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roast chicken

28 Dec

london 4pm 8C dry cloudy  friday 2018

i have just roasted a chicken in the oven. its a chicken i have in the freezer all this time, which i defrosted yesterday to cook today. i have all these parsnips and carrots that i bought from lidl, for 19p and i have to eat them up.

added 11.29pm. read in this article just now that asda is giving away free veggies. reading it further i see it is only asda up north, not in london. and the veggies are carrots, brussels sprouts, which are really difficult to eat a lot of without being fed up of them. haha. i can safely say no one can ever over -eat veggies… unlike meat, i think it is well nigh impossible to overeat veggies.

added. 4.35pm. it is quick to eat that chicken.

looking at the time, i am surprised how quick it took me to eat that chicken. from when i last wrote the above when it came out of the oven and simon was preparing the gravy to now when i have finished eating it. it took me so quick because i only cut out a wing and some breast, and two parsnips and two carrots. it filled me up and the wing tips were nicely crisp. the nice crispy bits are what i like about roast chicken. there are not a lot of places where they come out crispy. this is where roast pork have the advantage for those of us who like crispy bits.

it took longer to cook the chicken than to eat it. it was in the oven for 1hr 10mins. from cold. about 180C and it took 2.6kwh. the vent at the back of the oven was open and it was venting out alot of steam that is why it hardly got a chance to switch itself off. some chickens got a lot of water in them, some not. maybe the expensive chickens dont have a lot of water in them. you can tell this chicken is not one of them. haha. it was one of the tesco chickens they were selling for £1.65/kg. the vent at the back of the oven must be needed to get rid of the steam, otherwise i will have steamed chicken instead of roast chicken. haha. but it turned out quite nice, even though it had so much steam out of it.

its dark now outside, and i keep thinking it is  about 8pm, but it is only about 5pm and the night is still very young. now i am lying on my sofa , with a mug of hot tea by my side. nothing like having a full stomach and tea to wash it down. it is a long wait for the new agatha christie adaptation to come on tv. (at 9pm).

it is the ABC murders, and this adaptation has taken a lot of liberties with her original story. it takes 3hrs , which normally takes only 1.5hrs to tell. that is why they have to pad it out with a lot of extra stuff which doesnot add to the story but simply throw in a lot of red herrings. ah well, it is something to see and it is original instead of all the repeats that we get around this time; and to amuse myself at how they approach it and fiddle with the plot. 

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