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i received a text message on my landline

28 Nov

london 10.59am 7.7C cloudy saturday 2015

this is a new development. yesterday my landline rang and i answered it and got a recorded message saying i got a text message and to press 1 if i want to hear it, press 2 to save it, press 3 to delete it… well i hesitated as this is a novel message, and also i got visions of allowing that message as i am so wary of giving my permission to anything these days.

 then the message said hang on if u want to hear the message, press 2 to save it.. . so i just hung on and heard a message… quite a long one full of strange jargon, amidst all the jargon (words like flash for eg, i didn’t save the message so could not listen to it again.)  i failed to understand what they are selling. it was selling something.

but when have they started sending text messages to landline phones? it is very new to me. i pressed last call number and found out it is a 0845 number which is a countrywide number that is treated like a local call number.

i wonder does this mean that if i send a text message on my mobile phone to a landline number it will come out like this at the other end? how interesting. if i get anymore of such messages  i shall block that number. with that last caller block function i feel like a dictator now. haha. 

double top up from sainsburys mobile sim card

9 Mar

double top up.

london monday 2015

follow the link, and this offer of double top up is valid only for top ups made this month, to end of 31st march. it came at just the right time for me.

i asked john, my friend from poole who his mobile provider is, and he said he uses sainsburys. i was surprised that sainsbury do mobile sim cards but i googled them, and sure enough they do and it seems this month they have a promotion, they will double any top up u put in this month. that is great as i have been looking for a new mobile provider ever since lebara cut me off when i had still £1 left of credit. they just deactivated the sim card. it was a nice number too, but it seems i have lost that number.

the lebara txt and call costs are not cheap.

sainsburys are 4p for text and 8p/min for calls which is really good. and is the cheapest in the market i should think.

so i have ordered my sim card from them, you have to do it online. i go to sainsburys supermarket but never seen any such mobile deals there. funny why they dont sell it in their supermarkets. i would like if they do, then i can just top up from them. but it seems to get the double top up promotion i have to order it online.  and lets see how it goes shall we?

rules are changing

4 Mar


this library recently closed for a month to have refurbishment. in the past there used to be huge amounts of eastern europeans who use it to charge their phones.

well, i think they want to stop that because since it opened on monday, it has put up signs saying the power sockets are only for personal use, and someone who was charging his phone, was told not to do so.

so now the library is not full of people sitting around making conversations, and talking on their phone. at least not so common now. there is a sign tellling people to switch off their mobile phone. and another sign saying staff will ask people to leave if they have a lot of luggage, or smell, eating or drinking or sleeping. i spoke too soon, 4 eastern europeans have just walked in, i wonder how it will play out. well, the staff came to ask them not to charge their mobiles and this person got caught twice so staff told him if he is caught again he will be asked to leave. haha. so now they are playing cat and mouse, keeping an eye out for any staff and unplugging their phones. haha.

actually there is a way to get round it.

on the floor there are plugs to power the sockets on the table. it is easy to plug in the phone down there, and to hide it with a bag or something. the staff wont look under the table and if u are discreet, u can get your phone charged quietly. but i wont tell them of it. haha. my charging my laptop is allowed. in fact, it is the only legitimate use of the plugs. they allow use of laptops because students use them to study. it seems chrome books are now used by the schools as a teaching aid.