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a millionaire is offering to rent a room in his house with no heating

12 Jan

london 9.40pm 7.2C  cloudy. tuesday 2016

i got a email from spareroom.co.uk telling me its boss  is renting out two rooms in his expensive house in spitalfields,east london, looking for companionship rather than rent, those who are successful can pay anything they can afford.

and in the email he says he is looking for anyone who is interested to write to him and tell why they should get the room. they will have to agree to being filmed.

and interestingly,he did not mention it in the advert, but  in the news article which i read in the daily mail a few days ago, it was mentioned that there will be no heating, as he does not switch it on, even in winter.

that was interesting to me when i read it, as i too dont have my heating on. but then i live in a flat, which is warmed just by the heat i get from my neighbours, a house is harder to heat. it will be very cold. 

right now it is 15C inside my flat, when the outside is 7.2C. so it is quite pleasant inside. 

that is why  i would advise living in a flat, rather than a house.

but i can understand why he would like company in his big  house. it is unsettling to be all alone in a big  house. and it seems it is haunted too. he is going to record it all , which might make for rather interesting viewing to see whether he got good lodgers or not. 

social problems.

27 Sep

london 8.52am cloudy 12.4C sunday 2015

today i got this in my email box from the londonist, and it contains some interesting london news.

London news

there is this constant conflict of interest between those who want to make money out of property and those who just want an affordable place to live in. and people will be kicked out if the land they sit on is more valuable than the buildings that are there.

i was recently in ampthill, a small village but with a large mostly empty cemetary, on a hill. so the dead have a nice view haha. and there are fields round it with cows and horses but right next door to it a developer has built a small village of new houses. my friend told me the church was just over the hill, in the valley, and this is its church grounds.

so even in this small village the hand of the property developer lies heavy. ampthill is about 40miles from london and coming back we saw the other lane going out of london chock a block with traffic , not moving at all. it was a friday but i think this jam occurs every working day.  i see in future poor people will be pushed out , and this willhappen more and more. the dead seem to have more rights than the poor. at least in ampthill, where they occupy a nice site on a hill.

it has a huge waitrose right by the village. unusual that this village welcomes such a big supermarket. but i think it is now a dormitory town and not so much a village anymore. its high street has not many shops lining it anymore. they have all been turned into houses.

what to do about  all the poor being pushed out? i dont know. a socialist type of govt might help but once u have all your social housing full, those living there will block other poor people from accessing it, and you are back to square one. and building more social housing in out of the way places where the land is cheap wont find any of the poor wanting to go there where there are no jobs, no schools, etc to be had.

Big trouble in little Chinatown as rent rises force restaurant owners out | UK news | The Guardian

29 Mar

Big trouble in little Chinatown as rent rises force restaurant owners out | UK news | The Guardian.

i have been aware that chinatown is not solely chinese restaurants for some time now when i see a betting shop and a pizza joint  and even a indian restaurant coming in. this report by the guardian says a kfc is in there as well. i suppose it is inevitable. big chains can afford the rent. and it would seem warlords from china are investing here too and so push up rents. on the face of it, u would think u cannot fail with a chinese business in chinatown, but u sure can. haha. tourists come and there is a lot of footfall, but they take pictures and then go to a kfc to eat. heheh.

all the old regulars like me, have gone. in the past a group of us would once a week gather at a restaurant and have a meal, and it would be less than £8 each (with some of us having tsingtao beers from cans) for a really satisfying meal with huge portions. gradually that went and we left when the restaurant changed hands and we never returned, not only to that restaurant but to others. maybe none of them could afford to give that kind of deal anymore. 

it is inevitable really. we all saw it when old compton st in soho first started turning gay. before , it was a quiet street, than when gay businesses came in, it became the in-place to be seen, and rents went up , the gay places left and bingo, it is now a high rent street.

i think that will happen with chinatown too. can we lament it, yes, but it is inevitable. the price of their success is the very destruction of their way of life.

the chinese businesses will need to find another place, for sure it will be in the outskirts of london, like the koreans in new malden. or the gays in vauxhall. hang on, you might say vauxhall is not far from soho… haha. you will be right, but it was then a run down area with railway arches going all over the place. 

they will just be pushed further and further out. what to do ? maybe buy the freehold of the property though the tax laws dont make business sense. it is more tax favourable to pay rent than buy. but it wont stop the change of atmosphere when all the chinese restaurants round you sell up or shift out. u might end up selling your property for the capital gains, or renting out your premises to a chain restaurant. 

come to think of it, it might be a good pension plan. it would ensure u have a lot more money making from the property than all those years of running a chinese restaurant. haha. 


housing…rent or buy?

14 Jul


I was reading in the newspaper about a family who got evicted after 13yrs in a low rent accommodation. their landlord finally decided to sell. so now the family cannot afford to rent other flats as prices have gone up so much.

 it makes me realise that if they had a high rent from the start, they might be forced to be homeless 13yrs ago where it was so much easier to get onto council’s housing list and they might be in a council house now, where rents are more stable.

here is a case of what seems to be  good fortune to get a low rent accommodation and a low rent landlord makes them lose out on a council flat, or  even buy a flat in those times when flats, especially ex council flats, are really cheap.

That is why i am glad i got evicted from my bedsit in 1991. I was living in balham, the landlord was selling up to a housing association and all of us have to move.

that was when i decided to look for a flat to buy and i was sure glad i did because i caught the housing just when it went down to the lowest slump in ages. the stock market crash of 1989 caused house prices to drop drastically right through the early ’90s. it was a good time to buy. Though i did not realise it then. 

I think this is a very good reason why it is better to buy than to rent. Rents can and will go up. whereas if u buy, u can pay off the mortgage when u retire, and so live practically free.

I have a feeling that the system is geared towards companies … if a person dies that property is lost , sold off. and subjected to inheritance tax, whilst if it is a company there is no inheritance tax and the heirs can still use the property as they will control the company. company tax is always lower than personal tax too.

That property will keep its value and over time increase in value. it is  inevitable, even though they keep telling u properties can go up as well as down. over a long period, it always go up.

And when we are talking of companies, the time scale is vast, we are talking of generations and it is easy to imagine that prices must go up.

 That is why the rich form companies so that their heirs can enjoy the wealth.  it will also prevent any one heir from wasting the inheritance. 

now that the football world cup is over, people will not know what to take its place. summer is here and i suppose people should be out and about and enjoying london instead of being glued to the telly.

maybe that is why the summer tv schedule is always full of repeats and is dull. 

There is no shortage of things to do in london.

Tomorrow i shall most probably go to trafalgar square and watch the 2nd opera BP sponsored showing ( it is la boheme )to the public on the big screen there.