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raining, lovely

5 Jun

london 7.02pm 16C rain monday 2017

it’s lovely that it is raining. it removes the pollen from the air and makes me feel non sneezy, which is a real pleasure i can tell you. my friend john who is in poole, wrote me asking if london is rainy, and hoping it wont affect his visit to london this thursday. i wrote back saying i am enjoying this rainy weather and hope long may it continue. haha. it goes to show not everyone likes hot sunny days. we hay fever sufferers love it when it rains. and so i see the forecast is for more rain, and that makes me glad. 

rain , smile, wood

16 Sep

london 8.12am rain 16.8C friday 2016

heavy rain was predicted for early this morning. and i woke to see rain hitting the road outside my bedroom window when i opened the curtains. my first thought was ‘oh good, cooler weather now’. but it seems so much rain has fallen in such a short time that it has caused problems. but of course it is inevitable that there will be disruption, seeing half a months rain being dumped in about 3hrs. well, take it all in with a smile, i say. 


called the smile, at the chelsea school of arts, near the tate britain. its to showcase what u can do with wood. they have a cafe which is open to the public and have very reasonably priced food. here is more info from dezeen about it.

rain and flowers and… chickens

9 Jun

london 7.38am 14.1C cloudy thursday 2016

the rain is causing the flowers to bloom and burst out. rather nice.

this morning i got this from my wordpress reader. it is about bill gates giving chickens to women in africa so that they can make some money. 

i imagine it is easy to rear chickens. when i was a child, we used to visit my maternal grandmother, she lives in kajang, my home town, and we would pile into the car and drive from petaling jaya where we live to go to her about once a month.and she would always cook a chicken for us from her flock. it is always an old boiler, who has finished her egg laying life… its a tough old bird but very flavourfull.i always associate the smell and taste of it to my granny now.  they run wild , scratching the ground, and freely wander about the place feeding themselves eating whatever they find. i used to wonder how she knows which ones are hers…i guess when she feeds them daily they come running though how tempting to catch  a stray stranger bird who is visiting…  she lived amongst a big household and she have a huge mangkak tree… which produces the best fruit ever… mangkak is the hakka name for jackfruit.

so giving chickens to families seem like a good idea.

without realising it, after reading it, i found i have fulfilled his three requirements to gain points that will donate chickens to them. so i signed up. it would be nice to see a family that got the chickens and see how they get along with it. haha. i wonder if he will post something about that in future. 

added. found this link about the chickens in africa. this one says they are introducing a species from india that is better than the local breeds. lets hope the introduced species can look after itself rather than have to rely on being mollycoddled with special feeds and all.haha. certainly i noticed my grandmother’s flock are scrawny things. haha. very unlike the plump birds i see in london’s supermarkets. but then, the plumb birds are hopeless in foraging for themselves. 

all this rain is making the flowers burst out

added. 1.20pm sunny 19.5C today is forecast to be dry, the only dry day in the forecasting chart. it is really very pleasant today. blue sky and all that. 

added.13.6.16 more lilies

hooray, more rain forecast.

8 Jun

london wednesday 2016 17.6C rain earlier, now gone and brightening.

seems there was a huge downpour yesterday causing flooding in some areas. 

added. 10.6.16. one of the pictures in that link showed a guy who drove into the flood water and sank, and you might have wondered as i have done why did he do it… but this clip shows he was just being impatient and overtook all the other cars who were not going in,  he paid for his impatience, the silly git.

over where i am it  happened in a short time, and i missed seeing it. though simon said it was real fierce when it happened. it was over quite quickly where i am.

there was no sound in my flat , of wind or rain hitting the ground, to alert me to it. it really is a cocoon of calm inside the flat… unlike in malaysia when there is a thunderstorm, no one can sleep through it. lightning and thunder and the furious beat on rain on the zinc roof will wake anyone up. but here all is calm. 

now the forecast is more rain. so that is good, i am thinking. rubbing my hands with glee. no hay fever , hooray.


Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

mews houses. it means that those big houses u see fronting the streets dont have gardens. it being taken over by these mews houses. used to be garages i think with accommodation above for the staff.

rain, lovely

10 May

london 7.44am rain 15.8C tuesday 2016

lovely cooling rain this morning. i like that it is so variable, hot and dry yesterday, and today cool and wet. that means it never lasts long, which is the secret of a good ideal weather. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

53mm of rain

27 Mar

london 8.55pm rain 8.9C sunday 2016

Almanac for March 27, 2016
EGLC Forecast Average * Range *
High 10 °C 11 °C 3 to 17 °C
Low 7 °C 6 °C -1 to 7 °C
Rain 53 mm 0.0 mm 0.0 to 0.0 mm
Snow 0 mm mm to mm

could hardly believe it when i saw that… 53mm ,2 inches of rain… well actually once i converted it to inches it did not seem that much. haha. now i get to see it in perspective, the usual 3mm of rain is only 0.11 inches. really those weather people are trying to sex it up by using mm instead of inches.  i thought we are going to get floods but if it is only 2inches (this is over 24hrs) it is not going to happen is it?

so nothing to see here, move on…

haze in malaysia, singapore

5 Oct

i london 6.05pm raining 17.8C monday 2015

it’s been raining practically the whole day today in london. I welcome it, but that is because i consider it as just nature doing its own thing to keep a balance in the environment, and maintaining the ecology of this country. and i have more reason to be thankful for this rain when i read in this blog in penang about the very bad haze that is the worst one.

most people have forgotten why this haze happens every year. it is because of the underground fires in indonesia. fires like this are common and occurs elsewhere in the world.  this fire has been burning for a long time, and gets dampened during the raining season , but still smouldering, except  the rains have soaked into the ground and so kept the fires in check. but once the rainy season is over and the land dries out, the fires comes back with a vengence, and appear overground. there is really nothing anyone can do about it, these fires can burn for years and years. people blame the farmers etc, but really it is a permanent fire underground that is the cause of it.

it is amazing that fires can burn underground for ages, it goes against all logic, because where do they get the oxygen to burn? but it does. i suppose u could say it is one of the wonders of nature. but the haze makes living there very difficult.