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Truth Of The Matter Is….

2 Feb

this contains a lot of things that i find very truthful too. and i want to bookmark it so i can refer to it easily

Garfieldhug's Blog

I am always amused whenever I hear people saying, “The truth of the matter is….”

I have my own version of “Truth of the matter is….”

The truth of the matter is, we need money to grow money. The more seeding fund one has as capital, the faster the business will grow. Of course, we must factor in brainiacs and not stupid oafs in the running of a business! Also, there is always Lady Luck. I do not know why they always address Luck as a Lady and not a Gentleman!

The truth of the matter is, the economy is not buoyant and whatever is said in the press, is not always real. Unemployment is tipped to be in low counts in my Little Red Dot but the fact is, many are jobless. The only vacant jobs available are cleaners ($800 per month in wages), Security Officers (working 3 rotational…

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