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friday 13th

13 Nov

london 6.21pm

i think it is a pity people are brain fed about this day being unlucky. with films reinforcing such superstition, it is no wonder. but today i got £75 of premium bond prizes (3 prizes of £25 each) in the post so it is not unlucky for me. haha. it’s been said that flying today you can get reduced fares. other than this winnings in the post, the day has been quite an ordinary day;

the draw for the prize actually happened a few days ago, as it take some time for the winning cheques to be sent to me… the draw takes place at the beginning of each month i think, with the biggest prize (of £1million) being notified soonest and so on till the lowest prizes (of £25 each) being notified last. it is quite good that they notify me today, it is only 13days . i know in the past it could be 20days before i got a letter in the post with a cheque. ah well, it is nice to get some thing.

i went to my local bank branch to bank it, and decided i shall bank each cheque at a time, so i could get an excuse to go each day and drink the coffee. haha. not that the coffee is that great, (at least the guy who was there was of that opinion when i asked him) but i kind of like that bitter taste of it. it seems to me coffee should have a slight bitter taste and people should savour that taste instead of drowning it in suger sweetness.

i am convinced that if coffee is to be really appreciated one should taste the bitterness, and i think each coffee grain from different sources of bean has their different character bitterness…

actually i saw a unkempt man there drinking the coffee sitting on the easy chair that they place round the coffee machine…so it seems they dont mind people going there to drink the coffee, and dont need an excuse that u are doing bank business to be able to help yourself.

they dont have milk, as the small milk pods have run out or they are not supplying it, and that might make people not like it, because people do like milk in their coffee dont they? in fact, i used to like milk in my coffee, and still do, with milk powder, but this time,there being no choice,  i have tasted the coffee black, and i like it. you can really taste the full effect when u drink it neat as it were.

there seem to be something going on in central london, because there is a constant drone of helicopter in the air, and i can see one hovering high up in the sky. that usually means some demonstration going on in trafalgar square or parliament square, but when i passed by those squares later that day there was no evidence of anything. maybe tomorrow’s news will tell me of it, if there is anything to tell. oh, i just remembered, india’s prime minister, modi, is here on a visit, and he might be visiting the house of parliament.   nope, he was addressing a 60,000 crowd in wembley stadium.

more ruminations

11 Dec

london thursday 2014

i got 2 letters from premium bonds containing a cheque each for £25. each month there is a draw for prizes ranging from £1million downwards to £25. so this month i got £50. rather a nice surprise. £295, that is the total amount i got from dec2013 to now. is that a good return for £15,000 of bonds? 1.97% rate of returns.

well i dont know where to put the money anyway so it has been sitting in there for years. i must say i dont really care about making my money get the best interests or invest in the best returns. too lazy.

i enjoy the thrifty life. i was reading an article which tells of the billionaire estrange wife of the founder of google about how she would drink the free company -provided carrot juice till she turned orange. anything which is free she must have it and use it uncontrollably. that i thought was a bit extreme. just because it is free does not mean you have to over do it. that is being greedy. so even rich people can be like so greedy too. in fact, i would say that is quite prevalent amongst the rich. it is amazing how stingy rich people can be. perhaps that explains why they are still so rich. haha.

just look at this case of this lawyer who threatened all kinds of legal consequences on this chinese take away in boston. all for a miserable $4. 

but anyway, i enjoy not being rich. i can understand her when she said in the interview in the times newspaper that she missed those times when they were not that rich.