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where is russia in these olympic games?

13 Aug

london 24.4C sunny 5.50pm saturday 2016

the olympics without the russians gives everyone else a chance to get gold or silver or bronze medals. as in life, someone lose, others gain. but in this case, it seems the western world gains a little. haha. the russians were not mentioned at all in the daily medal tally so much so that i thought they were banned totally. until i remember  they only banned the russian paralympians. so some russians must be competing in these games so what happened to them? they seem to have disappeared. so i googled russia in the games 



3 1 2 6
2 0 1 3
0 2 2 4
0 2 1 3
0 1 2 3

such poor showing. they were not featured in the daily tally of medals that have usa, china, leading the field and this shows why. only 5 golds and in rather obscure sports. they used to dominate the swimming, and gymnastics… now nothing. the drugs really work it seems to improve performances because with only clean athletes they are not winning much. (added. 14.8.16 correction. that last statement is wrong. it seems whole teams were banned from certain sports,eg  track and field. where one got through but was suspended.) does not prove the drugs work. it is difficult to prove a negative.)


6 Nov

london 6.35am 14.4C cloudy wind from south. friday 2015

last night i slept at 7pm, thinking i shall take a short nap and wakeup at 9pm to see the last kingdom, a tv program based on a book by bernard cornwell.(the library had displayed his books on the shelf, and this book was there, but i did not borrow it).  

but i slept right through and woke up at 12.30am, and decided to go right back to sleep again thinking i shall most probably wake up at about 4am, but its great that i woke up at about 6am. can it be possible i slept for 11 hours?

wonderful!, its been ages since i slept for so long. its a thing i do when i was young. its like being young again. haha.

it’s quite warm this morning, i think because there is a south wind blowing. but the sky is overcast. 

last night the fireworks was cancelled because of rain, they said, but i think it is overcast, and with low clouds, so no one can see the fireworks anyway, and it would have been wasted. that is why i think they cancelled it.

and last night there was a live broadcast in the guardian about the mass protestors wearing the guy fawkes mask, as they plan their world wide demonstration. not sure how many attended.

the news online this morning did not say because it was full of the fallout of the plane crash  in sharm in egypt. now we know why the british govt did that unusual step of stopplng all flights… because their intelligence point to a bomb in the luggage hold. and that is why the returning tourists being brought back without their luggage.

at first i thought it was a missile took the plane down. if so, the planes can just be diverted not to fly there,but it is a bomb in the luggage. that is quite difficult to stop, as any one of the luggage handlers can put a bomb there, even if security is very tight with the passengers luggages, it has to extend to vetting all the luggage handlers as well.

the news says it is the price putin is paying, for his bombing of isis. that is the big fear that openly opposing isis will bring down this kind of bombing terrorism on your citizens. it is something that might make a lot of countries keep quiet and not support attacks on isis. if so, that would be a shame.

i think saying if u support war against isis, your citizens will be targetted is a false conclusion. if your security is poor or u give any of these bombers a chance, and they can be from any terrorist organisation, not necessarily from isis,  they will take it. 

somehow  the fall out has affect the russian boeing 737 fleet, as they are all grounded. it might be a coincidence, and have nothing to do with the sharm incident.  i have a feeling that they should have been grounded as long ago as 2013 when one crashed and its tail control was at fault. but it took this long for the russian authorities to be convinced of it.  i suppose you could say russia’s troubles are piling up,  it never rains but pours, what with the oil price so low now. 

added. 7.19pm friday . as usual u get the whingey brits on holiday there complaining. i rather like this katie hopkins article telling them to .stop whinging .


26 Mar

If u have been wondering about cyprus and why they are not bailed out by the EU on the same terms as greece, here is why.

It is a place for money laundering by the Russians, that is why.

And it looked like they, the Russian money launderers will lose 40%.

I guess most of us wont feel too much sympathy for them. Haha.

The mistake the cyprus govt made in the first round was to include the small savers of less than 100,000 euros. Now the new deal put in place will exclude those savers.

Normally, these banks would just declare bankruptcy. If the banks go bankrupt, everyone of the depositors will lose their money, except those with less than 100,000 euros, as that is guaranteed. So the money launderers should be grateful that they get back 60%.

Added. i can never understand why they dont let the bank go bankrupt. after all, these are businesses, and if they go bankrupt it is not for the govt to prop them up. let them go bankrupt and others will take the hit. and there is no need to even borrow 10billion eurosfrom the IMF.

This sounds like a good formula to use next time a bank goes tits up.

It should have been used for the royal bank of Scotland.

The world is beginning to learn how to handle these big banks that are considered too big to fail.

I think the financial world may come to realise this is the realistic way to deal with banks that are too big to fail.

The old system of lumping all banks together and trying to save bad banks, means everyone else who are not involved in it have to pay. This means the taxpayer , and the other banks that have been prudent.
It sends the wrong message, that bad banks can continue with their bad practises, if they get bailed out every time.

Now people might be careful to check out the bank before they put money in it. And not just chase interest rates.
Ah well, it is all rather an academic exercise for me. Haha. I don’t have that much money to fear losing it.

If u have no money , you too should take all this with equanimity. After all you have no money to lose. That is another nice thing about not being so filthy rich. Haha. U don’t ever need to worry about losing it.

Same with not owning lots of expensive stuff. You need never get to feel the anguish of losing them or being robbed of them. Such bliss don’t you think?