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in praise of porridge

8 Jan

london 9.24am 2018 monday 4C cloudy

this morning is cloudy , unlike yesterday with blue sky and sunshine. i like both, because i like the variety. i was browsing the net, and saw this article about CES, an annual electronic show in las vegas, nevada, which showcase up and coming trends. and it featured spartan underwear, that has silver threads in it that blocks the radiation from mobile phones and laptops. so they suggest people wear them, if they have the habit of putting phones in their trousers pockets, or use the laptop on their laps. in fact, i wonder if someone might just make a mobile phone casing that does the same thing. that would undercut the underwear… and can be used by all, men and women, and children, rather than just protect men. 

8.03pm a health program on tv , the truth about healthy eating, talking of superfoods. they tested the following superfoods with its normal equivalent

chia seeds vs linseed seed,

goji berries vs strawberries (vit C)

, coconut oil vs rapeseed oil

kale vs white cabbage,

quinoa vs pearl barley (slow release energy) both the same release energy in the 2hrs after eating.

generally, they found no significant difference.

price difference, all those superfoods £36, all the normal foods £6. 

i wonder if  those superfoods  taste nice at all. i have tasted kale, and it is awful. i like vegetables but kale i just could not make tasty no matter how i try.

well, it does not surprise me.  the other food item they investigated is breakfast cereals. 95% wholewheat cereal. they compared coarse grained oats with fine grained oats. the bigger the oats pass through the gut more slowly. it suggests that when whole grained is processed, it may not give the benefits. 

to find which gives a good start and keep full the longest they measure glucose levels over a 2hr period, how much glucose is released in the blood. release of energy, no difference in the cereals, or eggs and bacon, or yoghurt and banana,but eating eggs and bacon keeps u fuller longer. 

my own experience with unprocessed big oats is the best for me, i feel full for a very long time so much so that i can go for long time before i need to eat. i eat at about 5pm after eating the porridge before about 10am. i eat my cooked porridge with some sultanas , a small handful. sometimes i would chop up a small apple. i dont add suger as there is a lot of it allready in the sultanas. and in the apple if i have it. but i originally started eating porridge for breakfast was for its effect on my bowels. it makes me very regular, i dont suffer constipation when i am eating it. that was the main reason why i started eating cooked porridge for breakfast, and it was so good, i made it my essential breakfast. and tescos basic porridge at 75p for 1kg means that i can eat as much as i like without costing much. i think i would go so far as to say everyone should have porridge for breakfast. and the unprocessed large oats and not the finely milled ones. 

added. i think they are perfect for when you feel hungry or just want something to eat… esp if u see a food advert on tv… they fill you up and give u lots of roughage too. even better if u do like me and not add suger. the sultanas gives enough suger. 

added 9.1.18 11.50am 5C cloudy. tuesday. this morning i read this about coconut oil. it seems even though it has high saturated fats, it does not raise the bad cholesterol in blood, in fact it raised the good cholesterol levels. (it says much that there is now good and bad cholesterol. just shows our knowledge of how the body works is quite rudimentary, even though we all think it is all well known).

so all those s.e.asians who have been cooking with coconut oil for years, have been doing it right after all.

though it is only one study so the science may make another u turn in future. who knows really.




What’s The Cereal Killer Café Actually Like? | Londonist

14 Dec

What’s The Cereal Killer Café Actually Like? | Londonist.

they received a lot of publicity when a channel 4 video went viral showing the owner abruptly stopping the interview when he was asked how can he justify charging £3.20 when there are so many poor people in the area.

it was a provocative question, and of course quite illogical, otherwise every shop will have to close if they can only price their goods to cater to the lowest earners.

the owner wasn’t trained in public relations, and why should he after all he is busy trying to set up a business , not answer provocative questions from tv interviewers.

from this article it seems to have been good publicity, because the public knows that shops are never catering to the poor.

it seems it is £2.50 for a small bowl, £3 for a medium bowl, and 20p extra if u ask for premium milk. from the picture the medium bowl looks quite large.

personally i think cereals are the devils food, so full of suger, but even i am tempted sometimes to eat them. and they are very expensive for what they are even if u buy the box from the supermarkets.

i eat porridge for breakfast and porridge is very cheap, which was pointed out by a lady who wrote a report on poverty, where she mentioned one of the causes of the poor being poor is because they do not know how to cook. she got a lot of criticism for it, but she is correct.of course. but nowadays we are so politically correct we cannot say such a common sense thing without someone scolding her for mentioning it.

i read somewhere someone saying one charity visited a poor family, with the children malnourished and found loads of pasta on the shelves given to the mother. when questioned the mother  said she had no idea they can be made into food, as she gets her spaghetti from cans.