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london is 6th for infrastructure, 37th for quality of life

5 Dec


I was just talking about how people’s perception of how expensive a city is may be due to reading of business surveys like this one done to assess the quality of life and infrastructure in cities to rank them for the purposes of companies deciding how much to compensate their people who are sent to work there. It is done by mercer.com

dubai ranked top 
The title is a misnomer, as it turned out Dubai is only ranked top for its region, the middle east. It fares badly when compared with the world.


London is ranked 6th for infrastructure , because of “its high level of public services offered, with its extensive public transportation system including airports, the London underground buses and railroad services.“
It is obvious these expats do not commute haha. Outside the rush hour, the public transport is first rate, and I say so from personal experience. And it is the mark of a good transport system that is as good outside the rush hour as within it. So many will place all their buses and trains to cope with the rush hour and neglect the off peak times but not in London.

London is 37th for quality of life.

Vienna in Austria is 1st for quality of life, 16th for infrastructure.

Singapore is 1st for infrastructure, 25th for quality of life.

New york which is used as the bench mark is 44th for quality of life, 30th for infrastructure.

Added. i was browsing wordpress and saw this post by a singaporean poster. not sure if he is a citizen or one of the guest workers that singapore imports to run its services. it is a post about a strike by the bus company . which is unheard of. a strike in singapore! so looking between the lines, all that good infrastructure is at the cost of cheap imported labour and making slaves of those poor saps who come in to work. 

The workers were protesting because they were paid less than malaysian workers. who most probably are paid less than singapore workers or more likely there are no singaporeans willing to work for those wages. aha. those striking  workers are from china.