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oh, is it my birthday allready?

11 Jun

london 2.31pm 19C cloudy thursday 2020

i dont normally celebrate my birthday, but today i see that nectar is giving me 100points if i buy a 1.5kg whole fresh chicken, so i decided to do that, and whilst there i bought a 1kg bag of wonky carrots, 50p. to roast with it.  they dont look wonky at all (when i opened them at home), but they are 5p cheaper than the loose carrots. i was thinking by rights they should make the loose carrots cheaper, seeing there is no plastic bags to get rid of. but i know they cannot sell it too cheap otherwise there is no profit in it. i have to bear in mind, that cheapness is not the end all of it.  things must be sold at a price that makes enough profit for the people who grow it to bother to grow it. 

but anyway i roasted the chicken and had it for lunch, and quite delicious too. its been some time since i ate a roast chicken, so it is doubly delicious for that, as i have forgotten how nice it is. one of the things i learnt as i go older, is this… dont eat a thing all the time, if you eat it once in a while, you find it is doubly delicious and exciting to eat it when you do. 

got an email from ian, who remembers my birthday. he knows i dont bother with birthday greetings, but he still sends me one every time. it is rather nice to get it esp as he always personalise the picture he sents. i dont know how he does it, i suppose it must be using photoshop or something. 


oh the sun has just come out and brightening everything up. rather nice that.

i read a blog which says life is complicated. and i remember thinking it is not really, and only if u make it complicated. 

added. in another post of that blog, he was talking of his wife’s starbuck order, that she asked him to get for her. the order goes like this… 

“Iced, quad, venti, soy, upside down, 2 1/2 pump, caramel macchiato, light caramel drizzle,…please.”

 talk about making things complicated. haha. people who go to starbucks belong to those who think life is complicated and long may it be so.

but how many other people thinks like me? maybe very few people because it is exciting to make life complicated , people might feel they are living their life fully, instead of making it simple and they think, stripping it of all excitement. perhaps that is the only thing that  mankind can be grouped… those who think life is simple and easy, and those who think life is complicated and difficult. come to think of it, we might well make it even more apt, by dividing people into those who think life is difficult, and those who think life is easy.  

think of it for a moment. maybe what u are really thinking of is this…is life easy, or difficult. most would just say of course life is difficult… but hang on, it is so easy to get born and to live for most of us. if we are alive now, it just means how easy it is to be able to live. so the basic fact of being alive is very easy to attain. so life, being alive now, in itself for those of us still living now is easy. then people start adding bits and pieces to complicate it. 

i doubt that people who think life is simple thinks it is difficult, and those who think life is complicated thinks it is easy… are there?

added. maybe i got it wrong, and that everyone thinks life is difficult, and only differ in deciding whether life is simple or complicated. now i look back on my life, i can see my life is really quite easy. even though when i was living it i am prone to go along with what everyone seem to say, that life is difficult. 

so which one is you?

some people feel that if they are not worrying about something, there is something wrong with their life. 

uneventful day

7 Apr

london 4.13pm 19C sunny tuesday 2020

7.08pm 16C sunny

uneventful day for me today. which is great. rather a quiet nothing happening day than one of drama or excitement, because that would mean bad news. so that axiom, no news is good news is very true for me.

this afternoon i thought i would like to eat roast chicken, so went to my local sainsburys and bought a chicken, and simon asked to get some potatoes as well.

he decided to take charge of the cooking, so that is great for me, as i am rather lazy to cook , not to mention that he takes a lot more effort with his potatoes, than me.i would just bung them into the oven, whereas he would skin them, and par boil them, and he also made half of them into mash. and the roast chicken came out very nice, firm flesh as i told him, and gave him credit for doing, because when i do it the flesh comes out very soft sometimes. he said about half way through, he tips the chicken and drains it and remove the water that collects. he thinks that makes the flesh more firm.

i am not sure whether that is water or oil, because i have noticed that if there is a lot of water in the chicken, the oven gets a lot of steam coming out at the back during the cooking. and i think it might be the cheaper chickens have water injected in them. whilst these ones are not the cheapest priced, being £2.25/kg, as opposed to the cheapest price which are £1.90/kg. though the price is a bit inflated in the local branches, because these are £2.06/kg if i buy them in the big branches. i did not fancy travelling to them. there is also more queueing in the big branches than in this small local branch. i suppose we should be grateful that the supermarket have not increased the price by a lot, seeing that people are so scared that there are no chickens to be had, they are willing to pay any price for it. that was earlier in the crisis when people were mass buying. now things have calmed down and the supermarkets are even loosening their 3 items limit. 

roast chicken

28 Dec

london 4pm 8C dry cloudy  friday 2018

i have just roasted a chicken in the oven. its a chicken i have in the freezer all this time, which i defrosted yesterday to cook today. i have all these parsnips and carrots that i bought from lidl, for 19p and i have to eat them up.

added 11.29pm. read in this article just now that asda is giving away free veggies. reading it further i see it is only asda up north, not in london. and the veggies are carrots, brussels sprouts, which are really difficult to eat a lot of without being fed up of them. haha. i can safely say no one can ever over -eat veggies… unlike meat, i think it is well nigh impossible to overeat veggies.

added. 4.35pm. it is quick to eat that chicken.

looking at the time, i am surprised how quick it took me to eat that chicken. from when i last wrote the above when it came out of the oven and simon was preparing the gravy to now when i have finished eating it. it took me so quick because i only cut out a wing and some breast, and two parsnips and two carrots. it filled me up and the wing tips were nicely crisp. the nice crispy bits are what i like about roast chicken. there are not a lot of places where they come out crispy. this is where roast pork have the advantage for those of us who like crispy bits.

it took longer to cook the chicken than to eat it. it was in the oven for 1hr 10mins. from cold. about 180C and it took 2.6kwh. the vent at the back of the oven was open and it was venting out alot of steam that is why it hardly got a chance to switch itself off. some chickens got a lot of water in them, some not. maybe the expensive chickens dont have a lot of water in them. you can tell this chicken is not one of them. haha. it was one of the tesco chickens they were selling for £1.65/kg. the vent at the back of the oven must be needed to get rid of the steam, otherwise i will have steamed chicken instead of roast chicken. haha. but it turned out quite nice, even though it had so much steam out of it.

its dark now outside, and i keep thinking it is  about 8pm, but it is only about 5pm and the night is still very young. now i am lying on my sofa , with a mug of hot tea by my side. nothing like having a full stomach and tea to wash it down. it is a long wait for the new agatha christie adaptation to come on tv. (at 9pm).

it is the ABC murders, and this adaptation has taken a lot of liberties with her original story. it takes 3hrs , which normally takes only 1.5hrs to tell. that is why they have to pad it out with a lot of extra stuff which doesnot add to the story but simply throw in a lot of red herrings. ah well, it is something to see and it is original instead of all the repeats that we get around this time; and to amuse myself at how they approach it and fiddle with the plot. 

Digital StillCamera

roast chicken. piccadilly advert lights switch today. 5 years with wordpress

26 Oct

london 12.57pm cloudy/drizzling thursday 2017 16C

its quite a quiet time , ie no free food from restaurants haha.

this morning i went to the asda and lidl in clapham junction, to buy asda’s 40p 500ml basic washing up liquid. and whilst there i bought brocolli at 50p. then i went to the lidl next door and bought their pork, 1.64kg £4.09 @ £2.78/kg, and a medium chicken £3.09 for 1.65kg @ 1.87/kg. and two packs of their basic peanuts @24p/100mg.

i was reminded of chicken roasting, after all those free chicken food lately. so now that chicken is roasting in my oven. and the lovely smell of roasting chicken is wafting all over the flat. haha.

oh, this reminds me that i have run out of ginger so i should go to brixton to stock up. perhaps after the chicken lunch i shall be having, i shall go to brixton. 


its very succulent, and juicy and the skin is just lovely, crispy…and the wing tips is so crunchy, i ate it all including the bone. i seasoned it with salt and chilli powder. the chilli powder gave it a nice kick. i shall use it more often next time.

i wonder what i did right to get it so juicy. it was 200C for about 15mins and then i turned it down to 180C.total cooking time was about 1.5hr from cold.  the oven took 2kwh to cook it.

halogen oven will use less energy, but our halogen oven went kaput some time ago. 

added 4.30pm rain. i think brixton is having a famine of ginger now. when i went there i could not find any 50p ginger. only one stall selling it for 59p and it was very old gingger.  most were £1 and they look very old. when i got back i googled tesco,ginger, and found they are selling it for £2.70/kg. yet in brixton, the unpackaged ginger have a tag of £5/kg. i wonder what is going on. tesco’s ginger comes from china. so maybe brixton’s is local and now that winter is coming, ginger is in short supply. so i did not buy. it would be more value -for- money to buy tescos’ ginger. so this evening i might go to the tesco near me and see if there are any to be had there. 

early this morning, the advert screen in piccadilly circus is switched on. added 8.31pm, just got a notification from wordpress to say its been 5 yrs since i first started with wordpress on this day. 2012. 

added. 8.18pm monday 30.10.17. i did go that night to tesco to buy the ginger, but when i got there i clean forgot. i went again the next day and found their ginger, it has no price on it. it was loose ginger, so i picked a few guessing it must be about 200mg, and went to the self service to find out what it cost. thinking that if it is not £2.70/kg as they say, i shall not buy it. the self service till did not bring up ginger when i was using it, so  i put it aside whilst completing the rest of the shopping. the helper came and ask me if i want it, the ginger, and i told her i could not find the code for it… and she have to manually manipulate it and it turned otu to be 225mg, for 61p, @ £2.70/kg. it was very young ginger stems, so quite a good buy. when this promotion is over, it will still be only £3/kg, which is still a good price. now i think of it, the brixton ginger is not as good value as this. 


in search of milk powder, roast chicken

16 Feb

london 3.25pm 9.9C sunny thursday 2017

its a nice morning out there.

i have been hopping on and off the bus earlier this morning, getting to the supermarkets, as i wanted to buy milk powder. i am down to my last pack. it was a sainsbury basic milk powder 500mg for £1.40 but when i went to the same store where i bought it , the nine elms branch, there was none to be had. i mean to say i could not find  that basic sainsbury brand. there are lots of other more expensive branded milk powder of course. but i dont want to encourage them by buying them. haha. not just yet anyway, as i still got a pack to finish. so i am not desperate for it. 

i do hope sainsburys have not stopped producing it. i fear so. ah well, it seems to be a product that our brexit has caused to be shafted. perhaps they can source milk powder from other countries, other than the EU. surely australia must produced cheaper milk powder. i remember reading an article that says the chinese go there to buy loads of cheaper milk powder to bring back to china. perhaps it was during the baby milk scandal. ah well, i dont use that much for it to be a big saving. so even if i have to buy more expensive milk powder from now on, it wont break the bank. haha. in the meanwhile i shall be looking at every branch of sainsburys i can find looking for this basic milk powder…

chicken fortunately is still good value, i got one from asda, £1.99/kg, and it is now roasting in my oven. roast chicken now and then is really delicious. and today i fancy some of it. i got pork too, @£2.69/kg. this lot cost me £7.71. and it will keep me in meat for more than a month. i have 3 packs of pork freezing in the fridge now.

 sometimes i wonder why i hear or read of old folks finding it hard to make ends meet. and having to decide to eat or to heat. its very cheap to eat when u cook it yourself. i wonder what they are buying that is so expensive. ready made foods i dare say. i think anyone who says they have to eat or heat, is doing something wrong. but i dare say no one wants to say so to them.

you dont want to come across as a scolding type. haha. esp when these are old people and should know and you dont want to act like you are teaching your grandmother to suck eggs. 

sometimes i think younger people dare not tell an old fart to just learn and take advise and not be such a stubborn old fool. well i am an old fart myself, so i can say this to them, so there! and be allowed to do so, seeing i am an old fart myself.  it takes an old fart to know what an old fart can be like. there is no fool like an old fool.  really. there are plenty of old fools who wont listen and learn. they think they know it all… or are so stubborn in their old ways they just wont change. having said all that, i have to admit i can be an old fool too. i am guilty of the same thing as these old fools that i am castigating. sigh, i know… i have noticed old age can make a fool out of a person who used to be very clever when they are young. old age is a terror. 

4.38pm 11.2C cloudy . its clouded over . i have eaten that dish , quite delicious even though i say it myself. and simon returned from work just in time to have some. so that saved him having to cook the noodles that he bought. roast chicken must be the easiest to cook. and there is minimum preparation needed. just season the chicken and that is it. put everything in the oven and let it cook. whilst u sit back and enjoy a coffee. haha. and afterwards you can have tea, like i did.