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more thoughts

24 Nov

london 12.27pm 9.6C hazy saturday 2018

5pm 8.4C dry now but rained earlier.

i am going to enjoy this old wordpress editor while i can, before they force us all to go to the new one. this old one is really easy to use.

anyway, i got out for the first time today since my foot trouble to go shopping at the tesco for veg and fruits. i even managed to go to the library first, just to read the papers , or rather just the saturday telegraph.

this time i made sure i put my damaged foot inside a surgical boot. it was given to me to use when i broke the other foot. so it is made for a left foot, but it seems to be able to fit my right foot too.

and then using a shopping trolley as a crutch i was able to move about without putting too much pressure on the foot. the shopping trolley came in useful to put my shopping too. i bought lots of fruits.

in the library i saw two books in the rubbish bin. i asked the librarian why they throw away the books. she said she did not know because it was one of her colleagues had thrown it away. she said maybe they are dirty. personally i find it a very strange thing for a librarian to do this. anyway she asked me if i want it, so i said yes and took them both. it will be my reading whilst i am housebound. one of them is the wilt inheritance, by tom sharp. interestingly when i left through the security gate, it blipped… but i ignored it.

i wonder in future whether they will stop all books being handled and passed around from person to person in places like libraries. there might be no libraries, because health and safety will decree it is unhygienic for so many people to handle the books and pass it round to each other. you dont know where those books might have been nor how many dangerous germs they carry. this morning simon had some trouble with our electric kettle. his soul is determined for him to spend money because all the kettles i have in the flat did not work when he tried them. i think it is his soul, acting up. he should give it a good scold and tell it to behave. anyway he went and bought a new one. and i think he threw away the others. whcih is something i dont like. they are perfectly good. it is just him being too impatient when he used them. but if he had thrown them away, well i shalljust have to accept it. part of living with another person. 

he does not recycle the plastics too. the library gave away a pack of plastic bags for rubbish. i took a pack thinking i shall use each one of the bags over and over again until it gets worn out or torn and then take another one. that pack might last me like 10yrs if i am frugal with its use. but simon just use one, throw that away when it is full and put a new one on. what a silly waste of plastic.

andf he is not the only one. you now get a lot of silly idiots who are advocates to recycle stuff and what do they do, they use more plastic bags to put their recycled stuff and throw that away… so many plastic bags used to bag their recycled stuff… i find the sheer stupidity of humans mind staggering, so that if we get extinct serves us right… 

added 1.15pm sunday 28.6.20. it is only now that wordpress has finally told us they are stopping the old editor and everyone must get onto the new editor. but they have now made the concession to us old editor fans by opening a classic block in the new editor , which we can use . 

wrap household rubbish in newspapers instead of plastic bags

17 Mar

london 8.46am 5C sunny , blue sky and bright. thursday 2016

ever since they started charging for plastic bags, i have decided to bag my wet rubbish into newspapers and reuse the plastic bag that lines the bin.

at first i had thought it would be messy and dirty and disgusting, but really i have been doing it now for some time and it is really quite pleasant , goes with the nice feeling i get from reusing all those newspapers that i pick up , read and discard and am now putting to good use.

the rubbish is not wet at all, because i line the plastic bag with newspapers which absorb whatever small amount of water there is. and i have gotten quite expert at getting the rubbish out of the plastic bag without spilling its contents, and then wrapping it all up efficiently into a neat parcel. i hope everyone does this.

i read this article saying all those disposable coffee cups are not recyclable, not to mention the nespresso coffee pods, that too is not recycleable. maybe they should encourage people to bring their own cups. though it is a big ask as cups take up a lot of space in bags.


I found a collapsible tea trolley

5 Apr




found this today. it is a collapsible tea trolley. i have never seen one of these before, and they are so practical. i wonder why no one makes them anymore? or do you think it can collapse and so accidentally or from carelessness the whole thing can fall down with all the tea things on it thus causing a huge lot of  china teapot and tea cups to be broken . haha. 

maybe that is why it is being thrown away. And maybe i shall find out to my detriment one day. but I was thinking how useful it would be to bring tea things to the communal garden and have tea on the benches there whilst enjoying the sun this summer.

Added. 11.4.13 I have discovered another bonus to this. It is easy to hang it up on a shelf and keep it out of the way. so it does not occupy space.