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yesterday’s record broken today

26 Feb

london 14.4C 7.14pm dry tuesday 2019

another record high temperature today. i wonder who they chose to useĀ  to cite these temperatures. i use readings from bloombury, london, and they say highest today was 23.4C. but this newspaper article says kew gardens says 21.2C. so how do they chose which one to use? ah well, there is no price or money or prestige involved so it does not really matter . as usual it is just us humans who like to keep records and like to talk of extremes.

what surprised me is why no other country is also trumpetting their record being broken. it seems warm air is drawn from africa, but it has to cross europe to reach uk, so how come not a peep from any other country… surely records must be broken across a swathe of countries all across europe… so why nothing said about them? is it because no records are broken in those coutnries? if so i would like to ask why are records not broken in those countries hey?

just to show the brilliant cloudless blue sky today. one showing the cherry blossoms just coming to bloom, the other is a leafless london plane tree showing its seeds still hanging around on the bare branches. the building is an art decor victoria coach station.