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google doc and other things

10 Oct

london 6.34am 11.3C (sunrise 7.15am) saturday 2015

woke early today. in fact , i woke up about 4.30am. it is a great feeling to be able to get up whenever i like and just stay up as long as i like, and then go back to sleep later. 

saw this article about google doc going offline. i use google doc myself. only discovered it recently. it is great for putting in anything that i want to store, like my electricity reading, or any future events that i want to be reminded about. the good thing about it is that u can edit it so u can add or delete whatever you like. it seems u can add other people to it, and they can edit things too, but of course i dont do that. i dont add anyone as it is only for me to use. 

but this out of service  is news to me, because i did not notice any problems, but of course i dont go in there all the time. in fact if i am offline, i cannot access it. which can be a bother. 

google also have another app called notes. but u cannot paste anything in it so it is not very useful. but i can access it even if i am offline, so i use it for reminders. there must be an app called reminders that will flash up things that i have wanted to be notified when the time comes, but i have yet to find that app.

ah well, i just write down anything i need to be reminded off, on my calendar on the wall in my kitchen. its a home made one, using a A4 sheet of paper and ruled lines. its better than the commercial calendars, as there is so much more room to write things in each square that represent the days of the month. i dont even use new A4 sheets. i just use the backside of the junk mail letters that i get. they never use both sides of the letter. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i know people buy a new calendar each year, but i have been using the same one for ages. i just now went to the kitchen to have a look at it, to find out what year it was, and it is 2008. my my. how time flies. that wall calendar has been used for 7yrs. talk of recycling… is that a record i wonder?

6.57am the sky is lightening now even though sunrise is at 7.15am. looks like it will be a nice day. i read that oktoberfest was cancelled because of the crowds. it only costs £10 for food and drinks. no wonder it was so popular. they miscalculated and priced it too low. whatever made them price it so low? i bet they cancelled when they realised it, they will go bankrupt catering to all those drinkers if they had gone ahead. 4 days of non stop drinking … i wonder how they price it in germany, where oktoberfest is a age old tradition. is it free beer there or not? i cannot imagine it is free beer. so why dont they just copy what they do there and apply it here?  there was a beer fest of welsh beer recently in kingscross, i wonder how that went… they got a better system there with vouchers for a limited number of beers, (and small amounts of each too) no food, for £15.

edinburgh has come up with the problem of how to build new additional buildings whilst keeping its old buildings. it got planning permission to build a new hotel in the centre of a old building, unfortunately it looks like a turd, (wrapped in ribbons what’s more )haha. but maybe it should go ahead, at least people will take notice and it will be well known. ( in fact, it allready got planning permission, so it will be built) its part of a revival for that area which i am sure can do with it. the trouble with old buildings is that they are not easily adaptable to new ways of business and usage. these old buildings have really cramped insides whilst a few areas are too big and ornate. 

Men charged with stealing food from Iceland supermarket bins – Crime – UK – The Independent

29 Jan

Men charged with stealing food from Iceland supermarket bins – Crime – UK – The Independent.

I for one will be very interested in the verdict. it is a grey area whether taking out of date food thrown away by the businesses, is theft or not.

they are charged under the vagrancy act 1824 which is primarily used against beggars, peddlers trading without a license, and street prostitutes.  so on the face of it, it does not cover these guys’ actions.

i wonder why the prosecution service did not charge them for burglery under the burglery act… after all, the bins are on private premises , not on common land. so it could be argued that even though those stuff are to be thrown away, it is still on private land and so not for the taking.

the 1824 vagrancy act

every person being found in or upon any dwelling house, warehouse, coach-house, stable, or outhouse, or in any inclosed yard, garden, or area, for any unlawful purpose;

the act is very wide ranging.

Added.30.1.13 iceland persuaded the crown prosecution service (CPS) who brought it to court;  to drop it. link

i found two pairs of reebok shoes

30 Dec

I was on my way to the gym at waterloo when I pass the recycling bins and saw a pair of reebok shoes. They look hardly worn, with the soles still intact, and there was a black bin bag near, and inside was another pair of reebok shoes, so I took them and carried on to the gym.Digital StillCamera

Earlier on I went to Brixton to buy garlic, and got 8 cloves for £1. Which is rather a good price. And onions for 50p. Simon loves his garlic. I myself don’t bother to use them because in uk the garlic is not very strong, and u can hardly get any flavour out of them. That is why I don’t buy them often. However simon last night mentioned to me there was no garlic, and so I know I can get them cheap at Brixton, whilst if he were to buy them at the supermarket they are wickedly expensive.

I am glad I decided to go by the recycling bins when I went to the gym. Usually I go by a different route.

So I am happy to find not only one pair of trainers, but two and reebok as well. They are a very good brand. Very well made, and light and nice to wear and lasts ages.

Haha. Such small things like this make me happy. U can see it does not take much to make me happy.

I have been looking at the sale prices of reebok in the shops and they are about £60 or so. Actually i can afford them, haha, but i am so used to finding things in recycling bins for free, that i just dont want to spend any money at all.

It makes me rather happy to save these shoes and prolong their working life as it were. 

added. 8.1.16 one of the reebok pair have finally sprung a leak and have to be discarded. it has lasted about 3 yrs. the other is still going strong. its the pair with the dark reebok trademark. 

added. monday. 26C. sunny. i am still using that shoe. i must have been mistaken about the leak, because it has not leaked ever since. and the other one is still unused after all these years.

added 14.8.18 finally, i have to throw away one of the reebok shoes. and only because the back heel section plastic backing got exposed and is digging into the heel of my foot , breaking the skin . 


what if

30 Nov



I saw a tv program last night called the secret lives of rubbish. It was on bbc4.Image

Birmingham in the 50s used to have old furnaces that burn rubbish that they could not recycle (they call it salvage in those days ) and generate electricity to drive their electric dustbin lorries.

But aerosols explode inside them and one day the head honcho of the council came visiting and saw one of these explosions and immediately said he wont have the worker’s lives in danger . So he shut all of them down.

And they built new furnaces that just burn rubbish, no electricity generated. It was all automatic so the workers said it was real cushy working there.

But in making their lives cushy the rubbish was just burnt without any benefits to everyone else.

It makes me think that sometimes helping a small group of workers can fuck up things for everyone else. It wont be obvious until years later when u can see where the turning point came about.

Like they said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

But hang on, is it true? It may be that the furnaces are inefficient or expensive to operate, or whatever so maybe they would have to be shut down anyway and new furnaces built. And it would be too expensive to regenerate electricity at the same time.Or maybe, the way the society is going, and consumerism being the engine of growth, it is inevitable that rubbish will accummulate anyway.


The economy depands on consumption, so that planned obsolescence was at the beginning actually praised as desirable; now of course it has a derogatory meaning.

I am sure, planned obsolescence might not be mentioned but companies still practise it .


But maybe all our buried rubbish will provide future archaelogists with evidence of how we live in this period. So that is a good thing. Right?

If u feel despair at our spendthrift ways , don’t be. Someone always benefit.

I read a posting by someone saying a lorry shed its load of grain and the bonanza of food caused the rats to thrive and created a huge population explosion amongst them and then the food ran out and huge amounts of them died. And the author lamented at the loss.

But he or she did not realise that the story continues … the rats provide food for all the other predators in the area and so it caused a feast for them too. And they in turn provide a feast for others and so it goes.

It makes me think is that what we humans are…we are another link in the food chain. We provide a meal for others. We don’t know who they are, for that is the whole crux of these food chains. No one in the chain below knows who are those in the chain above them.

Just like the chickens in our coop do not know who is making grain fall from the heavens for them to eat. If we have a religious chicken they will form a cult. Haha.
Or if a acorn falls on chicken little‘s head, he will run around saying the sky is falling and the end is nigh.

No one knows who eats them, otherwise they will avoid it and so the chain will be broken.

Something is eating us, or harvesting us humans. We think we are the top of the food chain, but then, maybe every creature thinks like that. Haha.

Is that a paranoid thought, do u think? Haha.

Actually I am not too minded if we are part of a food chain. It is how nature works. Really, everything gets recycled. I bet the ones eating us are the microbes. And it is nothing sinister. No master mind or alien harvesting us in the farm called Earth. Haha.

Our dead bodies simply get to be broken down by these microbes, it is their food, to be recycled.