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why africans migrate to europe

22 Oct

london 9.41am 11.5C sunny sunday 2017

i was reading takimag.com and come across this article that says it is 20yrs since jared diamond ‘s, guns,germs,and steel: the future of human society. trying to answer the question why some societies are more advanced than others. 

i remember being quite impressed with his book but the article also points out to me about africa’s heading towards huge population explosions because their birthrate is very high. (of course the death rate must be considered too, but it seems 

However, Sub-Saharan Africa has seen a faster decline in its under-five mortality rate, with the annual rate of reduction doubling between 1990–2000 and 2000–2011. Sub-Saharan Africa, which accounts for 38 percent of global neonatal deaths, has the highest newborn death rate (34 deaths per 1,000 live births in 2011).

so the death rate has declined rapidly, which means more babies are alive today who would have died. 

it seems the total fertility rate, the number of births per woman per lifetime in africa is over 4. a replacement rate is 2. 

now it makes sense why there is this huge migration of african people trying to get into europe. and those of you who wonder if it is true that our spread of mankind starts from africa and no where else…might well believe it when  u consider africans are so fecund. it must be their genes, they have a huge urge to reproduce. perhaps what we are seeing is just the normal progression of human migration… it is still happening, this outward spread of humanity from africa. i think in this context, we can get some understanding of the reason for africa being so poor and corrupt and unequal. 

 it certainly explains the slave trade from africa.

added. 1pm charing cross library 13.8C cloudysunny  just eaten my free margarita pizza by prezzo in northumberland avenue. they are giving away free 100 margarita pizzas every day only till tuesday. with half price pizzas till friday. 

the cheese on top is supposed to be mozzarella, but it does not have that stringy strands that u get when u lift up the wedge of pizza. i wonder if they use cheddar instead for this free pizza. i think it is silly of them if they did, because we can only judge their food from this free bie, and if they skrimp on it, we can only think if that is it, it is not worth the normal price of £8 really. perhaps it is just cold. by the time i ate it , it had lost a lot of its heat. then again, it should not go cold so quickly really. or if it does, then they should insist we eat in… otherwise we wont get  the best of that pizza.

there is not much on it, that pizza i mean. just a tomato base and cheese on top.  that is the trouble. might be better if they give a slice but fill it up. but even then more cheese wont really make it that interesting. it will still be rather dry. i wonder who  orders a margarita pizza. haha. it must be the dullest pizza . 

the restaurant prezzo is really very nice, i expected a queue outside so that i completely missed it and walked past it. there was no queue, and it did not look crowded inside when i peeked through the glass window; so that i hesitated to go in, but i did anyway, afterall , they can only say no… but the waitress said it is still on.  you can eat in, or take away, at first i thought you have to eat in, until i saw a couple walk away with take away boxes, so i changed my order. while i was eating it on the steps of st martin in the fields church, i could see another prezzo right across the space pass the edith cavel memoriam. so many branches, one wonders how they can survive. 

i passed through hydepark this morning on the bus and saw the leaves are falling in drifts. 

why is it the economy is always wanting more growth?

2 Oct

london 7.15am 11.8C, sunny friday 2015

saw this blog article asking growth for the sake of what? and lamenting our throwaway culture where there is planned obsolescence. either through shoddy goods built to break down after a certain period, necessitating its replacement, or via fashion, or style where a new model is so desireable that the old is discarded. or even something new is more efficient and better than the old one.

i think growth is just a measure of how much we spend money and so circulate the money. that is the underlying great reason. whatever is needed to move money around.

in the past, people use wars, as in the roman empire building, or religion, to move money around. then we discovered capitalism. trading had been well known for ages, but it has been a limited scale, trading only in essential goods. capitalism made trading in non essentials a big thing. and not only in goods, but also in services. that brought in a game changer. leisure and luxury goods and services became big items in the trade.

so that brings us to today, where money is circulated in many ways. why, you may ask, is circulating money so important? it creates jobs, and allow many people to make money. i know it is a circular arguement, haha. money needs to be circulated because it allows more people to earn more money and that allows it to be circulated… and so on ad nauseuam. hehe. and why should money be circulated? it is because it creates new jobs. get this, the added factor in these modern times is the increasing population of people coming into work . all those young people need jobs.

unless u can discover a way of getting rid of people when they reach a certain age… in the past, wars and disease do that.

 infant mortality, and wars too , got rid of the young in the olden days; not anymore. or at least not to a big enough extant to make a difference.

slavery used to be a way of marshalling all these extra people coming in. but it is now not possible to use that to control the manpower problem. we have now the influx of refugees coming in from all those countries in conflict. the underlying reason why they leave is because there is no growth in those countries and so no jobs and no means of making money. if u ever were to ask what is so important about growth, u can just look at those countries and see why. huge amounts of people having nothing and no future because the economy is stagnant and there is no means of making money. too busy just finding things to eat never mind making money. and keeping out of the way of those fighting each other. so they leave.

say what u like about capitalism, but it is the only way now to make money circulate and expand… to create jobs for the increasing numbers being born and adding to the workforce.

the downside is the increasing use of the world’s resources. so far the world is coping well, in that oil which all doom sayers say is going to run out, with shale oil we seem to have a lot of it now and no danger of it running out.

pollution is the biggest downside. littering of plastic bags in the oceans, littering in general, dirtying the air , etc. seems that is the price we pay for having so many people living on the earth, and finding jobs for them.

what is the solution? bring back mass birth control by sterilisation? or mass euthanasia? the trees will be saved, but at what cost? all of mankind will be reduced to just existing, no fun in that at all.