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starting anew

21 Apr


I thought i will have to buy a rucksack to replace the one i lost. but i found a spare lying around. it was given to me by london underground.

It says ‘you’re better off by bike’. so it must be one of the boris bike publicity thing when the bikes first began operation. must be 2or 3 yrs ago.

don’t remember what was the occasion when it was given to me. it has a small pocket in front to keep small things so avoid rummaging in the depths of the main space. 

And i dug up a rain coat to replace the one i lost.

i found that along with the other raincoat in the park after prince william’s wedding( i have a commemoration mug dated 29april 2011) so this raincoat is that old. never been used since i found it.

there was no date when the raincoat was bought so not sure how old it is.

I found both of them lying around abandoned in st james park. This was when so many people came to london to see the wedding and left so many things in the park after they have been camping on it overnight.

it was a virgin marathon raincoat. when i wore it to a gay group walk, one of the guys there told me it was sold to people who have applied unsuccessfully to compete in the marathon. it was a sort of consolation price for not being able to run. that is interesting. i wonder if that might deter a person from wearing it, as it would mark them out to those in the know as being losers. wearing something that shows they did not run in the marathon at all… 

The london virgin ( is virgin still sponsoring it? maybe not anymore!googled it and found out it is renamed virgin money now)marathon has just finished a few weeks ago. one chap died after finishing. so it is quite dangerous thing to do.

i knew this knapsack  would come in useful one day, even if it took 3yrs to come to its own. haha. the raincoat took 3yrs too so it must be about the time of the boris bikes.

which surprised me somewhat. i never knew i had it for so long. i was using the other raincoat all that time.

i thought i will have to buy a swimsuit to replace the one i lost, but i found one that i did not realise is a swim wear . i have been using it like it was  a spare pair of shorts , and lucky for me the swim centre allows people to wear shorts to swim ;

unlike in malaysia where they insist u must have speedo style swim wear. shorts are not allowed. i wonder why?  maybe they dont want people using their daily shorts  that they use and wear when they are out and about.

it being very warm, people who wear shorts in malaysia are labourers. when i was visiting there, i was the only one who is malaysian, who is not a labourer who was wearing shorts. The other group of people who wear shorts are the male european tourists.  

so maybe they realise anyone who is malaysian and wears shorts is likely to be a labourer who wears his shorts as workwear. they  dont want to encourage riff raff. that is my guess for them imposing this blanket ban on shorts in the swimming pool.

here in uk, there are no such restrictive rules. people can and do wear any style of swim wear in the pool.

and i found a spare pair of swim goggles too. so it looks like i am hardly inconvenienced at all at the loss of that knapsack which i left at the bus stop. 

I was browsing in the sainsburys this evening, looking for food reductions.

it being the bank holiday bargains may be had. i got 2loaves of organic wholemeal bread 800mg for 29p each. and rump steak 300mg reduced from £3.47 to 89p. there was a lady who bought all of them , she was standing over the sales assistant whilst it was being stamped with the reduced tickets, and when i approach she said  all the packs stacked up on the trolley were hers. sigh. but luckily she missed this one. haha or rather she might not like the look of it. it was two strips of meat instead of one whole slab.

it was just the right one for me as i was kind of craving a good rump steak. this was because the other day i read a newspaper article talking about the angus steak house in london and saying how puzzling  why they are still so profitable and in business when they are just not good at all.

one of the critics was a owner of a upmarket steak restaurant and he said the beef he ordered was inedible.

i really wonder… it shows u must not get a rival to be the critic. he is not likely to praise the beef right?

in the tripadviser, the angus steak house got praise from the customers so they cannot be all that bad.

It is pricey though, £15 for a steak.(that was the price for a rump steak in their website) and nothing else. side dishes, gravy, etc are extra.

added.23.4.14 found the article . read it here. they were charged more because they ordered sirloin.

I think rump steak is a really good steak and is my preferred choice to sirloin or fillet. 


but really u can eat the steak with nothing else. Steak is that good, which is what i did when i had the steak. I think to douse it in gravy is a sin. It is no way to treat a steak. 

steak is so easy to cook, a fool can cook it. so it stands to reason that no one can make it bad.

just tell them u want it medium rare… and hope they do know what medium rare is … haha. though I find if ever a restaurant make a hash of it is to overcook it. it is quite easy to do it in a busy restaurant with the chef rushing to fulfill orders.

i like if the middle is still just slightly red, but not oozing with blood. if u cook it at home, u can always cut it through with a knife to see whether it is just right. i had it with a bit of english mustard and spring onions. heavenly. 

The sainsburys tonight were selling off vegetables for 20p. mainly precut salads, which i was not interested in. though i did buy a large bag of satsumas, for 20p from £2.

i have found i can defragment more finely , and this time the computer is doing it by prioritising files. not sure what that means but it sure is taking a long time. almost 2hrs it says. it is still doing it now, about 1hr more to go. it is only 60% done.

Hang on, i just checked and it is done. so it was really not 2hrs after all. it says the duration was about 1hr 30mins. ah well, it is prioritised now.