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a severe pruning this winter, that would lead to a great outburst of new growths in spring

1 Feb

london 4.44pm 10.9C cloudy wednesday 2017

6.40pm 10.8C rain.

we are now moving into february. i enjoy flipping the page over in the desk calendars i have amassed by one page. and seeing a new picture for the month. and it is nice to know that this month is a really short one, and so one can anticipate winter to end sooner when march comes. some will say spring dont come till the spring equinox, but you can always make believe it to come earlier by saying spring comes on 1st march. so there!! haha.

though it is so mild now that it might as well be spring actually. 

and i can see the magnolia bushes near the bus stop in the community garden have lots of buds, and one flower allready coming to bloom. that means we can look forward to a huge harvest of blooms later , which would make for a very cheerful display.

usually by now it would have a mass of flowers blooming, but they trimmed the bushes very severely 2years ago and it took this time to start budding again and it promises to be an abundance of flowers if we judge from the numbers of buds.

this year, in a frenzy of pruning, practically all the other bushes that line the garden have been severely trimmed until they are all bald. haha. the garden is now very open on all sides now. you would think that will kill the plants, but nature does not work that way. the more u prune, the better the new growth.

that is the thing about nature. you can find something that devastates everything for eg, an erupting volcano, or a big big storm that blows down everything and breaks lots of branches, or a very cold spell that stuns everything… and you would think that is it, nothing can survive this onslaught… and you would be terribly depressed and despair …for so much destruction.

but hey, a few months later, u will see such a vast growth and exuberant flowering you can not imagine how you could have thought nature was finished. and i think that is the similar thing with human beings and their affairs. dont get depressed at what is happening now in the political scene with brexit, and trump… the world could do with the equivalent of a pruning. and boy are we having a great chopping haha. !! but i am optimistic.

Digital StillCamera


drastic pruning

22 Mar

london 8.20am 6.8C sunny tuesday 2016

woke up today and saw my indoor plant looking wilted, so i watered it. i forgot when i last watered it. anyway, later i happened to notice it again and saw the leaf full of black mould , and it is all over the plant not a single leaf unaffected. only the lower saplings seem to be unaffected. anyway i thought about it and toyed with the idea of getting rid of the whole thing, but i decided to chop off the two main branches and just leave the stumps. in the past i have done it and more shoots grew from there. so that is what i did. i folded up the remains and wrapped them in paper and threw that away. in the past i would have put them inside a plastic bag. not this time. anyway this is what it looks like after i have pruned it. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i am hoping the mould wont come back.