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7 Dec

london 7.58pm 12.5C wednesday 2016 . rather mild and rather high temperature listed by that weather website. high of 14.8C  briefly at 1.12pm. cloudy

i have agreed a new package with my internet provider, and phone company talktalk. but today, i having trouble getting online. hmm, i wonder what is wrong. have i got hacked i wonder? the signal comes and goes and it connects me sometimes, sometimes not. so maybe it is going through the changeover to the new package. ah well, we shall see.

luckily my tv is not depandant on it. it is only needed if we want to watch catchup tv. otherwise the tv signals come from the aerial and is not reliant on broadband. you might say why have broadband then? simon likes to watch his soccer , and his snooker on catch up when he gets back from work, or after waking up from his shift work. and catchup tv needs that broadband connection.and of course i like being able to get online whenever i like.

simon bought something and told me yesterday it will be delivered today and to watch out for it. but this morning i clean forgot about it and went about my routine. luckily the courier did not come till about 2.30pm, when i was allready back and preparing my lunch. just fried rice with cabbage and egg. quite a simple lunch. but i was rather glad that i caught that courier. when i heard his ring, i knew it was him and let him in. usually i ignore these callers. it is a heavy package. i think simon told me what it was, but i forgot. (added. 3.18pm thurs 8.12.16. it is his car battery.)i was thinking how people who go out to work cope with these postal deliveries of stuff they order online. they cant all have people like me who can hang around the flat waiting for them, can they? and it seems it is luck if you are in to get it when they call. i consider this one time when i am in ,as my soul wanting it. 


i have just been to the new sainsburys in nine elms. i went to buy milkpowder. i went earlier to the pimlico branch and there was no sign of it. i was worried that they have stopped production of it, but the website still features it so it must be just that branch not stocking it. luckily this new sainsbury superstore in nine elms got lots of it, so i bought 3 packs at £1.40 each. still the same price and amount. 

 it is on the first floor, with a huge car park on the ground floor of that building. with a starbucks at the foot of the escalators. the supermarket occupies the whole first floor, with corners given to argos, habitat, a cafe, and a section given to clothing, household goods, electric stuff.

interestingly today the daily mail featured a article saying u can get a free refill in starbucks if u order their filter coffee , £1.55, 25p off if u bring your own mug. and the refill is for a tall filter coffee. good value that if the barista allows you. it seems it is up to his discretion. but people nowadays dont like filter coffee. they want latte, cappuccino, and all the named drinks.

there dont seem to be many people when i went there, at about 3pm. such a vast space with so many checkout counters, only a few were working as the place was quiet and not busy. 

i read online that trump has been featured as  person of the year in Time magazine. ( i am surprised they allow it to be read online)of course, he is the only logical person for it. there is no doubt he is person of the year. you might not like his politics, but he is elected and will be the next president of the united states.

it is just like brexit, you might not like it, but it will go ahead. and parliament today has voted by a huge majority to let the govt go ahead with triggering article 50 in march next year. so it might side step the currant appeal in the high court going on now to appeal the ruling that parliament have to vote on it. well they have effectively done so today. 





21 Jul

london 4.28pm 23.7C thursday 2016 cloudy

a nice change from the intense heat we had over the last 2days. i think this 23C is really ideal, even though the low 20s sounds too cold. maybe because we had such high heat the air is still warm from that, and so this drop is not so cold as it would be if it comes after a long bout of cold weather. everything is relative these days, aren’t they?

i got an email just now from sainsburys asking me to participate in a survey, saying since i recently went to their pimlico store they want to know what i think of it, and put me in a draw for 100,000 points.

normally they dont ask for survey views from their customers so this is a chance to tell them … unfortunately i mistook them for the pimlico tesco. dont know how i could have confused them for tesco. oh dear so all my answers were off kilter… hope they dont get too surprised at my answers which have no relation to their store at all. haha. just goes to show surveys are not really truthful.

i only buy stuff from them because they are giving me 25points each time i shop…even if i only buy £1 worth… and when that offer period is over, they then offered me 10 points each time i shop with 100points on my 4th shop.

i do it for the points to get free coffee from caffe nero, which is one of the redemption offers they give me for 350 points. once they gave me coffee for 100 points redemption… that was lovely. i have so few points then, not even enough for a 350point redemption, so maybe that is why they offered me 100points for each coffee. i enjoyed drinking them, and because they have to be used within 2 or 3 months, i had a nice incentive to spend them before they expire. oh, simon asked me if i want anything and when he said he was going to the sainburys i asked him if he will take my sainsbury card and get points from his shopping. so i might be able to get lots of points from him using it… he really buys a lot. he buys alcohol and that can bung the cost up.

i think it rather fun these points and grocery shopping. i have heard of people who would scour the car parks of the supermarket to look for receipts thrown away by other shoppers to get the points. i am not bovvered really, so that my accummulation of points is painfully slow. haha. but maybe if simon is using it now, it might bung up the points real quick.

what is this flower i wonder, i see it growing in  huge amounts in a corner of the chelsea school of arts near the tate britain. added. i asked my friends what they are called. hollyhocks. lovely name.

added. 5.31pm simon came back and i ask him how much he spent. he said £90. i was so surprised, it seems he went and bought a enamel coated steel frying pan and a similar chopping board. well i will not be using it as he says i spoilt all the saucepans he bought by overheating them. i wont touch them so that he gets no excuse if they spoil. i wont even wash them otherwise he will say my scouring them using the wrong pads scratches them.

it is strange about all those pots he bought. he said they are spoilt, but i dont see that they are… the insides are scratched but that is normal isn’t it? they are teflon coated and supposed to be non stick but they have lost all that nonstickiness now. personally i think it is not necessary to have teflon, it wears off and comes off and mix with the food, dont know what it does to your insides really when u are eating bits of it. when things stick u have to scrub it off and that removes a little bit of teflon and makes food stick more… a vicious circle start developing. 

my new sainsbury mobile sim card has arrived

12 Mar


I am rather excited at getting it. i applied on sunday and today thursday it arrived. by the way, all sim cards are free, or should be. there is no need to buy one as they all give them free. 

i immediately activated it and tried to top up, but it was not successful. i managed to register my debit card number but it wont take my order to put in £10.

so i used their option to talk to a real person who had a strong scottish accent which i found quite difficult to understand. talk about not being able to understand a person from india . haha. anyway he was able to put the credit in and i am all set.

the first thing i did was to send a text message to john, to tell him and for him to save my new number.

the new number is quite difficult to remember. i am trying to put in some meaning to it so that it is easy for me to remember, but i cannot find any way to do it. but in a way it is not really that important to remember it, as i can always put the number in my address book inside the phone, and access it that way.

added. 28.3.15 after this length of time, i have found a way to memorise the number and find it quite easy now. so i wont bother to retrieve that old number i had even though it is really easy to remember. 

with this new sim card, they have a top up card, that i have linked to my debit card number, so from now on it is easy to go to any sainsbury branch or even on the phone and top up using that card. that would be rather useful, though if i lose that card, or if someone gets hold of it, they could top up my phone . that can only happen if someone robs my flat and find the card and my phone. ah well i suppose there is no need to think of all the possibilities of fraud… haha.  that £10 top up and with the free double top up offer, bringing it to £20 will last me a long time.

that £5 which i put in the lebara mobile lasted me 1 year. so maybe it will be 4yrs before i need to add any more to this one. 

well, i feel so modern now. like i have entered the mainstream of 21st century living. haha. even though it is not really… i mean it is only a sim card for goodness sake. not even a smartphone one. but i think i can get an inkling of what those who do get the smartphone must feel. haha.

i found out i used a wrong number when i sent that text to john. so have to send him another text message using his correct mobile number. the first number was his friend, keith, who lives in spain now. i bet keith will be real puzzled to receive my text message. haha.

 ah well, it is not really necessary as i could send him my new phone number by email. but it is rather nice to be using the phone. haha.  i wonder if we can chat free seeing he is using the same sainsbury phone provider. there is nothing in the brochure that say we can , so maybe they dont provide that free service. it would be nice if we can chat free.

though we could chat free now if we want using our landline. or at least i could, as i get free calls to national lines after 7pm on weekdays and all day weekends. 

added. 28.3.13. i was in camberwell and near the bus stop is a shop with advertising for lebara and lycamobile sim cards. and it is 1p/min to call nigeria, or india. and free to call another lebara card in uk. that is quite a nice advantage for people who live in those areas and come to uk for whatever reason. the disadvantage of those cards is that it is very expensive to call or text other mobiles in uk. 15p/min. 

added. 10.4.15 friday. 9.17am. i was supposed to have £10 added to my balance in the sim card, but when it was not added i called the mobile operator yesterday, and enquired about it, and the amount was added there and then. so now i got £19.12 credit on the card. i have used 82p over this period. this should last me some time. must remember to make at least one call after 6months or the mobile company can take away the number. 


4 Feb


i am constantly bemused by the logic or otherwise of advertisements.  here is one example today. i am reading this sainsbury advert in the daily mail now, two full pages across the whole newspaper with a large picture of vegetables and bread and below their prices shouting out ‘new regular prices.

but all the prices are higher than other supermarkets  or the same price as them. so what is the point of it? you might well ask. haha.

tesco has been selling brocolli for 45p for ages.

in the past, i have been to sainsburys and seen their prices and wondering who buys them. it isn’t even that the sainsbury is more convenient to shop at… for example that only aldi or lidls have these prices because it is difficult to get to those branches as they are not many of them. but tesco just round the corner allready are having those prices and for a long time now. though some of the sainsburys stuff is cheaper than tescos… i am looking at the fairtrade bunch of 5bananas reduced from £1 to 75p. though even that seeming bargain, u might well check the weight first, as buying lose might be cheaper. 

added. 5.2.15. it is cheaper to buy loose. the weight for those fairtrade packs of 5 is about 650mg, (and it is not 75p, it is 80p in this pimlico branch) whilst their loose bananas are 68p/kg. that pack would cost u 44p if u buy loose. about 9p per banana which is about right as those bananas are very tiny.  its almost half the price of the so called regular low prices advertised. so buy loose bananas. and buy single bananas instead of those in a bunch.

i was going to say generally, buying loose items are cheaper than those packed in plastic, until i remembered the loose oranges some shops sell singly at 30p each. 

what is stranger still is that sainsbury actually have cheaper basic bread than any of the others. theirs cost 40p for 800mg; that is by far the cheapest i have seen anywhere. but they dont advertise that. instead they feature hovis wholemeal, previously £1 to 75p now.

added. i wondered how much a full page advert cost in the daily mail. well, i googled it, and here it is. about £50,000 a colour page. so that advert spread over two pages must be about £100,000. i guessed right. what is the daily mail circulation, well after i googled it , about 1.5million for the weekdays. so it costs sainsbury about 6p per paper. when u look at it that way,to have  your information disseminated country wide, and the vast amount of people u can reach, i guess it is cheap. 

added. 5.2.15 today i see this about mail revenue. adverts on their website brings in £18million per quarter. and £48million for their printed editions. group revenues £476million. presumably in a quarter. of course revenue is one thing, profit is another. what is strange , to me anyway , is all that revenue,(total revenue of £1.8billion) and yet they report a pretax profit of £282million

here is what the dailymai’s parentl company is worth.

the price per share.

Market cap
P/E ratio (ttm)
Dividend yield