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i rediscovered the wheel.

13 Feb


I was watching a tv program last night, death in paradise, about murders in a Caribbean island. I watch it for the sunshine and coconut trees and tropical vegetation, it feels nice to see a place full of sun .

The plot is a old one, two men meeting as strangers and plotting to kill each other’s wives. There is a film of it, called strangers on a train.

But what I remember is one of the characters, a woman who said she went to a spa, supposedly it was a treat. And later they discovered she did not go there.

When asked why, she said it occurred to her how silly for her to go to a sauna in a hot climate. So instead she went to a bar to try to pick up men.
Of course a spa is not only a sauna, there are massages and aroma therapy and god knows what else. But I think most of us would equate a spa with a sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, all having one thing in common. They are hot.

Later, it did occur to me that what she said is true. Why do tropical countries have saunas, and why do people go there, when just by going outside they will have a full fledge hot sauna, sweat and all for free.

Yet, every hot country I have been have saunas as businesses. They would have cold airconditioned rooms , so that u have the anomaly of frigidly cold rooms and hot saunas. Whilst the outside is hot and humid naturally.

I get the feeling there is something I don’t know, the knowing of which will explain why sauna businesses exist in such hot countries.

I can understand why there are gay saunas, because they are perfect places for gay guys to cruise and have sex.

But u cannot tell me that all those sauna businesses are covers for gay activities.

Oh hang on, straight saunas are covers for prostitution. Female prostitutes use them. Now I get it.

I guess all reading this will be shaking their heads in disbelief. What is with this guy, are there such innocents around still? He is giving adults a bad name. haha. Everyone knows saunas are euphemisms for sex parlours.

Like I said, I am the guy who discovers the wheel and runs around telling everyone of it!! To find that everyone knows it already.