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Retirement Challenge: Finding a New Identity Away From Work – WSJ.com

18 Nov

Retirement Challenge: Finding a New Identity Away From Work – WSJ.com.

a very honest evaluation of how it feels to be retired.

the loss of status  (and implied loss of income and prestige) , the loss of a sense of purpose, the loss of influence, the loss felt when ones opinion does not matter anymore, the loss felt when one cannot make any contribution to the conversation. that all comes across when the author retired and socialise with people who are working.

she tried to replace it, but i get the impression it was not really as big as the sense of purpose and fulfillment she gets from the time she was working.

voluntary work, taking up educational courses, learning languages, (she did not mention travel, but that many will take up) just dont seem that important somehow, as commanding a workforce , making decisions at work that solves problems, or create fresh income, or ideas that others can implement to their satisfaction. the sheer creativity, and results, and sense of achievement at work is never recreated with whatever u do during retirement.

retirement is being unemployed because u are too old to work, and it feels like being  let out to grass.

someone in the comments said, strivers find it hard to be retired. that is a very true, and that gets to the heart of the problem of those who are retired and disastisfied with it.

maybe the way for them to overcome this is to stop being strivers. but i think they cannot do that , because they have lived all their lives as strivers, if they stop, they will think they might as well stop living.

i think i like not working because i have not been a striver. in all the work motivation courses, u are always exhorted to set goals, and strive for it. i have not accepted that as a meaningful way to live. but many may have bought into it, and it will be difficult for them to just abandon it when they retire.