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30 Jun

london 4.12pm 22.4C bright but cloudy. friday 2017

it’s the end of june allready. really strange that it is so bright, even though there is no blue sky, just covered with clouds. so i wonder where the light is coming from. hope it is like this when we meet up in hampstead for a naked sunbathing picnic on sunday, 2 days from now.  haha. (the forecast says rain… but warm. hope they have a plan B. )

but in the meantime, i just enjoy buying bargain food and finding things, and enjoy just being alive and well. i was out and about on the buses earlier.

one trip south to clapham junction where the lidl and asda are , to buy the 39p celery, and cabbage at lidl’s. i caught the bus 87 at the riverside tower bus stop, with its views of the river. there was a new sculpture placed in the gardens there. i did not go closer to see who did it, or what it is called. and i tried to google the image, but it did not come up. i shall pass by it again and promise to find out what it is called and by whom. i found an image of it in google showing it with the plaque and it is called love by lorenzo quinn.


 then after i got back and had something to eat, i went to chinatown … to buy more of the sardines. whilst there i entered a cake shop and saw they are selling moon cake. is it that time of year come round again… mooncake time? one way of measuring the time passing is to note these festivals as they come round each year. added.12.54pm saturday 1.7.17. found out by googling that moon cake festival is in oct. so this shop seem to be selling all the foods out of season. they even have cookies made for chinese new year. haha. 

i popped into the charing cross library and saw this book, an italian holiday by maeve haran, and borrowed it because it sounds like a light read about a sunny place in italy. i like a easy read about a holiday place, it makes me feel i am on holiday. haha.