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day to day living

4 Jan

london 4.42pm 8C dry saturday 2020

i have been seeing this offer by macdonalds, a big mac today for £1, but only if u use their smartphone app. tomorrow they are giving a free macmuffin for breakfast, ie before 11am. i dont have a smartphone so that means i cannot get these offers. i guess it is one of the downside of not having a smartphone. its a pity that my chromebook cannot get these apps. so does this persuade me to get a smartphone? no, not really. i dont know how long i can resist not getting a smartphone. i suppose it is the future, sooner or later, i will have to get one, i think.

i went shopping for groceries this morning. i have not converted to online shopping yet, and i think i might be able to fend off that day. this is because shopping in stores is still advantageous, like today, i got a pack of 6 tomatoes 300mg reduced to 19p, usually 75p. i bought 3 packs. it was at asda. they look perfect, so i dont know why they are being reduced. wait, it is because they expire today. 

if u shop online, you wont get these reductions. and then you have to hang around the flat waiting for them to deliver. i bought mozarella too, as it goes very well with tomatoes and olive oil and fresh basil. 

the uk is changing its paper money into plastic notes. it is supposed to be longer lasting, but today i read in the papers that they have to replace 50 million plastic notes, because they develop defects from wear and tear. £5 were introduced in 2016, £10 in 2017. it seems the safety features can be rubbed off. australia have been using plastic notes for longer than us, and we never hear they have problems with them. so why not? or have they the same problems but never tell the press about it.