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survey fail

26 Oct

london 6.45pm monday 2015

recently i redeemed sainsburys points on their nectar card for a cup of coffee at cafe nero, and they sent me this

We value your opinions and feedback.

We would like to invite you to participate in a survey which should take around 5 minutes to complete. As a thank you for completing this survey your Nectar account will be credited with 50 Nectar points.

well the first question was did you spend that and bought a coffee at nero? and since i had not, i said no … and they said u are not eligible for continuing with the survey. sigh, i am rather bad at surveys. they dont want to know my opinion … at least they gave me  25points as consolation. haha. i havent spent it yet, and i guess they are not looking for people like me who seem to like delayed gratification and not spend it straight away. i only redeemed it because it is the only thing i am remotely interested in , in their list of things i can buy with my points. its amazing that so many of the things they suggest i am not interested in. so perhaps they might get wise to me that way… and decide in future not to ask me to join in their surveys. haha.  and even with the free coffee i am not really that eager to get it. this is because i can really get free coffee from waitrose with my waitrose card and i still dont do it. also i am beginning to realise that i would prefer a starbucks pumpkin spice coffee… long ago the dailymail gave me one, or rather any coffee i chose at starbucks, if i redeem 70points of their points system, and it so happen it was during the autumn when they bring in this pumpkin spice latte. i did enjoy it very much.

this year the dailymail are not doing it, though it is early days and they might bring this offer of a free starbucks coffee back next month. who knows. haha. now i know that it takes 350 points from the sainsburys to get one, and only a ordinary latte or cappuccino, that 70 points from the dailymail is quite a bargain after all.