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14 Nov


i got an email today from dailymail giving me a voucher for a starbucks coffee. it was part of their promotion whereby u exchange a unique number printed in saturday’s daily mail and they will send u a voucher to redeem at starbucks.

i did that about 2or 3wks ago and never received the email with the voucher so i sent them an email telling them of it. i did not get any reply and thought well that is that. haha. and decided to write it off. well, today i got an apology from them and a voucher. which i hope to print off and redeem that coffee.  

i was just thinking it makes life less stressful if u dont let it bother you.

these things happen and if i were a chap who wants to make my life hard, i would most probably get all angry and writing and phoning them and screaming at them.

but i have noticed that if u let them know and then sit back and forget it, (and in fact, i was thinking perhaps it is just as well, as those coffees are really full of suger) sooner or later someone will come back and correct it.

and if not, it might be a blessing in disguise , stops you from indulging in such a unhealthy activity. it certainly stopped me redeeming more numbers for the coffee as i would lose points , quite a big number too 75points, if i did. 

something similar  happened a long time ago with ryanair . that time ryanair was infamous for never refunding your plane fare for whatever reason. it so happened that when i was booking a plane trip on their website, i inadvertantly hit the submit keys twice and got two tickets for the same flight. well, instead of calling them which is on a premium line and cost a lot of money not to mention get a lot of grieve from it, i just sent them an email telling them of it. i heard nothing from them and i just put it out of my mind.

much later i got an email from them telling me they will put the money back into my credit card. i find that is a good philosophy, just dont sweat these things. if it is lost it is lost , forget it, and if they refund you the money, well that is nice. it is only money after all.

perhaps that is the secret of a happy life. just forget about the lousy things that happen. haha. 

Added.2pm. i am at the starbucks near the westminster cathedral,(the catholic one not the church of england westminster abbey), and using their wifi. it is very good, very fast, and also u can get online without having to register. and what is more, allows me to download gay websites, which a lot of other wifi wont allow. no wonder people like to go to a starbucks to get online.

(i spoke too soon, you still cannot get online to a gay website if u go direct, but if u go via a link in a email, you can. that was how i got through the first time, via a message from someone who wrote a message on my page and sent to my email from the gaywebsite. that is a useful thing to know.haha)

i got my eggnog latte. though this time, i did not get the whipped cream, it seems u have to ask for it. last time the woman asked me if i want it.

 they are very careful to get your name and want  to look at the email with my name on it. so not anyone can just print multiple copies of the voucher and use it. 

added. there is no eggnog in that drink. i dont know why but the name makes me think there is and i kind of look forward to tasting egg in it, but there isn’t. i dont know how other drinkers dont get a bit disappointed at it. starbucks have all these fancy names to their drinks but there is no substance to it. after my experience twice with these named drinks that dont have any of it in it, i am wise to it now and so dont want to drink them anymore. i wish they would put eggnog flavour in it. it cannot be that difficult to concoct and artificial flavour in the lab. they are able to invent so many chemicals that give u strawberry flavour, etc etc, it cannot be beyond them to make one that tastes and smells of eggnog, or pumpkin.