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how to make money by gaming the system

10 Aug

london 8.16am 13.6C cloudybright thursday 2017

the common wisdom is renewable energy is a good thing, wind farms are a good thing, lets build more of them and scotland got a lot of wind, so build in scotland.

this article shows how people are using this to make money. it seems too much energy is produced by these wind farms, and , get this, it cannot be sent down to england , so it gets shut down and the wind farm owners get compensation that is worth more than what they would sell it for. its a crazy system, but there is also another way … more wind farms are planned , because the scottish govt is letting them proceed, because it does not have to pay for it out of its budget. the english taxpayers pay for it.  its all a scam and we are all paying for it. no wonder so many say those climate change enthusiasts use it to propagate schemes like this to con the public. and no wonder our electricity tariff keeps rising, even though we are using renewables. 

added. one way to fight this is to use minimum electricity. at the moment i dont have to pay standing charges. so if u use very little electricity u dont have to pay those costs. once they bring in compulsory standing charges than we all have to pay those costs, whether we use little or a lot of electricity. but i fear in future we will find all of us will have to pay these costs. may have to accept it as part of modern life and keep finding ways to switch everything off or reduce the amount of electrical appliances we use.

added. 1.50pm virgin lounge. today there was pieces of chocolate cake , and i found out when  saw a intact birthday cake with happy birthday o it,  that today they are celebrating 2yrs of virgin media. and downstairs they have muffins with maple syrup and mixed fruit salad. i was too full to eat the muffins. 

and showing avatar on the big screen, with subtitles so it was easy to keep up with the dialogue. the sound was not clear, so it was not easy to hear what is said. or maybe it is just me and my deafness. but now i am seeing it in big screen and it shows up the beauty of the images.

4pm. home.  i did not stay till the end. its one of the modern things now, i find i dont have the patience to see things to the end. maybe in the old days when we see films in the cinema it forces us to see it out to the end. but with the tv, there are too many distractions and we, or i, have got into the habit of switching from channel to channel. anyway i came back and it is really a nice day out there… so blue sky and sunny. seems rather a shame to be spending it inside in a basement room watching a film.