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rubbish news

1 Feb

london 2.04pm 2C rain friday 2019

the papers say there is a snowmagaddon in the country, but london is unaffected. no snow here.

so when u read of it in the papers, that the country is covered in snow, like i am reading it that  the united states is undergoing now, deep snow and temperatures that are frigid, i guess we should bear in mind that it is only certain parts of the states. and these are states that experience cold winters usually, and now and then like now that cold snap may take an extreme form.

in the past we would not have heard of it, but nowadays with 24hr websites that have to have something to write about, every little snowstorm gets to be reported. and we will get lots of pictures to show it too. i have learnt to just ignore it, and consider it as gossip really.

there is one going the rounds that the genocide of america (and i suppose they are talking of the spanish conquest of the inca empire, with the subsequent huge loss of the local population from european borne diseases) caused the little ice age in europe when the thames frozed. they say the deaths of 60million people during that period caused that mini ice age. well, that means the 1billion people in china now must generate enough heat to bring on a mini hot age then. what a load of rubbish these people are talking… it is a wonder no one just said they are talking rubbish and laugh them out of existence.