in one spot.

and it is a area of uk that i have never been. my impression , when taken to the centre from the station is that there are a lot of roads and roundabouts and very few houses , lots of fields, maybe because we did not go through the town centre… it is very rural, at least from the little i saw of the place from the back of the minibus. the normal train fare is £8.50 if u take it from finsbury park. a half hourly service, which stops at a lot of small stations before it ends at hertford north. i used my freedom pass, which means i only pay from crews hill(zone 6) onwards, costing £4.50 day return. naturally there were lots of malaysian foods, but i find i have lived in uk too long, i dont seem to crave eating it as much as i used to. i was chatting to one of the stall holders, they were selling malaysian products , and are only online, no shops she said…so that means u have to pay the delivering charges if u want to buy their stuff… i mentioned it, and she very cleverly said well then, here is the only chance u can get of buying our stuff without the delivery charge… and she was right of course. i mentioned the ikan bilis, they sell bags of it for £5, and i mentioned how strange that ikan bilis in uk is so expensive, when in malaysia, ikan bilis is a poor man’s fish… it seems it is the cost of transporting it here, but she also said even in malaysia, ikan bilis is expensive, because it is getting scarcer to catch… it surprised me to hear that, ikan bilis getting rarer to harvest… what is happening??? living here, and ikan bilis being so expensive, i have long ago stopped eating it in my cooking… and dont miss it nowadays. it does add a distinctive flavour to all the cooking though.

there was a stall selling live plants, and i was chatting to two ladies who also were also hanging around there, and said it is a pity i cannot see any curry leaf plant, because that would certainly make me buy one… as i have never seen live curry plants in uk in all the time i have lived here at all…





refugees quarrelling with each other

21 Oct

london 11.36am raining 11.7C wednesday 2015 sunrise 7.34am sunset 5.55pm

you would think they the migrants, refugees, etc would be tolerant of each other, and have a sense of shared purpose and help each other,wouldn’t you seeing they are all in the same boat, coming into this country to find a new life. but not so.I can understand why local people get a bit fed up of refugees and people coming in as economic migrants seeking jobs and a new life.

i am in the library now and the computer room is full with foreign faces. and one of them is shouting in an unintelligible language at two other foreigners. the shouting guy is black and look african, the other two are white guys from eastern europe; and going on and on, with the librarian futilely trying to calm him down. i dont know what he was upset about because he was talking gibberish, though i suppose to him it is his language so it all makes sense. i am not sure even the other two who he was shouting at, using the computer on the opposite side of the desk that he was using understand why he is upset. they decided to go away leaving him to rant, and he quiet down, but really een his friend tried to appease him and he wont keep quiet. now he is online and at last is quiet. now the librarian is asking him if a sleepng bag that is left lying near the book shelf is his. and she is asking him to take it near to where he was sitting. and he argues with her, before finally rising from his chair to take that bag . earlier i had seen that bag, lying there and was tempted to ask aloud who it belongs too… but it did not look like it got a bomb inside so i just kept quiet, figuring whoever have left it if he had forgotten it might return. if it had looked like a bag which can carry a bomb i will be asking. but nowadays u get even scared of asking in case some short tempered foreigner gets offense. it happened to me once, this guy in another library put his bag on the desk quite far from where he was sitting with the computer. and when he said it was his, i made to bring it to him, and he stood up and deliberately put it back on the desk. that was when i really wished that someone came and stole it, and silently i would have let him, even if i had seen the thief. because people like that deserve to have their stuff taken. haha. now perhaps u can see why i have this attitude that if lost things or have things stolen or bad things happen, u might deserve it so i seldom waste sympathies when i hear of bad things  happening to people. i know it is not a charitable thing to say. but when i see bad people behaving badly, i wish karma is more direct, and they get bad things happen to them straight away instead of waiting like they are old. and then bad things happen to them. when they would have forgotten the bad things they did and ask why why these bad things happen to them who are good people and never did anything bad in their lives. hah!! ( i would like it if karma does work like that, but deep down i dont believe in it. i dont think there is any justice as such. because good is relative, what is good in one life or period of history can be bad in another. for eg, if u are a killing warrior in genghis khan’s time you are good, and respected as a great warrior, but do that now, and u will be jailed for a psychotic killer. 

now i see a policeman inside the library with the librarian taking him round as if looking for something. i wonder what is going on today.

but i can understand why locals get a bit fed up of these people.

liberals all want to be seen to be good and say let them all come in, but local people have to live with the consequences of this big influx of people with strange behaviours and habits, and ways of thinking and strange languages. 

life in london

19 Mar

london thursday 2015 12.42pm

i have just been to the library, and even had cake, free samplings of their brownies, in this shop in goodge st that sells only cakes. they have a baking class too.

imagine a shop just selling cakes. and it is not even a place where u can sit and eat it with tea . i marvel at the ideas people have to set up a business. like that shop selling only porridge. or cereals.

Anyway, here i am sitting in this 88 bus as it meanders its slow way through the westend on my way home.

today the papers are full of the budget. quite a nice one too, with personal allowances of £10,800 a year, and £11,000 next year.

£900 a month u can earn and not have to pay tax on it. and this is not to mention that £350 a month extra if u let out a room, which is free of tax too. so £1250 a month. that to me is quite a lot of money to live on , esp if u dont have to pay rent and have a mortgage free flat.

granted maybe i live in a bubble haha. as there cannot be that many people with mortgage free flats in london.

seems there is smog in london now. and it is true that i all this time i have been walking in a very grey environment.

they say the smog comes over from europe. so how come we dont hear of them being slapped with a fine, like london has been. huh??? and it is a fairly cold day, so that suggests we have a east wind blowing, so how is that europe air coming to us, seeing it needs a south wind to come to us. ha!!

another reason to grouse about europe , for all those europe sceptics out there. haha.

one chap did say dont be so eager to leave the EU, it would make all those brits living and working there becoming immediately illegal immigrants. which i suspect would happen to greeks if greece left, or got kicked out of  the EU.

oh hey, i just saw something outside the bus window. a black man stood in front of the bus next to ours, and stopped the bus from going, just because he wants to board it. but it is not a bus stop. and then another man came and knock on the door but he left when the bus man ignored him and not did what that black man did.

what is the matter with people these days? surely they know a bus can open the doors only at bus stops. and anyway there will always be another bus soon. that is the trouble when ignorant people come to a city and act selfishly. or act as if they are from still in their little village out in the sticks where a bus comes every 2hrs, stops anywhere when u flag it, and missing one will mean a long wait.

Added. that bus was the 12, and it has a different bus stop to the 88, so that might explain it. the guy did not realise that its stop is further down the road. but it was very arrogant of him to stand in front of the bus, and maybe trying to take a picture of the driver with his smartphone while he was doing so. he might be thinking he is in the right, and taking evidence. foolish man.

sometimes i do think hell is other people.

this reminds me of a similar incident which happened yesterday. that time it involved a megabus, a bus company that carries people intercity for quite cheap fares. £1 if u are lucky; and a young lady wearing a cycling helmet. at first i thought the bus had clipped her bike and she was angry. i saw her talking to the driver as the bus was waiting at a traffic light. and there were 3-4 community police officers with her. there was a wooden board in front of the bus, dont know how it got there. after talking to the bus driver and to the community officers, she just sat on the board in front of the bus preventing it from moving.

my bus came so i did not know the outcome of it but it all seems so silly really. i asked a guy nearby what it was all about and he said he did not know and when i said ah well at least the police are there, he said they cant do anything as they are community officers, and he was right. community officers have limited powers.

human interactions

8 Aug

Yesterday I was at the swimming pool and they have a communal shower area, with no partitions. Very old fashioned nowadays, because with all this paedophilic scares every one has started renovating the shower area to include partitions.

But not this one. And sometimes fathers will bring in their children to use the showers. So far no one has objected to other guys there going naked and soaping themselves. Thank goodness.

Sometimes the kid is a boy, other times it is a girl.

But everyone carries on naked or otherwise irregardless, and no one objects. This I find rather refreshing and I hope it continues and no one start complaining to management about it. It will only take one prude to do it and there goes all our choices.

I have been observing the behaviour of some of the children , one yesterday , a girl whose behaviour was very interesting.
She was whining and complaining when the father was soaping her. The father was impatient with her saying why she always kick up a fuss every time she showers after the swim. And threatening to stop taking her swimming if she is going to be like that. That set her whining again that she wants to swim.

I wonder why she is behaving like that. The problem is the child is too young to say what is really bothering her. I see her rubbing her eyes as she was under the shower with soap in her hair, so is it because of the soap in her eyes? But she can shut her eyes to prevent the soap getting to it … so why whine?
~Are kids so useless these days and never know how to use common sense because they have always been told what to do and never get to think for themselves?

I was also wondering why the father don’t get her to wash herself. Let her put the soap on her hair and scrub it, let her scrub herself… what’s wrong with that? Then no complaints as she can make sure she don’t get soap in her eyes.

The father was mentioning he must clean her thoroughly to get the chlorine off her. So maybe he was rubbing her too roughly, not realising that chlorine can easily be removed by the water and no need to scrub the skin so roughly.

Ah, parents and children who don’t really know what they are doing.

I am glad I don’t have children. Haha.


5 Aug

Yesterday all the bridges from albert bridge in the west to southwark bridge in the east were closed to motor traffic, so the buses were all diverted.

It was a first anniversary of the bike marathons during the Olympic games last year, and today was supposed to re-enact that day.

So roads were blocked right out to the south west into surrey. I bet the motorists are not too well pleased, and also the bus passengers. Even during the Olympics the buses were not affected much, unlike today.

I hope they don’t repeat it next year. Businesses must be affected in central London when no buses can run through it and people can only get around via the tube.

I was waiting for the bus in Vauxhall, and heard an elderly woman asking the staff whether they could buy the ticket on board. She could. Later I asked her why she did not get a oyster card. She said they can track her movements and she does not want that. she says she is too old for that.

Well, well, I have heard people say this, and this is the first time I actually see someone doing it. Preferring to pay cash and the double fare rather than get an oyster card.

I think she is wealthy. Because at her age she could get the freedom pass too and get all bus travel free. But of course if she feels that way about the oyster card, she will feel likewise about the freedom pass. She was travelling with an old man, so maybe he too feels like her.

Later, when I was being driven during the food delivery with the charity I was doing volunteering that day…the driver got really impatient at someone driving a laden car in front of him and criticising the driver of the said car.
I think the car was driving slowly because the back window was filled with bags, blocking the rear mirror view. But my driver was still angry about it.
Later we got into a traffic jam in Brixton, and in trying to avoid it I suggested he try another route, through a housing estate to find that we were blocked from going through it and had to return to our starting point.

At which stage he said he is going into the jam and saying to me he is stressed at me being so agitated about it. He said ‘your looking at the map makes me stressed‘.
How interesting, he interpreted my referring to the map as me being stressed at the jam.

I told him I was not looking at the map to check on him, but to see if his sat nav gave me a better route. That made him calmer.

Truthfully his driving was stressing me out a bit. Haha. Though I dare not say so, because I know it makes drivers angry with you if u tell them their driving made u stressed.

I said it is strange to me that u are ok with traffic jams, but u were so angry at the other driver… he said when the road is clear and the person was driving so slowly , he cannot stand it, but traffic jams are ok.

That gave me an insight into the mindset of drivers.
To me I hate being stuck in a jam and would find another way to avoid it, but not so with drivers.

That might explain why I always see a long line of traffic stretching from the Vauxhall bridge road and the drivers patiently waiting… instead of just turning round or move out and find an alternative route..

This is why.

Added 7.7.13 . i think the sat nav has conditioned the drivers to accept traffic jams as something inevitable and unavoidable, and no point trying to avoid it;  they might well be right too. because look at that incident when in trying to by pass the jam i got us into a blind alley through that housing estate which ended up where we started. And when we did go back to that jam, it miraculously unwound itself , the road was free and we had an easy run. 

In the past when I see this long line of traffic stuck at the Vauxhall bridge road, I always say their souls wants it…. It is my stock phrase when I see people behaving in a way to me that is inexplicable… it seems it is very true. Their souls really want it.

Which explains why cars still come into London even with a congestion charge … so that the traffic jams remain just as bad as before.

If the mayor were to impose a 20mph speed limit… now that would be really throwing the cat among the pigeons…that would really get the motorist’s goat… if nothing else so many will break that limit, it would be a bonanza of fines for council… haha.

their souls want it

3 Mar

I have finished the heretics, by will storr some time ago, but delayed returning it to the library. It is not due also but also I thought I might write a review and need it for quotes. 

But every time I start I find it might be better for you to just read it. Haha.

As the book said, we all have our viewpoint which we have long ago decided is the story we are happy with. So reading the book will only reinforce your viewpoint, as anything that it said that do not coincide with that viewpoint , you wont notice.

That is it, really.

What I would like to know and it is something that the book does not address,  is how come some of us change our viewpoint , in fact sometimes drastically.

Like for eg, some one who turns gay when the children have grown up and get divorced and become gay.

Now they would have been living a straight story all these years, so if we only look at things to confirm our story, why then did this guy, (and it is usually a guy), become gay when he gets old.

Some say he is always gay but repressed it. He has a straight story imposed on him by society, it is what he had been told and so believed it. Until one day he does not …

I always say his soul decided to change the story. And his soul is the one who started the straight story too.

But it does not explain anything, by saying his soul wants it.

Maybe we humans love to have a reason for things … and my saying ‘his soul wants it’ may irritate a lot of people who wants more substantial  reasons in their life.

By saying ‘my soul wants it’, or ‘their soul wants it’ may be like others who are religious saying God wants it, or Allah wishes it. though by saying my soul wants it, i also imply that i have a say in it, and can influence my soul to move in a direction i wish.

I know it is complicated. is the soul deciding things on its own with no reference to what I want? when i say ‘I’ i mean the ego, (i suppose the soul would be the ‘id’).

You can see there are holes in my belief. haha.

how far can my ego determine what my soul wants? if it can influence it 100% then my soul follows my ego, but we can see in our life, what we (the ego ) wants do not happen always. So it seems the soul has some say but how we reacte to the things it brings into our lives, is something we can control. it seems like the soul bring to us things or events ( like a dog bringing us things in its roaming) and let us decide to take it up or not. 

I am thinking of the time when i find things. i figured it is like the soul brings it forth. Sometimes it is not obvious that i might need them.  but i pick it up anyway. only later, sometimes months, years later, i find they are useful. or my friends find it useful and i can give it to them.

Also there are times when my soul does some things in my life. like make things go missing, or make the washing machine stop working.

i could chose to get upset and call in the repair man, or hunt high and low and turn the house upside down looking for the missing thing. but i figured the soul is acting up so i just stop looking for that thing, or switch the washing machine off and just do other things.

and i find that things revert to normal. the missing item turned up , the washing machine starts and works again. usually i say to myself. now what fuck is all that about? and i mentally say to my soul stop this nonsense will you. i wont have it!! i dont mind scolding my soul when it does that. trying to make my life difficult is what it is doing, and i mentally give it a slap or two. 

I know it sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? but some people’s souls do want to make their lives difficult. and i will scold my soul if it does that to me. i have no wish to make my life difficult. 

I hope u dont think i am losing my marbles. haha. but when they raise the gas and electricity tariff, in 2008, i decided i am not going to make my life difficult, i shall cut out all that nonsense about gas prices rising. i simply switch off my gas supply and stop using the boiler to boil water, but use the kettle instead. by only using electricity for all my power usage, i dont have to pay the gas bill. it so happened that british gas stop the standing charge. u only pay if u use it.

so at a stroke i dont have a gas bill.

Then there was the time when they raised the price of fresh milk.

i decided i wont bother with buying it. it goes off and so u have to finish it or else u throw it away because it goes rancid.

It is ridiculous really.

so i decided to buy milk powder instead and it lasts me months. it is the same with cereals , and needing fresh milk for it. i decided it is a waste, much of it is full of suger , and so decided to just buy oats. no suger there. and put sultanas in it, or fresh fruits if i got it. well problem solved. haha. the porridge makes me regular, no constipation, and that is wonderful.

At the same time they increased the price of suger. well i decided that i shall not use it any more. same with salt. so that means two items less to buy. and tea, i decided i shall use tea leaves, they last so much longer, as they can be refilled. tea bags just are not strong enough for reuse and does not taste nice and it has an awful colour. so at a few strokes like this i simply got rid of things making my life difficult. 

its the same with the car. i decided it was a ridiculous waste of money, and so when the engine blew, it seems it ran out of water in the radiator, i got rid of it. and that made my life a whole lot less difficult. it made me wonder why i wanted to make my life difficult in the first place by buying that car.  i guess it is something we want to experience just so we can get rid of it, and be able to say i experienced it and so no need to experience it anymore. i have a feeling there are lots of things in this life we want to know, just so we can be satisfied it is no great thing after all, and let it go. 

People may think if we don’t have reason we are nothing better than animals. Man is much more than animals, that would be their story, their belief. 

You can see it is a complex issue and maybe there is no explanation to why some people believe this thing, and others that, and so on.

I feel my saying’ their souls wants it’ is good enough reason for me.

Update, 6.30pm

Something happened after i wrote the above, and u tell me if my soul have anything to do with it. 

I mentioned the washing machine in the post earlier, and that brought to mind to clear the outlet pipe of any debris or washing powder. In the past I have found it can completely block it.

Well, I unscrewed the special valve- like connection that connects the outlet waste pipe from the washing machine to the pipe that leads from the kitchen sink to the main rising mainswaste pipe running down the length of the flats to the ground below.

After cleaning the special valve , (there was not much debris or blockage,) I was screwing it back and it slipped and fell through the hole in the cupboard and into the space where that big waste pipe runs to the ground.

When I felt with my hands the vast space under there and into which my valve has fallen I thought well that is that. I have lost it now, it must be lying way down there, maybe even as far as the ground.

I had visions of me trying to find a replacement in the bathroom shop, and trying to tell them what I need. Not a nice prospect.

But for a wonder, I saw a pale white thing lying a distance down across the chasm and on a ledge. And it was my valve.

Thank goodness my soul don’t want me to have a difficult life. I retrieved it carefully and rescrewed it back and now all is shipshape.

It got me to thinking it could easily have gone the other way, the valve fallen through to the ground and me having a difficult time trying to get a replacement and my washing machine out of commission till then.

Finding it on the ledge saved me a lot of bother. Well, I thank my soul for saving me from it.

the heretics, will storr

17 Feb

London17.2.13 Sunday 8.55amI wrote finding the book yesterday and thought I shall not post it till after I read the book. But I don’t know when I shall finish the book, and anyway I have a feeling my view will remain the same even after reading the book. So I shall post it anyway.

Digital StillCamera

16.2.13 Saturday.

I have read in a blog about this book, the heretics, by will storr.

It more or less says we all make up stories on the evidence that comes into our brain via sight, sound, feelings, touch ,emotions, what we read, or have people, (our parents, teachers) tell us what to believe, etc. and it says we all do see very selective viewpoints. The brain cannot take in everything, all the input from sight, sound, hearing, touch etc and so constantly edits and selects.

So we make conclusions, (and it means we will get really extreme views) find it seems to work and make our lives seem easier to understand and so we stick with it. Even though we might find later evidence to the contrary but what replaces it is not so good to live with, so we stick with our views.

Some of us do change our views when we remain open to new evidence and so we change our story.

For eg, I used to be told and believe that life is difficult. We have to work hard if we want to succeed, and there is no pain, no gain.
But I discovered that life can be easy, if u let it. If u don’t cook up difficulties in your life by your actions . So I changed my story and now my life is really easy.

Well, this morning I was at the library to read the papers, and saw the book on the shelf. So I borrowed it.

And in today’s independent in read this review of it.


I suppose I would not have bothered to borrow it if I had not read the reviews about it. I figured I already agree with him. So why bother to read him? He will only be preaching to the converted. And I don’t need my views to be reinforced and supported by others. Haha.

I am egoistic enough to hold on to my views irregardless of how many agree with me or not. And I am egoistic enough to believe that I will change my views on my own bat, if there is any evidence to convince me to change.

So there u are, reviews and people talking of it do influence me. I read them and they persuade me that it might be interesting to read how he goes about it and read about his interviews with all those heretics… esp when his approach is entirely how I would approach it too.

My view is let them all believe what they want. Their souls want it.

For all I know, if we are to believe in multiple universes, all these viewpoints may be true in one or more of the many universes that exist all at once, right now.

For all we know, hitler in another universe, have won the war, ( it is not difficult to at least concede that the dice could have swung either way, and given hitler victory instead of the allies; for eg, he quickly invaded and defeated Russia before the winter set in and so never experienced the huge loss ) and there is a world now where Nazism reigns supreme, and is the way of life, and all evidence of the holocaust have been erased from history and jewism as a people or culture is no more, gone like the countless many cultures and societies that have disappeared even in this world of ours now and of which we never knew about.