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5 Dec

london 7.41pm 10C (so high, i wonder why). dry thursday 2019

the forecast says it will be 10C all night and next morning, rising to 11C at dawn. its a topsy turvy temperature.

the lights is coming on tonight for the christmas tree donated by norway. i saw it a few days ago, when i was passing by trafalgar square in the bus, when they were putting it up, and i did think it looked rather bedraggled…even at that distance away… it seem to have lost its green look.  i was thinking it seems not to have survived being cut up, and carted to london, the journey by ship must have frazzled it a bit. haha. but it seems it is a 90 yr old tree, so it looks its age.

well, i was thinking if u have to cut down a tree, it might as well be an old one that has lost its prime , rather than a younger more vigorous tree that has a lot more years to live. after all, this gift of a tree is a symbolic one, and this year, they must have decided to go for height, rather than looks. it seems at 70ft, it is higher than the usual height they give us. once it has all those lights hanging down it , the height will make it look impressive.

i was thinking of going there to see it being lit up, but found a live twitter broadcast of it and so was able to see it without the discomfort of actually being there. hoho. anyway it will be better later on the month, when there is carol singing going on under the tree.

this report saying breathing london air is like smoking 150cigarettes a year, i find it hard to believe. they say it is the small particulates in the air, that is the culprit. but where or what is producing this small particulate? they did not say. and how come no one else in the world has this problem? london has no haze, or smoke from burning forests, or peat bogs, or from farmers burning things. we only have cars and vehicles… but so have many other cities, and they have much worse traffic than us. yet no mention they are all smoking 150cigarettes from air pollution. makes me very suspicious of these findings. 



air pollution in london

26 Jan

london 10.30am 2.1C foggy thursday 2017

we have been getting bad air alerts in london. most times it is not noticeable, only once did i smell a burnt smell in the air as i was walking outside. now there is fog outside. i have to open the window to look out to make sure it is fog and not just my steamed up window or more likely my steamed up glasses. haha. added. when i wrote that i remembered it could be my glasses. so i opened the window and took off my glasses and looked out and sure enough, it was not so foggy as when i saw it the first time. so it is my glasses. these glasses do need cleaning. 

this morning there was this article about it. what is interesting is this quote from it

The weather at the moment is still and cold, meaning pollutants are not being dispersed. Last week, a cloud of toxic air produced by factories in Germany moved over London, combining with vehicular pollution from London’s congested roads.

High levels of pollution have also been recorded in South Wales and elsewhere across the UK.

south wales got very little traffic so cannot be due to vehicles pollution, yet it got high levels of pollution.

looks like it is polluted air blown in from germany that has caused the spike. yet no one complains about it to germany,it’s no wonder why they are not fined.  because it is all blown away before the instruments there can read it. and it has settled here so our instruments start measuring it.

seems to me no amount of controlling our diesel engines, etc can get rid of it if it comes from germany. come to think of it how do they know it is from germany? why germany specifically? perhaps they should say europe, because we are getting southerly winds now , which normally means warmer weather, but not this year. for some reason, europe is getting very cold weather from russia. 

ah well, it is all raised levels now because we have been getting very still air, so that it is not blown away. (countries like norway might be able to complain that they are getting our bad air haha) in the coming days they are forecasting rain and that should clean the air out.

our having rain, and wind and so called bad weather is not such a bad thing really as it sweeps a lot of bad air away. not to mention the cold weather is welcomed by farmers as it kills of pests, as well as stimulates the plants to give a good harvest later this year.

with so many people and so much industrial activity and traffic in the world today, it is not surprising there is more air pollution. and it is blown all over the place so that other places gets each others air pollution.

here in uk, we are fortunate that most of our winds come from the west, over the atlantic so it is quite clean, relatively speaking.

 added the irony is that the govt first encouraged the use of diesel engines to reduce CO2 to find that it produces more particulate pollution. now they encourage wood stove burning, to find that increases pollution than if they use gas. 

cities vs EU

4 May

london 10.17pm 14.1C wednesday 2016

the cities are frustrated at what they see as EU double standards. On the one hand, the EU places pressure on cities to reduce harmful emissions. On the other, its new laws will do little to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from diesel vehicles. This could force cities to achieve emissions goals through bans and congestion charges, when they could have been achieved by more stringent manufacturing regulations instead. link

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

it is an interesting effect of one branch of govt pushing for one thing, whilst another branch doing another which are inherently contradictory.