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8 Dec

london 8.39am 12.1C cloudy thursday 2016

i have the overspill on my wordpress reader and this morning it delivered something new to me. well actually it always delivered something new haha. but this time it is about gadgets. specifically it talked of how making gadgets has become so easy but also a great idea can be copied easily too. but it make me realise there is a company that sells cheap razors online. and mattresses online. its strange that i have not heard of them. it is because they advertise in facebook and word of mouth via social media. and i dont haunt social media. but then i am not  in the market for those things.

come to think of it, i consume a lot of tv and the internet. so talk talk has come into my life and established itself with me. i am their type of customer i think. though they must hope there are more of me but who would spend more money on watching films on netflik and their other services. they will be able to find those people too, because so many like watching films and the latest films too. and so many like to talk on mobile and use smartphones. 

i have always noticed razors are very expensive and have got round it by buying from the £ shop where disposable razors can be bought 5 for £1. though i have noticed that seems to be getting limited choice now. now i read that this company does a subscription service of $1 a month to try and then $3 a month. (it is in america, dont think they have come to uk) and they send u the razors every month. its great if u use up a lot of razors, but i dont.

a 5 for £1 razor pack can last me a year. haha. i reuse each razor many times. and i dont shave everyday neither. looking at the website of their supplier, dorco, they still cost a bit. £6 or so for a 4pack. so my poundshop £1 pack is still the best value for me. makes you wonder how that £1 shop can do it, giving us such cheap razors and still have to support all those stores with staff costs and rent. and for us no need to bother about postage costs or having to hang around the flat waiting for the courier to come. perhaps they cannot do it anymore. remember it was quite some time since i bought those razors, still using them, and at that time there were quite a lot of those £1 shops, with different owners. now i think there is only one, poundland.  i have not been to that shop since i bought those razors, so it might be they are no more sold anymore in any £ shops. certainly when i was in poundland in brixton, i could not find any of those razors. 

added. 12.08pm 13.9C cloudy. a courier came and delivered the new router that talktalk says they will give me when i started the new broadband package. lucky i was in to open the door for him, because the package was too big to slip through my letter box.

 it is easy to set up and now we are both online with it. they say it is faster, but i cannot see the difference. though simon did say he noticed it is faster in his windows laptop.

ah well, now we got a spare router that works fine really but it is nice to have a spare, just in case.

talktalk says  i should keep this router on all the time. i am thinking whether i should ignore that and do what i normally do, switch it off when overnight, or when i go out. maybe if they are kept on all the time, the speed will increase. there used to be a button which when pressed tells u what speed you are getting. but i cannot find it now. or maybe it does not exist in this chromebook.

i am old fashioned thinking these gadgets need to warm up and catchup on the speed, but i think that is old hat now. they should all work instantly… so i dont think keeping it on all the time will improve the speed.

 even in the old router the speed was tolerable, it is not instant, in that it takes a slight delay for the page to come up, but not very much delay, the main text appears and it is the adverts that take some time to download and i am not bothered with the adverts really, so could not careless if they take their time to download.

 and the tv programs works well on the tv, they can be seen without any freezing. 




the unknown unknowns

28 Jul

london monday 2014

I myself have seen it in others. someone who is so clueless that they do not know what they have missed and unlikely to regret it, so oblivious are they to what they have missed. Well, just now that happened to me. i was the clueless one. haha. 

If you can recall, or rather you wont, so i shall remind you. long ago, talk talk offerred a free wifi router, which they said is the best in the world. or something like that.  it was just after my own router had its adaptor kaput, and i was able to get a second hand one in a market stall in walthamstow, all by a strange coincidence.

Anyway, at that time, when i tried to install that new router, i could not get connected to the internet with it.

my laptop can latch onto it via wifi, but for some reason i cannot get online. So i thought it was defective, or something in my old laptop was defective, which is more likely as simon’s laptop was able to work fine with it.

since mine could not work with it, i have to continue using my old router which is not very powerful.

 so simon working in the kitchen, (and it does not work in the bedroom either) had to use a physical line connection to get online. 

But just now, i decided to change my old router and install that new one. I figured maybe my new chromebook would be able to get it working.

It turned out not the fault of the laptop, it was me not knowing how to connect it to my phone line…And when  i figured out why it wont connect to the internet, it worked fine.

Anyway it works well now and is so powerful that i can get a signal even in the kitchen, and a very powerful signal too.

so there u have it, something that i was not even aware of having, so did not miss it, but now i have got it, i realise it is a vast improvement on what i was used to before.

i wonder if life is like that, a series of improvements and opportunities whose time has come and so i get it, but think how many other improvements i have not got because they never came to my awareness… i shall never know i have missed them, and who knows what they might have given to my life or what changes of direction my life would have led, and i would be in a different place now if that were so.

that is why i do believe we have many universes and there are many of  me out there now enjoying things that are v different to what i am enjoying now.