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30 Dec

london 10.39am 10C cloudy 2018

i have been interested in sneakers or trainers shoes lately. ever since i saw a pair by the recyling bins, and did not take them. i was not thinking of them until i saw it and later had time to think that i do need one soon, as i am on my last pair of sneakers that i found long ago. so i have since been keeping a lookout for them. unfortunately, they are quite hard to find.

when u consider there must be thousands of old sneakers lurking in every household and with people buying new trainers every year, why are we not flooded with 2nd hand sneakers? anyway as is usual when you are thinking of something, you begin to notice it everywhere.

so this article i saw this morning about sneakers and trainers caught my attention. it is saying adidas and nike dominate this sector and it used to be they make trainers specifically for use in sports. like runners, for athletes and basketball shoes signing up lebron to endorse it. but now they are moving away from such shoes to all purpose trainers that people can use for daily life. i see adidas runner trainers are reduced to as low as £25 now from £40. though the usual is more like £30 from £60 normal. quite a climbdown from when they are not on sale at other times of the year and you find them usually priced at £75.

actually i thought that was what was happening anyway, because nowadays everyone wears trainers and they are not confined to sports wear anymore. looks like the manufacturers and sellers of trainers have finally realised it. anyway it seems the biggest profit 50% of each shoe sold is taken by the retailer. so not much profit for the manufacturer it seems.

so it opens the way for smaller businesses to sell direct to customers using the internet. and new ways of making the shoes. that one about shoes made from wool sounds interesting. hope they are waterproof.you can wear those shoes without socks. that is a good selling point i thought. they are pricey, £95.

but anyway in the meantime i hope the sales would make lots more people throw away their old trainers and leave them by the recycling bins instead of inside those special bins provided. 

yesterday i went to the tesco to see what they have reduced, and found a panna cotta dessert for 60p. i have not heard of such a dessert before, but it looked quite nice. and when i got back and ate some, it is nice. haha. i looked it up in google and found a gordon ramsay utube showing how it is done. it is cream and milk, with gelatine to set it and topped with raspberry sauce. what i bought is a huge dessert of it, too much for one person, so just as well my friend david is coming to visit me today and i can offer it to him.

i also bought 4 eclairs, because it was reduced to 40p. it took me this long to eat them, ever since i was tempted by that free offer of eclairs by that business in chelsea. now that i have tasted it, i am not sure i like it that much. haha. (though it did not stop me from eating all 4 in one sitting haha) too sweet that topping of chocolate that they coat it with. it swamped the whipped cream inside it.

i got a free tea -and- cake voucher from john lewis, and i had thought of getting an eclair but now i tasted it, i think i shall just go for their cheesecake instead. i usually take a cheesecake anyway. it is the least sweet thing on their cake counter. 

boxing day sales

26 Dec

london 8.43pm 6C night dry wednesday 2018

it was very quiet at the asda supermarket when i went there at about 1pm. they were selling whole turkey for £5. reduced from £20. it was huge, the turkeys. i did not buy any, as even at £5,  i consider it expensive. especially when they are so huge.

i prefer if it were smaller and £1. but i think their smaller birds will be more easily sold and so there wont be many left over to be reduced . even smaller they will weight at least 3kg. quite a lot of meat to eat.

later, i saw in the tv news that the crowd seem to have gone to the oxford st sales. it seems huge crowds there queueing before the shops open even.

looking at the websites of the various stores , i dont see any big reductions. and usually from a high base to start with. so i dont know why people are queueing up for it. but perhaps they are so stir crazy from being stuck at home all during christmas, they are just desperate to get out and spend.

i am sure the stores will hope they will buy as they have been saying sales are down before christmas. and perhaps  they have deliberately fed the media with  news about how huge discounts they are forced to make for the sales that it will make people think they will get bargains.

i am all for the capitalist model and so i hope people do spend and spend. it will keep businesses afloat and profitable and keep the economy alive and well. 

added. 10.06pm, it seems the west end has been the exception to falling footfall. it seems overseas visitors have made them increased footfall. the low £ is a big factor in enticing overseas bargain hunters.

from what i see, a low £ may be with us for a long time.

added 27.12.18 thursday . an article about the increase in sales on boxing day.


going through phases.

16 Dec

london 10am 3.5C (lowest 1.5C) sunny saturday 2017. sunrise is 8am, sunset 3.51pm.

1.28pm it is cloudy now, rain earlier, and the website temperature is all over the place. some said 8C, even 12C which must be wrong. 

i was out earlier, to the marylebone library, and it was mild.

wordpress posted something i wrote at 10am, just the weather ; without me knowing of it. it does that sometimes.

now i had my lunch, just a bowl of the beef curry i made with 2 pieces of toast with margarine on it. the beef is tender, i cooked it with the pressure cooker and now i am lying on the couch with a cup of coffee near me. it is rather blissful.

when i was younger i would spend saturday shopping for high fashion clothes, i used to be a ridiculous fashion victim in those days. and would buy t shirts by versace for £80… now i recently found out his t shirts go for £500 or more. it is sure expensive to be a fashion victim now. it has taken all the fun out of being a fashion victim. but i think nowadays people get their kicks out of finding bargains and reduced priced sales. so they are able to get a lot more for their money instead of just one or two high end items. i think everyone seems to go through a phase of shopping ( some dont even leave that phase behind,) at least once in their life.